league of why do people do this

I hate it when people think all low ELO players are garbage or toxic.. Yes, I know I’m silver. I know I probably won’t climb out of that ELO this season, but you don’t have to be toxic and call me garbage. I also know that I deserve this ELO, but why do you make it sound as if I can never climb to gold or something? Like wow, you have a higher rank than I do. Congrats! Too bad though, since you’re an asshole.

Art by  しまった


What rivalry?

What do you mean it's 4AM

All-Nighter AUs for all of us bc we’re night owls

  • We’re new parents who were excited before leaving the hospital but now I want nothing more than to have sleep

  • Alternatively: Babysitting makes me want to ram my head in a wall please shut this thing up

  • Hair dying adventures!!

  • Slightly unsettling burst of motivation at 2AM to paint/redecorate your room

  • You have an assignment that’s worth 30% of your grade and this is when you choose to start??

  • Hey let’s sneak up onto the roof to watch the sunrise

  • Movie marathon to celebrate something

  • You spent all night reading fan fiction/au prompts (<– this is the best one ~mod karissa)

  • Alternatively: You spent all night writing fan fiction/au prompts

  • You had a hankering for brownies at 1:30 AM and went to the dollar store to get the mix but came back with several pokemon and a dog

  • I wanted brownies but I ended up trying to hatch my pokemon eggs and found this dog his name is brownie

  • Moving in and making furniture

  • You only ever do work at night which explains why you fall asleep so easily at lunch

  • You drank too much coffee during the day so now you’re bugging me to do something with you because ‘I’m boooooooored’

  • Jet lagged after a long ass flight

  • You’re skyping people in another time zone so you can play League of Legends

  • It’s your wedding night and you went for Chinese food and board games over ~other things~

  • Existential crises

But also that one scene from bob’s burgers

  • ‘do you think horses have weird dreams’ ‘oh my god Tina go to bed’ 'okay’

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) | Mina Harker

Is the vampiric sucking of people’s blood radical behavior?

  • *At a Piltover Ball*
  • Vi: ...and who is miss knife legs over there.
  • Caitlyn: That is Camille Ferros. She is one of the most important people here.
  • Jayce : She is a walking technological marvel.
  • Vi: ... So is her tongue mechanical too?
  • Jayce: I believe so, why?
  • Vi: Do you... do you think it vibrates?
  • Jayce: ...
  • Caitlyn: ... Vi what is wr--
  • Jayce: I mean what is the point if it doesn't?
  • Caitlyn: *Standing up* Wine. Need wine.

I am so sick of support mains because all they talk about is how that’s they’re their main role and brag about it as if people are supposed to be impressed. Most can’t even play other roles because they simply refuse to get out of support. Super annoying, get over yourselves for God’s sake NO ONE CARES.

May 7th - Justice League

‘Ahem,’ Flash said briefly. Logan raised an eyebrow. ‘I’m sure you know the drill, guys. I don’t want to have to hurt you.’

‘That’s the benefit of being fucking psychopathic,’ Raven responded. ‘We do want to hurt you.’

They had been waiting on the steps of the Capitol Building for maybe thirty seconds, watching interestedly as crowds of people scattered in chaotic fashion away from the green in front of them. The huge white dome loomed above, providing a suitably dramatic backdrop. Gar bounced on the tips of his toes.
‘Damn, I love this.’
‘Me too.’
‘Why did we never do this before, Rae?’
‘No clue. Ask Dick.’
‘It is kinda his fault, ain’t it?’ There was a pause. Gar tapped his foot impatiently. ‘Fastest man alive, my ass. It’s been at least a minute since –’

The air in front of them erupted, a thunderclap echoing around the huge space. Raven shielded her eyes, squinting uncomfortably into the glare.
‘Right on time.’

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Alright, so with everyone deciding where they’re doing and such, I wanted to throw in my two cents about picking a college/uni.

I’d just like to say this: there is no “good” reason to choose a college. Picking a school to attend is entirely subjective, and therefore, your “good reason” for choosing a school could be entirely different from someone else’s. Perhaps one person would choose Princeton University over the University of Denver because it is a more “prestigious” school, but another would pick UD because they are offering a four-year full-ride scholarship, whereas Princeton isn’t offering any sort of scholarship. I’ve met people who turned down ivy leagues for liberal arts colleges because they found the small school environment to be a better fit, and I’ve met others who think those people are irrational because “why would anyone turn down Harvard?!?” Well, people do turn down Harvard. Every year. And they all have their reasons for doing so.
People have different reasons for picking certain colleges/unis over others, and that’s okay. Don’t shame someone for picking one school over another. Ultimately, it’s their decision. Let them make it.


