Team Liquid’s reaction to Fenix’s quadra… priceless really. :3

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Exo K ship please?? I'm 5'3 and i have grey/blue eyes and really curly auburn hair. I love making people laugh and I'm pretty smart. I sing and dance, but I love drawing. I love playing video games with friends, but I like to be alone and play too.

I ship you with Baekhyun!~♥

You two would that super cute couple that everyone hated but would secretly want to be! You two would probably spend all day doing dumb couple things in public and making each other laugh. As a gamer, he would love the fact that you enjoyed video games too and would beg you to play with him. If you don’t have a strong resistance against cuteness, then I hope you like League of Legends!~♥

Requests for GIF/written reactions, description/selca ships, and ttyb are open all summer!~♥