league world championships


I GIVE YOU… if the Inquisition were a team at the League of Legends World Championship. It seemed like a fun idea at the time.

INQ Fader: Solas is the AP mid
INQ Hitbox: Bull is the top lane bruiser
INQ H3r41d: Lavellan is the jungle main
INQ Seeker: Cassandra is the support

PS: Yes, there is a love letter here in the names. ‘Fader’ is to 'Faker’ as 'Hitbox’ is to 'Boxbox’. :P


I’m still amazed that DC used some weirdly cut version of the League of Legends world championships song “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons for their trailer for Wonder Woman.

Some Fun Hockey Facts
  • Canadians make up over half of the National Hockey League (50.5%)
  • the Los Angeles Kings roster is exactly 50% Canadian 
  • the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs have the most Canadian skaters on their roster with 17 apiece 
  • similarly, the Detroit Red Wings have the fewest with only 4 Canadians
  • the Arizona Coyotes have the largest roster with 28 active skaters; the fewest skaters on a roster is 22, which belongs to the Washington Capitals, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild
  • the total of active skaters in the NHL is 719
  • the Philadelphia Flyers have the most currently active Team Canada World Junior Champions alumni with 9. the next closest team is the New York Islanders with 7 (since 2005)
  • current captains of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Nashville Predators, Pittsburgh Penguins, Anaheim Ducks, Winnipeg Jets, Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Islanders, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vancouver Canucks, Buffalo Sabres, Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and Dallas Stars (two thirds of the National Hockey League) are all World Junior Championship alumni for their respective countries 

Dyrus’ emotional interview after their last game