It’s ironic how we can feel crushed over rejection from a crush. Well, maybe that’s why they call it a crush. Nine times out of ten, we crush on people we barely even know. Our minds pick up the littlest details & unconsciously build them up to be better than what they probably are. We create a illusion primarily based off of potential; characteristics & emotions that do not exist, or at least not yet. Many times we crush on those who are way out of our league. The feeling isn’t reciprocated & we’re momentarily crushed; not because we’re genuinely heartbroken, but because our illusion is destroyed. *Tip: Do not become infatuated with potential! -{YR, Simply-Complx}

Imagine Colossus admitting his feelings for you after you get hurt.

(Yay! for my first Colossus imagine!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it! Hope I did my best to get his and Deadpool’s personality right :3 I don’t know what power to give to the reader so I went as vague as possible Gif not mine/Credit to the original owner/Found it on google)

You were a new teacher at Xavier school for the gifted. You taught the students history and your were skilled in more than one martial art.

You had been there for quite some time and you quickly became good friends with another professor there, Piotr Rasputin, or Colossus once he would use his power.

He was kind to everyone even to people who would just seem rude to him but that’s what you liked the most about him, that and his thick Russian accent, that just made him adorable.

Recently you and him have both been assigned to be mentors to a young mutant named Negasonic.


“Why do I have two mentors?” The girl had asked the first time.

You looked at Piotr and back at the girl and said “Well…because from what I heard…you’re quite powerful and you might need the help of two professor to help with training…Piotr a little help please?”

Seeing you all shy and flustered made him laugh and he finally introduced himself to the young girl and explained the situation in more details

The three of you spent everyday together, from training together to teaching the young mutant her classes.


You were usually the first one to initiate conversation but somehow you were always shy and awkward around Negasonic which Piotr couldn’t help but find you lovable.

Since, Piotr had feelings for you but was always to shy to say anything. He liked that you were always making him laugh and how caring you were towards the students. He loved that no matter how timid or clumsy you were around new people, you still pushed yourself to be resourceful.


One day, you all heard of and met a man named Wade Wilson. He was had the ability to regenerate himself and was skilled in combat. Piotr saw potential in him of being a possible new asset to the school but to you he was just the biggest asshole you ever met. He seemed to be the only one to ever put you in a bad mood and make you say things you usually wouldn’t about someone.

He would insult and refuse every offer Piotr would make for him to join you. When you would defend your friend, he would either make fun of you or just tell you off.

You just didn’t understand as to why Piotr was so adamant about him joining but you somehow you trusted his judgement.


You were in the kitchen making yourself something to eat and Piotr was just sitting there watching you.

When suddenly you heard a familiar voice at the door talking with Negasonic, Wade Wilson.

You were pissed to hear him talking the way he did with Negasonic, and even more when he referred to Colossus as silver balls.

However, Piotr didn’t noticed and only called him out “Wade? Is that you?”

“Yeah! It’s me Deadpool! And I got an offer you can’t refuse!”

You didn’t hate Wade but the fact that he had a bad mouth, and was going to teach him a lesson.

“I’ll wait out here…” He said quietly to Negasonic.

Before he could leave the door, You marched over to him and slapped him. He and Piotr were stunned and he held his cheek.

“What the fuck was that for?”

You felt bold and yelled out at the masked man.

“Language! Now wait a few moment, we just need to get ready…”

“I was going to wait!” Wade said walking away while rubbing his cheek.

Piotr couldn’t help but laugh at your reaction and was happy that you always had the same stance as him when it came to curse words.


The four of you took a cab, in which you barely fit in the back, and drove onto location. You were sat in between Negasonic and Piotr and were so close to one another you felt their ribs poking in your sides a they breathe.

You winced from the slight pain you felt from Piotr, he immediately noticed and tried his best to make you comfortable. The ride got weird as you heard someone scream from the trunk and Wade only made it worse by subtly insinuating the driver to kill him. 


Upon arrival, you got out of the car and walked towards the scrapyard. All four, side by side, just as if you were in a movie.

You were then met with Angel Dust and Wade made the three of you fight against her.

