league of legends rank

Riot Gods: Congratulations! You’ve earned enough LP to get into your series! Please pick one prize from the prizes below.

- One AFK

- Toxic Team Member(s)

- 1st Time Playing Selected Champion

- No Team Work

- Extreme Tunnel Vision/Terrible Map Awareness 

- Everyone Thinks They’re The ‘Carry’

- Too Aggressive or Too Passive 

- “One By One They Go” Team Fights

A few years ago, I cosplayed Ashe and was proud of myself. Then this guy came up to me and ragged on my costume. He then asked what rank I was. I told him I was unranked. He scoffed and said he was in Plat and that I was not a true fan.I then proceeded to tell him that I couldn’t play ranked because I was studying to get 2 science degrees and that his high rank meant that he had no life outside of LoL.

Artwork by @ahricharms2

I did it guys! Solo queue GOLD.

I climbed to Gold only using Vel’Koz! And it’s still early in the year rofl. Personal achievement right there. :D

I’m also ridiculously pleased that my ranking on League of Graphs puts me as the 2791′st best ranked Vel’Koz. Daaaayum. Though, I admit, last year it said I was 600th best. :<

I want to cry every time my support sacrifices themselves to save me. I always say sorry for not being able to do anything, but then they respond with “Don’t worry, it’s my duty to save you.” You, my friend, are the support we need but don’t deserve. <3

Artwork by Edalie

I’m a diamond player and I switch to my unranked account, then go into bot games. I only own support champs on this account, and I just support low-level players. I usually throw in nice things to say and sometimes tips if I know the champ well enough to offer them.

Art by @franchesssss

Check Yourself, and Occasionally Others

As gamers we all lose our cool at some point. We may be completely calm with our friends being new to a game, but we lose our minds if we don’t know who it is that is feeding like that.  Maybe a hit box is too big or small which effects our expectations in the game, or lack of communication from teammates.  Whatever your rage is, I want to get to the heart of it.  Within my personal experience the breaking point has been people intentionally doing things bad.  The afk from a game seems the most heinous but I find those who intentionally hurt the game play for their team to be the most reprehensible.

The game above shows one of my ranked games in League of Legends.  The Kennen was supposed to be the AD Carry and people get upset when others deviate from the norm.  (Kennen isn’t a standard AD Carry champion)  In this case our mid laner Twisted Fate got upset and decided to run down each lane and give the enemy team kills.  The Kennen had not fed and was building normally; he kept up with cs in lane and had good mechanics.  Our mid laner was having none of it though.  He decided that they were a troll, so he was going to feed every lane to make it “even” in his mind.  Legit he typed in all chat asking where the jungler was then went to him in the jungle to give him a kill.

Riot Games takes a strong stance against people who make it difficult for others to enjoy the game; this is a team game and with the way the meta shifts you need to play like it if you want to win.  Sona mid can be played, that doesn’t mean it should in ranked games.  Just because attack speed Soraka can be built, doesn’t mean you should and that you deserve praise.  Even if someone on your team picks something that seems to make you upset doesn’t make you in the right to intentionally feed everyone on the enemy team.

This next chapter I will be working on is about emotional health while gaming.  The main topics discussed will be:

  • Healthy communications skills in game
  • Controlling rage
  • Coping skills for when you or a friend rage
  • Accepting others

With the exception of one friend, all of my friends get upset at a game at some point in time.  Sometimes we don’t pay attention to how we are feeling outside of the game which will bleed through and make us aggressive towards others. (Ever been hungry or tired while gaming? That is what I am talking about) More often than not people are trying to find an outlet for their anger or for entertainment.  I see behavior that is aggressive and harmful to a person if they keep it in within a lot of the games I play.  I am one of those people who needs a physical outlet for anger.  It doesn’t matter how much I game because I will still have the need to get physical tension out via a punching bag or cardio.

I also want to explore behavior that is socially accepted, but not acceptable.  I am talking about how people know and understand the salt from the MOBA community but nothing is being done about it.  We know that this behavior is there and Riot is considered very progressive with their reporting system to try to curtail the behavior and yet it still exists.