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What rivalry?

I feel like having fun is now bad to do in League. I like to play off meta supports or midlaners, but people dodge the second they see TF support/Talon support. Why is everyone okay with killstealer Malzahar support? Also, why do you guys flame for trying new things or people doing badly? Nobody’s a God in this game. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a game- let peeps have fun. You might find the meta only means something if you let it.

Artwork by アンブロシーニ

*checks La Liga news*: “Well Cris had a cold but he’s better now ..  and Simeone shortened his contract or something .. Oh and Neymar showboats and people don’t like it .. yeah.”


honestly. honestly. fuuma/seishiro friendship (for a given value of “friends”) is so incredibly important to me

they hate each others guts kind of?? seishiro only has like three quarters of a single emotion ever but at least two thirds of that three fourths is dedicated to fanciful daydreams of fuuma collapsing a steel beam only for it to fall on himself. whoops, oh, too bad. what a shame (seishiro probably is thinking). fuuma is the only other person besides like, hokuto sumeragi, who is a gift and a miracle in her own right, to ever correctly get a read on seishiro. he likes to push people to be their best by making them be their worst which is like pretty terrible or whatevs but that’s why he’s the end of the world incarnate.

what do these unimaginably powerful and terrifyingly competent men do? they have dinner dates. they talk shit about each other via passive-agressive one-upping like stereotypical suburban moms whose children are on opposite teams in the neighborhood intramural badminton league and can’t stand having their lemon squares being outdone at the league awards dinner. “let’s go out for crepes” one says. “oh but we must hurry” says the other, “for the world is ending after all, isn’t that inconvenient.” “haha, so true” says the first. disgusting, all of it. no one else is around to see this joke happen it is literally an eternal string of “I know you know that I know” etc etc.

and clamp understands this. they hate me, an innocent reader, but god do they understand me. what I wanted from this X interaction was this to continue sans the destruction of Tokyo. (which…. still happened in tsubasa. but. whatever.) now they’re brothers! yes! now they snark abt vampire twins and age differences because that’s how siblings are! hell, yes!

seishiro is for whatever reason shorter than fuuma??? I am dead on this floor right now, because seishiro got short and I bet a year of my life on fuuma never letting him live it down. he’s a vampire now hell never grow. this is Eternal and fuuma will enjoy it

AND NOW THEY GO FOR DRINKS ON THE BEACH LIKE SHITTY TOURISTS??? does seishiro fall asleep in the sun only to find himself abandoned and buried in sand. did fuuma find all his normal clothes replaced with tacky tourist tees and that is why he is dressed this way. what shenanigans have they caused. do they have a body count. did fuuma take pictures of seishiro carrying the arm because I goddamn well hope so

So last night I couldn’t sleep and ended up doing… this. 

Behold, THE (less impressive) JUSTICE LEAGUE!

Soup Man: A professional cook who throws soup at people

Cricket Bat Man: A vigilante who hits criminals with a cricket bat

Wondering Woman: A woman who is very thoughtful

Flash Drive: A sentient USB Stick

Aquafresh: The mascot for a toothpaste commercial

Martin M. Hunter: Literally just a guy.

Green Intern: Martin’s intern, who wears a green suit. Not by choice.

Okay but why do people in social justice attack/make fun of nerd culture for it’s gatekeeping while doing the exact same thing in their own communities?

Like, that guy who demands that you know all this obscure Justice League trivia before being accepted, or else you’re a fake geek?

Replace “obscure Justice league trivia” with “the only correct terminology to use” and replace “geek” with “ally.” That’s literally it. That’s nearly every social justice blogger I’ve ever met. 

Idk just feels sketchy to me. 

(Not to mention that the punishment for being a fake ally are often way more severe than the punishment for being a fake geek.)

(And also not to mention the fact that the fake ally is often not even an ally, but a person who is oppressed on whatever axis makes up the topic at hand, EG a woman being called a bad feminist ally, a black person being called a bad POC ally, etc. Which I guess is the equivalent of calling Stan Lee a fake geek in this comparison.)

This whole shoving canon down people’s throats is exactly why I left the League of Legends community, and holy fuck if I see anyone doing it here I will block you so fucking fast.

See, what happened over in that community was very similar. There is a character named Jhin, who appears to have prosthetic limbs. In his concept art he was described as a cyborg outlaw, but the art department said once that he was missing no limbs. I decided to say fuck that, and gave my depiction of him prosthetics anyway, because it made more sense. To me, that was my headcanon. I didn’t tell other people what to do with their portrayal, but I got a lot of rude people telling me that I was wrong. ( Hm, reminds one of Hanzo, doesn’t it? )

And now, we have the new Ana comic debunking headcanons of Jack’s scarred face, blind!76, and Reaper having a normal face or something. ( Though I have headcanons around that. ) But please for the love of everything that is nice, don’t go around policing people’s portrayals and shoving “canon” down their throats. If that’s how they want to write/draw things, then… let them? It’s not hurting anyone. 