Piotr got knocked out, worried you wanted to run to him but didn’t had time as she marched over to give you a solid punch.

You felt like your jaws was cracking and wanted to get back at her but Negasonic had managed to push her away with her power.

Negasonic grabbed a hold of you and dived with Deadpool for cover afterwards Colossus found himself one on one with Angel Dust.


You then found yourself surrounded and by Francis’ men. You collected yourself and managed to beat the crap out of them.

Everything happened fast, one moment you were fighting them the next they were dead and Wade had used them to write “Francis”.

You followed Negasonic and found Colossus being strangled by Angel Dust. You wanted to run to her and smash her face on the concrete but Negasonic stopped you.

You didn’t understand as to why, until you saw her charge herself and in a blink of an eye blew up the whole scrapyard.

You felt yourself being thrown away and could only hear the sound of everything crashing.


You knocked out for quite something and were stuck in between the rubble.

When Colossus got to Negasonic, he noticed you weren’t with her and started to worry.

He then asked her “Where is Y/N?”

Confused and she looked around.“I don’t know…maybe somewhere around here…”

“Look for her!" 

He felt his stomach dropped and imagined the worst. He felt warm tears in his eyes and started to look all over for you. Lifting almost anything and everything out of his way to find you.

The two of them then found Veronica, Wade’s girlfriend and helped her out.


Wade finally killing Francis and had a moment with Veronica as Piotr still looked for you.

Wade suddenly felt a little bad and helped your friends in the search for you.

When suddenly Piotr finally found you under some other scrap. He was overjoyed to see you again and couldn’t help but pull you out.

As he grabbed you and carried you, you felt yourself regaining a little conscious but still couldn’t open your eyes.

As he laid you on the ground, he noticed all the scratches and bruises on you. He started to worry again and held you closely to him.


He inspected your injuries and tried to wake you up.

"Y/N…Y/N! Please! Please wake up! Wake up!”

You felt yourself being slightly shaken but just couldn’t find the strength to respond properly or open your eyes.

He called you many times and you heard his voice strain from his tears.

“Y/N, please for me…wake up…you…you can’t leave me like this…”

You felt yourself slowly getting more and more strength but didn’t want to open your eyes yet, to hear what else he had to say.

“Y/N…wake up…I-I love you…I want you by my side…you’re perfect…please come back…”

You were surprised by his sudden confession as you never expected for him to think of you that way. You liked him as well and were relieved that he felt that way about you.

You wanted to smile but still didn’t want him to stop confessing his feelings. So you stayed “asleep”.

He was crying and holding you tightly to him and he kept rambling on and on about you.


Negasonic, Wade and Veronica all stood behind and started to think you were dead. However, only Wade didn’t had the decency to keep it to himself. 

“Poor silver balls…he just confessed all his feelings to a girl way out of his league…and who just died…Why do people always do that in a time like this? It’s like you’re doing this on purpose so she’d hear you and wake up and finally bang you!”

As you heard Colossus crying and confessing, you also heard what Wade had just said.

It pissed you off and slowly you moved your “lifeless” hand behind Piotr to, you give the finger to Wade.

They were all shocked but remained silent as Colossus kept begging for you to wake up.


Slowly you opened your eyes and approached your hand to wipe Piotr tears. He opened his eyes and was stunned.


“Hey…” You said with a smirk.

“You’re awake?! Y/N, i’m not dreaming?!”

You chuckled and shook your head. You cupped his face and it made your hand look so tiny, it made you laugh.

Piotr was just so happy and excited that you came back he hadn’t noticed how close he was holding you.

“Y/N, i’m so happy! I really thought you wouldn’t wake up…”

He brushed a strand of hair away from your face to see you better and had a big smile.

“So…like that…Piotr, you like me?”

He immediately got flustered and shy and couldn’t look you in the eyes.

“W-well…I-I might have said something like that…”

Wade had to butt in your moment and  "Actually, as a witness to all of this, I recall him using the words…’

He cleared his throat and in with a horrible attempt to a Russian accent continued “I love you”

You gave him another finger and it only made him laugh.


You grabbed Piotr’s face to see his eyes and said “So…do you?”

Unable to avoid your gaze, he nodded and admitted “Yes…I do love you…more than a colleague…more than just a friend…more than anything…”

You smiled at him and immediately pressed your lips to his to express your feelings.

