High-res image, step-by-step, brushes and more available through my Patreon! ;)

Have you seen new Star Guardian skins in League of Legends? I think that the one for Jinx and for Janna look really good so painted this art)) Maybe I should draw Janna next? ;)

Also noticed that I made many ‘red’ arts this month :D Well, at least it’s Autumn and red is my fav colour of this season ^^

I got this idea in my head after I painted this summer art of Riven: Riven :NSFW optional:

Maybe it’s a bit trivially, but I hope you like it ^^

Because Riven is one of my fav characters, I’d be happy to see this skin in the game ;v; Btw, on my Patreon you’ll find a bit different version: click here

Psd-file, step-by-step and more will be a part of August rewards through my Patreon! Thank you for supporting me, with your help I’ll be able to paint more art!