league of rebels

Regarding mature kids cartoons, I really hate it when people (both the audience and writers) excuse bad/poor writing as being the median for kids and should always be expected, say a kids cartoon isn’t actually for a kids because it has mature themes or kids shouldn’t watch it, or excuse an opinion because that person is not a kid and not the target audience so therefore your opinion doesn’t count, and this catch-all is the first ‘counter’ towards any criticism.

Yes, it’s a kids show. It’s also an adult show. The phrase, ‘mature kids cartoons’, is not an oxymoron.

Steven Universe is a kids show. Both Avatar series were kid shows. Gravity Falls was a kids show. All three Star Wars cartoons from the last roughly-fifteen years are kid shows. All DCAU series were kid shows. I could go on.

Kids are not goldfish. If a mature subject is brought up and explored, then they have something to think about and be taught about.

For example, if you show them something like a character suffering from a poor choice, they’ll know that choices matter and can have serious consequences if you choose poorly.

And making/saying that poor writing choices as being dumbed down for them is why it happened, you, no matter if you are a critic or writer, are not respecting how smart kids really are and deserve a better story.


“The teaser trailer for Netflix’s highly-anticipated “Dear White People” series has finally been released. Based on the indie hit that premiered with rave reviews at Sundance in 2012, “Dear White People” is set on the campus of a fictional ivy league university where black students rebel against a racist fraternity’s blackface dance party. 

Helmed by Justin Simien, who directed the original film, the satire will feature a mostly all-new cast, and will include 10 episodes. 

At a Netflix event on Wednesday, Simien told The Huffington Post that the show is not necessarily about pointing a finger at white people, but about presenting a new perspective on the experiences of young people of color.“

It also allows people of color to see themselves and see their humanity,” Simien explained.

Love your goalie, he’ll help you win a 2-1 game vs. the Flames.


Casual Palpatine...

‘Lord Vader.’
‘The apprentice of Anakin Skywalker lives, and is in league with the rebels.’

‘The apprentice of Anakin Skywalker.’
‘Ahsoka Tano.’
‘I don’t follow…’
‘Small. Orange. Sarcastic.’
‘Doesn’t ring a bell.’
‘You put her on trial.’
‘I put alot of beings on trial, Darth. You can’t expect me to remember every single one.’
‘With her turning or destruction we can wipe away the last vestige of the weakness of Anakin Skywalker and complete the hunt for the traitorous Jedi.’

‘Eh, sure. Great. Just find Yoda. And try to keep Tarkin from doing anything stupid, like blow up a planet or something. That guy has issues. Oh, and don’t forget the pizza.’
‘Yes, my master.’


League of Rebels runway show.