He was surprised but closed his eyes tightly to enjoy you. You held onto him and heard Negasonic’s “Eww, gross…”, Wade and Veronica cheering you on.

You backed away and told him “I’m glad, we feel the same…”

He couldn’t hide his smile and hugged you tightly.

“I love you, Y/N…” He whispered to you in his cute accent.

You chuckled and told him “I love you too, Piotr…”

Wade clapped his hands and said “Guys, this is great…now why don’t the two of you get a room?!”

You rolled your eyes at him and as you got up, Piotr helped you.


He didn’t want to let go of you and decided to carry you out. As you all walked, Wade suddenly turned to look at you and said “I’m glad this story has a "happy ending” for all of the adults here…if you know what I mean…“ 

He wiggled his eyebrows under the mask, it made Veronica laugh but you rolled your eyes at him, again.

You looked back at Piotr to see his reaction, only to see that he didn’t even seem to have heard the comment as he only smiled and has his eyes on you.

It's ranting time!

-Undertale: F#*@ing sans is milked dry.
-Payday 2: F#*@ing sydney. (What? Ya thought I was gonna complain about the DLC’s? nah son)
-Fnaf: You guys give me emotional cancer.
-Minecraft: No, my friend. It isn’t neither funny, or annoying to destroy my sh*t with -TNT. You do look stupid though.
-Telltale Games: These games are the definiton of “illusion”. They make you thing you actually have important choices! Cute.
-Gravity Falls: The dorito ain’t a pedophile.
-Steven Universe: THE GEMS DO NOT HAVE SEX. STOP WITH THE “Why are there lesbians on a kid’s show??” BS
-Cave Story: You do realize they are the size of a hand, right?
-League of Legends: Reporting on practice rounds is dumber than ranting in-game about people not listening to your idiocy.
-Portal: No. She isn’t f*ckable.
-Counter Strike: Holy smokes, with this game alone, you can earn more money than some actual jobs. Too bad you’ll waste the double trying to. So yeah! Keep being poor and play normally, instead of playing for money.
-Battleblock Theater: It’s a coop game, you should stop pushing your friend to a water pool, ya know?

That’s it for ranting time!

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You do know that the preds kept a player who physically assaulted his wife don't you?

I do which is why i hate their GM. I also am aware of Lemieuxs questionable history. There’s not a team in the league that doesn’t have issues. 

When i first started watching hockey i was so glad to find social media hockey fandoms because i felt so talked down to by male fans on blogs and other places. It was so cool to come to a place where people loved hockey. It doesn’t feel like that anymore. It feels less like a place for hockey lovers and more like a place looking for reasons to hate other teams and players. 

I’m just glad we have two good teams with great stories that are going to give us amazing hockey. I don’t wan’t to look for reasons to hate them - im sure i’ll find enough on my own once the series start (don’t you touch sid’s head) 

30 Days of Hunters Challenge

Thanks to @theraiderradiostation for the idea from their Fallout 30 day challenge.

Write it or draw it, doesn’t matter so long as you talk about your hunter(s). Be it a sentence or a stick figure, paragraphs or comics. Could talk about one or as many as you want. Also yes, tag me when you do this I am nosey af and love OCs.

1. Introduce your hunter(s)! What are they like? What do they look like? Age? Gender? Sexuality? Quirks? Anything you wanna say about them! Go nuts!

2. Where are they from? What language(s) do they speak? How do the locals react to them? Any language barriers?

3. What is their weapon(s) of choice? Why? Which one(s) do they hate? Why?

4. Favorite areas to hunt in? Least favorite? Why?

5. What sort of attire do they usually wear?

6. Out of all the beasts, Great Ones, mad men and nightmarish creatures which one scares your hunter(s) the most? What is the reasoning behind this fear?

7. If they do, what chalice dungeon do they love to explore and why?

8. Out of all the factions (The League, Vilebloods, Hunters of Hunters, Executioners, The Choir, The Church etc.) which one did your hunter(s) choose to side with? Why did they choose it/them? Which one(s) do they hate?

9. Do they have any family? Do they get along?

10. Any particular preparations they do before the night of the hunt? Why?

11. Are there people or other hunters that they hate?

12. At what age did they become hunters? Why did they join the hunt?

13. Any significant other(s)? How did they meet each other?

14. Any scars or missing limbs? What’s the story behind them? Disabilities? How does this affect the hunt?

15. Any traumatic events? How did this affect them? (ex. Developed PTSD, phobias, depression, and so forth)

16. The hunt can get pretty messy, how do they feel about ending up covered in muck, blood, gore and whatever else lands on them?

