leaguetimes replied to your post: I just noticed how fucked up Caitlyn’s body looks in her classic splash art

??? please explain

The splash art for her classic skin. Look at her torso. I can’t explain it totally because I’m not an anatomy expert but look at it. Something is VERY wrong with how it looks.

EDIT: I looked at it again and composed my thoughts. It looks as though she has no pelvis. Her legs just grow out of the bottom of her stomach. Also her mid section is unrealistically slim and it makes her look sick. Also her chest is just….. just no. And I’m not talking about her breasts, I’m talking about the whole chest area in general.

Everyone else is doing this so I guess..

Who’s your favorite champion? 

Twisted Fate                                                                                                                                                                             

Best role?


What is your favorite competitive League of Legends team?  


Who is your favourite streamer? 


What is your favourite skin? 

The Magnificent Twisted Fate

If you could be any champion, who would it be and why? 

Singed, because Singed doesn’t give a fuck!

Favourite male and female champion? 

Male: Twisted Fate

Female: LeBlanc

Dominion, Summoner’s Rift, or Twisted Treeline?

The Rift

When did you start playing League of Legends?

Around Christmas 2011

On a scale of “meh to very addicted”, how addicted to League of Legends are you? 


If you were to date one champion from League of Legends who would it be? 

LeBlanc I suppose.

What are the names of your rune pages? 

Basic AD, Basic AP, Custom.

What are the names of your mastery pages? 

Basic AD, Basic AP, Basic Tank, Basic Support, then tons and tons of custom pages.

Would you see your self playing this game one year from now? 

Oh yea

How many times have you scored a pentakill? 

Only got one, was with Fiddlesticks.

What’s your username in League of Legends? 

siXSages, NA server.

What’s the first champion that comes to your mind when I say the color: 

a) Blue - Fizz

b) Yellow - Jayce

c) Red - Ziggs

Noxians or Ionians?


Yordles or Humans? 


Demacians or the Void? 

Void, I pick the void over everything.

What is your favourite Chinese style skin? 

If you obtained 6300 IP somehow, what would you do with it? 

I would buy Xerath.

If you had to date a champion with the same gender, who would it be? 

Umm lol Probably Twisted Fate but I don’t know xD wtf

Who do you talk to the most on League of Legends? 

Deathpwnu, close friend.

If you could publish a skin you created what would it be? 

A void skin…possible for Fizz

Which item(s) do you start off with the most? 

Boots and 3 pots



Which skin do you dislike the most? 

Any recolor, and Lil Slugger Trundle

Who introduced you to this game? 

My friend Kyle(Deathpwnu)

Favorite mid lane? 

LeBlanc or Fizz

Favorite jungler?

;o Any jungler

Favorite top lane?

I want to try Jayce on top

Favorite support? 


Favorite bot lane Carry? 


A champion you wish to master? 


A champion you hate?