Please don’t make people feel uncomfortable for being canon divergent, is all I am saying. 

Tumblr is so ridiculous because when you go into a movie/show tag it used to be just people talking about the movie and now it’s half that and half people shitting on people who like that movie or show like if you knew you wouldn’t like the concept of a new female ghostbusters, why do you sit in the tag to shit on people who did or if you don’t watch Supernatural anymore, why are you in the tag saying how much it sucks now. You won’t catch me in T Swift’s tag because I don’t like her but I'mma still respect people who do.

It’s just really not that hard to not be an asshole and let people enjoy their pop culture. Man, if some of y'all tagged ya spoilers as well as you tag your hate, we’d be in business

“Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?” you ask.

Darling, we do because we think that love can overcome everything. We do because we believe that there’s no greater thing than loving and being loved in return even if the world tells you it’s impossible to find that in the person you set your heart on.

And I tell you, it’s okay. It’s alright to fall for someone that seems out of your league. Only the world should think that way. Let it not get to you. If you truly care for him, then go and fight for whatever is it you have. Take risks. Take chances. Be brave.

And if you hurt, embrace the pain although never let it consume you. Love opens you to a lot of possibilities. Getting hurt is part of that.

Still, don’t let it define you. Pick yourself up once you’re ready to face another day. Dust yourself and let not  cobwebs rule your heart. After all, it was something worth looking back to. It was one moment you were brave enough to let somebody in.

It was one moment you were brave enough to try and face whatever consequences loving has in store for you.

—  EL // “Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?”
It’s funny when people talk about the differences between players and teammates, everybody says my personality is so different from everybody else. You look around the league, every team is in the same situation. You look at Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, they’re not the same type of people. They find ways to get along. Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, it’s the same thing. So why is it different for me? For me, I’m willing to do whatever I have to do for the betterment of the team.
—  PK Subban

anonymous asked:

Jesus Christ jed your such a fucking douche ask out oct (i say that for him, even though i think he is way out of your league) this is why no one likes you. Oct love you and i was wondering why do you like that emotionless ugly cowboy

*Jedediah and Octavius look at the last question of the night together. Octavius gasps*

Octavius: *fiercely* Do not say that about Jedediah! Those…those are very false accusations!

Jedediah: Hey, Oct—

Octavius: I like this emotionless ugly cowboy because he is neither of those things! He has a heart of gold and very wonderful looks!

*Jedediah is struck silent, surprised by Octavius’s kind words*

Octavius: He is quite the wonderful person and many people like him! *fuming* A-and if anything…he is the one that it out of my league…!

Jedediah: Oct…?

Octavius: *lets out a slow breath of air before looking at Jedediah* Yes?

Jedediah: I-I…

*Jedediah screams at himself internally to just be out with his feelings and what he has discovered by thinking. With a flash of bravery, he knows that this is the time to do so*

Jedediah: *nervously* You’re all those things you called me too, boy, and more.

Octavius: *surprised* I…what?

Jedediah: *blushing as his heart beats quickly* Its true, boy. I’ve been thinkin’ a lot lately, as y’know, and I know how I feel now.

Octavius: You…do? *tentatively* How is it that you feel, then?

Jedediah: *takes in a deep breath* I wanna move forward in our relationship, boy, that’s what my feelings tell me. *quickly* Course maybe not right away officially, b-but y’know, maybe one day.

Octavius: So what you are saying is that…

Jedediah: I like you, yeah. *he laughs at himself and shakes his head* I really like you.

Octavius: *smiles* As I like you, Jed.

Jedediah: *rolls his eyes* Oh I know, boy. I’m glad that we’ve said this, and I’m glad I was able to figure out my feelings finally, but I still want us to take our time, partner. I still gotta get used to…this…and work some other stuff out.

Octavius: Yes, of course! We shall both be patient…together.

*Octavius and Jedediah are pleasantly surprised when the dull pain caused by the magic anon lessens even more…and then fades away. Now that the magic is gone, they can leave each other without feeling any pain. But for now, neither of them move away*

(Time to mark today down as a holiday!)

No matter the outcome for our favorite teams throughout this split can we just recognize one thing?

The fans in esports are always amazing. While the league of legends community (and even the tumblr community for league) is very toxic and fairly unpleasant, the esports fandom is generally pretty solid and something really fun and interesting to be a part of and see.

Seeing excited fans in the stands and seeing happy players on stage doing what they do best puts me at peace. And what makes all this even more amazing is that not everybody understands why we find this stuff amusing, or why we would spend money to watch people play a game we can play for free.

TL;DR The esports fandom/community is amazing and no matter what happens between our favorite teams/rivals we should all just be glad that we can experience all of this and be able to enjoy it together.