17. What do they do as soon as dawn breaks? Do they just go home or do something else?

18. Where do they live? Describe their home. Do they live alone?

19. What tools do they refuse to use? What’s the reason behind that?

20. How do they feel about Great Ones?

21. Any old hunters they look up to or aspireto be like?

22. Are any of them retired? What age did they retire? Why did they retire?

23. Any particular superstitions? Do they have some type of ritual they do before starting the hunt? (Ex. carry a lucky charm, prayer, lighting a candle, and so forth)

24. Do they avoid killing any sort of beast or creature? How come?

25. How do they feel about Patches?

26. What was their experience with the Hunter’s Nightmare?

27. Does the Plain Doll scare them? Does she give them a sense of hope? Or do they feel nothing when it comes to the Doll?

28. What do they think about what happened in the Fishing Hamlet?

29. Do they prefer to hunt alone? With a particular person? Or in a group? (Can be other OCs, a friend’s OC or even in game characters. Doesn’t matter.)

30. What kind of ending do you have planned for your hunter(s)? Happy ending? Tragic? Neutral?

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Frisk: do you still have that crush on Papyrus or are you starting to see the light in a smaller, more punny skelebro? Love y'all!

Whichever one they’re crushing on, both skelebros are completely out of their league.

(Mod George: ANON HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS??? PAPYRUS HASN’T EVEN DEBUTED YET!!!! I either know you in real life or you’re one of the two people on here that I told. Shhhhhh!! You spoiled the one creator spoiler, Anon!!!! Weh!)
(@rabbitpietale just made me realize that I coulda followed the book’s update progress and had Frisk say “who’s Papyrus?”)

Why do people play ranked if they have no idea how their champion works? Okay, I get counterpicks and that you may suck in lane phase, but you can make that up by farming and during teamfights. In my last game the midlaner went 1/13 against a Fizz, while the whole team struggled to win. During team fights he would farm the jungle and just type “Report my team!” in all chat while stealing all the buffs when he was 1/13. He was not doing any dmg and just straight up not helping anyone.

Art by @justduet

An honest question but why do people think they’re the next generation of Justice League just because they type out a long post directed to (or harass) people who like/ship/read/watch something different? Like sure random person behind a screen tell me what to do and what to like because you’re opinion matters so much.

Birthday Event

So today is the 20th of April 2017. My birthday isn’t today its on the 26th or April (pls dont send me birthday wishes already) Why is this important? Well I decided that since I hardly ever do give aways and such I figured I would try something else to give back to you, the people of Gotham. You are all invited to participate, but as I have Irl stuff to deal with, know that I wont get to all of you, even if I want to.

What you can do:

Send me a ship (lets keep it league champs only pls) no matter how rare pair it is I’ll probably try my hand at it unless its something I wholeheartedly disagree with because its wrong (i.e. annie x kog maw or some shit)

This event goes from 20th to the 26th of April

You can send and ask on anon but I will prioritise those who have the courage to stand for what they believe in. 

You can request nsfw (as in sensual/sexual scenes)

Add a certain description if you have anything in mind, if not I will try to find something that is fitting to their nature. 

I will more often than not try to keep it at line work just to get more stuff done faster, but I will shade occasionally. Note that if I do it has nothing to do with my preference of people its just that I sometimes feel the need to shade stuff. 

That about covers it, I would like to remind you guys that while I am not drawing I have university stuff with exams coming up, so while I will try to get to everyone (depending on the numbers of requests) I will surely not make it

Reblog this if you want, no obligation and have a good one!

I recently spoke with a few family members all of which work in the medical field so I thought I would post the advice they gave me about life with the studyblr community. This advice can honestly apply to anything not just if you wanna work in the medical field.

1. Get Used to Being Lonely.

While this may be odd to hear it’s true. The higher you go in your education and the more you achieve the less likely your corner may be filled with people who understand and support you. My aunt who just graduated from nursing school told me that her last two years in nursing school she didn’t have friends she had acquaintances.  For a long time she tried to fit in and hang out with people she thought were her friends, but for some reason they stopped inviting her out to different things. Due to this she started studying more and was able to achieve what she wanted to do. While it make suck being lonely it helped her to delve more into her work since she had less excuses as to why she couldn’t do something. It also allowed her to better understand herself. Being alone allowed her to become less dependent on others. It also helped her to stop constantly doing things to make others happy as well as worrying about the opinion of others.Another tip would be to evaluate why you allow certain people in your life. Because if you only talk to a person for the sake of having friends or just having someone to talk to then you need to do a bit of soul searching. While you don’t have to be alone to learn this lesson it is an extremely important lesson to learn.  

2. Not everyone’s gonna get into med/law/nursing school or even ivy leagues schools and that includes you.

While I want nothing more than for every blog I follow and even those I don’t to achieve every goal they’ve set for themselves and for all their dreams to come true it’s just not how life works. My cousin, a recent college graduate who recently got accepted into med school shared this story with me that I feel someone out there needs to hear. There was this girl he had class with every year since freshman year, let’s call her Tina. Tina worked her butt off during undergrad she was kinda like a machine. She took all the right classes, got all the right grades, volunteered like you’re supposed to as well as joined the appropriate clubs, and had research experience for days, Out of everyone he thought Tina would be the one to get into medical school especially ivy league medical schools. Well Tina did too so she sent her app to one medical school because she was just that confident since she was the picture perfect medical school applicant. However, when everyone started to get their letters to med school a little bit before Christmas break. She didn’t which was a shock to everyone because she was what everyone thought to be ideal. She fit the criteria of the medical school she applied to and three of her classmates got in there so it was kinda hard to understand why she didn’t. This isn’t saying she will never get in she most likely will next year if she chooses to try again. And even if she doesn’t she still has an amazing education that will allow her to work in many different areas. This is just to say that life doesn’t always turn out how you planned it even if you have devised the perfect plan.

3. Don’t Let Your Resume Rule your life

I have definitely failed at this and I’m trying to change it.  I can honestly say I have decided not to join a club or go to a certain event because I knew that joining it would not be something I would add on my resume so I didn’t really need to do it. I didn’t realize this on my own I only realized this after a conversation with my aunt about what clubs I joined my freshman year of college. I told her my clubs which were Physicians on the Rise, Red Cross, and I volunteered at the salvation army.  My aunt liked that I was volunteering and asked why I did it and I said “well, i need to volunteer for med school it’ll make me look good.” This made my aunt really angry which is honestly completely understandable. I shouldn’t have volunteered anywhere with the notion of doing it just because it would make me look good. Way too many of the choices I have made throughout my life have been based of the fact that I wanted to be a doctor it was like I had a veil over my eyes that allowed me to only see and seek opportunities that would further this career choice. For example, in highschool I decided that instead of pursing the interest I had in writing and taking more english classes that it would look better if I took more math an science classes. Something I truly regret. While some people may disagree there is something wrong when every time you even think about taking an opportunity you think well this will look good on my resume or at least I can put this on my resume, especially in the context that I had mentioned

4. Whatever your future career is why do you wanna do it.

We all have a reason we want to be anything and that’s amazing. However, I’ve seen more people want to be doctors than I have any other career which is great, but do you wanna be a doctor because you have a genuine interest in the medical field or do you wanna be a doctor for some other reason. Because as a now sophomore in college and someone who wanted to be a doctor I can definitely tell you there’s a big difference. Every potential doctor out there needs to realize that being a doctor is more than an episode of Grey’s or House or any other medical show out there. My school had a speaker who currently works as a doctor in Houston, and he gave us a list of things to think about in deciding whether or not you want to work in the medical field, but I think these can apply to any field.

Does the idea of medicine appeal more to you than the actual medical field?

  • This ideal can mean anything from having a labcoat that says MD to just plainly being called doctor. Anyone can be called doctor just look at the faculty list for the math or english department at any university. He also talked about how Grey’s is about the actual medical field and not medical school. If there was a show about medical he doesn’t think anyone would actually wanna go. “Medical school was one of the most draining four years of my life. I was a 3.5-4.0 student in college never pulled an all nighter in my life. In medical school I studied longer and harder than I had ever studied before, it was so competitive I almost drove myself crazy trying to make sure I knew everything I needed to know plus more. I had never been in an environment like that before it was crazy. I wanted to quit my second year but I was already 140,000 dollars in debt so I just kept going.”

Are you willing to give up many aspects of your life?

  • Medical school is tough and honestly for 4 yrs besides sleep, you can miss anything from birthday parties to important family events. Even after you become a doctor you can still miss many important life events. He has missed his daughters dance recital for the past two years due to medical emergencies. The last time he’d been home to tuck in his children was when his son was two. He’s five now. His daughter’s eight just as a reference.  

Are you willing to be hundred of thousands of dollars in debt?

  • He went to a private college so that’s probably where a lot of his extra debt came from but in total he said he owed about 430,000 dollars including undergrad. While this may not seem like a lot compared to a doctor’s salary he said to imagine yourself as a married with a baby fresh starting as a doctor knowing in 6 months you have to start paying back these loans. (Yes, I’m aware of how loan repayment programs work this was just his example)

Because you want to help people? (my own personal reason)

Honestly this is kinda self explanatory you can do anything to help people. Become a nurse, police officer, or even a garbage person they all provide a helpful service to their communities, and their communities help.

Are you ready to be treated like shit?

This doesn’t happen all the time but he said there have been days where he’s had a patient spit on him call him out of his name and so on. Not everyone can handle that I know I can’t and honestly after you’ve been disrespected like that can you say you’ll give the same level of care.

Is this a way for you to secure a job?

After medical school 9 times out of 10 you’ll have a job. The medical field isn’t the only field with job security. If job security is one of the reasons you are interested in the medical field you might need to reevaluate your choice.

Do you want to be a doctor for you or because you don’t want to disappoint your parents? (also my own personal reason)

Are you ready depending on what area you work in to tell someone they’re going to die or even worse accidentally having a patient die during a procedure you were in charge of or doing?

If you might have a problem with not being the smartest person in the room?

Also do you wanna do this career because it seems like something a studyblr would do?

These are just some facts (I’m just gonna take his word for these) he gave us so I just added them at the bottom.

“On average, one doctor a day kills himself.”

“One of the leading causes of death among doctors under 35 is suicide.”

“Your burnout starts here; when you apply for something you don’t actually want and then kill yourself chasing it.”

After deep self examination I realized that I couldn’t handle it and that I could see myself doing several other careers that weren’t medicine. I liked other classes more than I liked my science based classes, and I had known for a while that my interest in medicine was dwindling. There’s nothing wrong with changing your career a few times till you get it right. At the end of the day you just want to be doing something you love and if that’s medicine amazing if it’s not amazing. You are worth more than a degree or a job!!!

Suicide Squad | Sentence Meme

So even though I didn’t really care for this movie - the cheesy soundtrack, the casting, the overacting, etc. - the script was perfect for a sentence meme. So here ya go. A compilation of quotes from the film and deleted scenes, all wrapped up in a nice package. You can thank me later. xo

“I want to build a team of some very dangerous people.”
“My job is to keep you alive until you die. Do you understand that?”
“It’s taken me some time, but I finally have them.”
“You gonna come down from there or what?”
“Somehow, somehow, I’m gonna get outta here. And I’m gonna rain down on you like the Holy Ghost.”
“We’re bad guys, it’s what we do.”
“You know what they say about the crazy ones…”
“No money, no honey.”
“You are really in bad shape upstairs, lady!”
“Only my friends call me ____.”
“Oh, I’m not gonna kill you… I’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad.”
“Love your perfume. What is that, the stench of death?”
“I can’t wait to show you my toys.”
“Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?”
“Huh? What was that? I should kill everyone and escape?”
“It’s got a little bit of pasghetti in there - toenails, rat shit. Everything a growing fella needs.”
“Ya’ll jokers must be crazy.
“I’m known to be quite vexing, I’m just forewarning you.”
“You sweet talking me?”
“All that chit chat’s gonna get ya hurt.”
“Are you the devil?”
“Come on! I’m bored! I’m bored. Play with me.”
“I sleep where I want, when I want, with who I want.”
“I’m fighting fire with fire.”
“This is the exterminator you called for your rat problem.”
“My account’s looking a little thin.”
“I want you to come and live with me.”
“I know you do bad things. Don’t worry. I still love you.”
“Let’s just say, I put him in a hole and threw away the hole.”
“You know, I live for these moments with you.”
“I got you a kitty.”
“I need a machine gun.”
“Talk about a workplace romance gone wrong.”
“What do we have here?”
“What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me?”
“Oh! Party foul! Not cool!”

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