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What do you guys think about Jhin? :0

akali: aside from the fact that he’s a serial killer ?? lmao i don’t think he’s too bad

kai’sa: his art style is a bit, um,,, abstract :”))

evelynn: seems like someone i could get along with

ahri: well, i guess you could say he’s,,,,

ahri: jhinerally alright ;))




evelynn, pointing to the door: begone

A League of Legends Pun Off Between My Big Bro and I

[2:07:53 AM] Me: we should converse in nothing but league of legends puns

[2:08:05 AM] Me: all… day…

[2:08:18 AM] Big Bro: really? i don’t have zilean of them

[2:08:43 AM] Me: that’s o-kayle. we’ll come up with them.

[2:08:52 AM] Me: urgot to believe in yourself

[2:09:15 AM] Me: so just lee sin to yo heart

[2:09:23 AM] Me: wukong do this

[2:09:29 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:09:35 AM] Big Bro: irealia didn’t think u got it in you

[2:09:44 AM] Me: don’t get corki now.

[2:10:14 AM] Big Bro: D:

[2:10:20 AM] Big Bro: lulu ur funny

[2:10:22 AM] Big Bro: kapow

[2:10:24 AM] Me: LOL

[2:10:30 AM] Me: olaf while you can

[2:11:18 AM] Big Bro: i can’t remembem ahri more names

[2:11:26 AM] Me: aw i was just about to rumble

[2:11:48 AM] Me: You gotta remember mor- or we -gana have to start over.

[2:13:01 AM] Big Bro: well i don’t mind starting a brand new game

[2:13:22 AM] Me: but all our efforst would be in vayne

[2:14:48 AM] Big Bro: i’m out, i need to ashe u for more

[2:14:55 AM] Me: So it’s my viktor-y then?

[2:15:30 AM] Me: Well it was almost a garen-teed win.

[2:15:46 AM] Me: guess you couldn’t

[2:15:50 AM] Me: *puts on sunglasses*


[2:16:15 AM] Me: xD

[2:16:39 AM] Big Bro: why do evelynn do that…

[2:17:57 AM] Me: I wanted to jax things up.

[2:18:07 AM] Me: Annie-ways, it’s a nice change of pace.

[2:18:53 AM] Big Bro: nu, nu what are you talking about

[2:20:26 AM] Me: I wanted you to feel xerath of [insert name here]

[2:20:53 AM] Big Bro: (what?)

[2:21:38 AM] Me: (the rath, i dunno it was the only one i could come up wiiith D:)

[2:21:43 AM] Me: D: )*

[2:21:54 AM] Me: (y'know cause xe-rath)

[2:22:00 AM] Me: (or is it xee-rath)

[2:22:05 AM] Big Bro: (oh ok)

[2:22:08 AM] Me: (yeh)

[2:22:23 AM] Big Bro: that was sivirly vlad

[2:23:05 AM] Me: That’s grave-ly uncalled for.

[2:23:54 AM] Big Bro: Lies, your pant-eon fire

[2:24:01 AM] Me: XDDD

[2:24:06 AM] Big Bro: THAT WAS PRO

[2:24:07 AM] Big Bro: KAPOW

[2:25:19 AM] Me: Sona-t to burst your bubble or anything, but that made me twitch.

[2:25:27 AM] Me: =3

[2:26:18 AM] Big Bro: you.. you ma…okai… you’re right fine

[2:26:51 AM] Me: Do noc-turne this around! Where’s your fighting spirit!

[2:27:27 AM] Me: Or- are they -ianna da place?

[2:27:52 AM] Big Bro: what a cruel twisted fate LOL

[2:28:22 AM] Me: So can you think of any morde puns?

[2:29:29 AM] Me: Has this gone on ta-long?

[2:29:40 AM] Big Bro: wut

[2:29:44 AM] Me: (too long_

[2:29:57 AM] Me: (talon)


[2:30:43 AM] Big Bro: udyr… call down…

[2:34:19 AM] Me: Zigg it…

[2:34:37 AM] Big Bro: it’s ziggs

[2:34:56 AM] Me: well you took a letter outta pantheon =P

[2:35:36 AM] Big Bro: panthe like ur pantie

[2:35:39 AM] Me: wat

[2:36:04 AM] Me: no wait wat

[2:36:11 AM] Me: don’t fizz out on me man

[2:36:32 AM] Big Bro: why can’t i have a sentence where i say shaco

[2:36:33 AM] Big Bro: lolz

[2:37:04 AM] Me: dude try amumu

[2:37:14 AM] Me: or leona

[2:37:22 AM] Me: or renekton and malzahar

[2:37:26 AM] Big Bro: o.o"


[2:37:36 AM] Big Bro: ur in a renekton (red neck town)

[2:37:48 AM] Me: that sounds nothing like it though xD

[2:37:54 AM] Big Bro: YES IT DOESZ

[2:37:55 AM] Big Bro: LUL

[2:37:58 AM] Me: xD

[2:38:34 AM] Me: well this voli had gone on quite awhile now

[2:39:11 AM] Me: I can’t riven (even) think of any more puns now

[2:39:16 AM] Me: So I guess I nidalee-ve

[2:39:42 AM] Me: This ez-real fun though.

[2:40:04 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:40:08 AM] Me: =3

[2:40:12 AM] Big Bro: O.O"

[2:40:26 AM] Big Bro: ur just endless, truly a master … yi

[2:40:26 AM] Big Bro: LOL

[2:40:31 AM] Me: xDD

[2:41:18 AM] Me: Ga-rented, (Granted) I had the courage to stand up against your perseverance

[2:41:23 AM] Me: (YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

[2:41:37 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:41:44 AM] Big Bro: O.O"

[2:41:50 AM] Me: (Courage? Perseverance?)


[2:41:53 AM] Me: DUN DUN DUUUN

[2:42:08 AM] Big Bro: u playful trickster

[2:42:18 AM] Me: I guess with a zilean puns, you have the have the Heightened learning to get on the next level.

[2:42:29 AM] Big Bro: wut

[2:42:31 AM] Me: So let’s Rewind this challenge O:<

[2:42:35 AM] Big Bro: D:

[2:42:38 AM] Me: (Zilean’s passive, and skill)

[2:42:42 AM] Big Bro: oh ic

[2:43:04 AM] Me: This could literally take an eternity

[2:43:21 AM] Me: But let’s hope neither of us has a Short Fuse (Ziggs)

[2:43:41 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:43:41 AM] Me: Honestly, I’m Exhaust-ed.

[2:43:47 AM] Big Bro: i was gonna use that

[2:43:49 AM] Me: =3

[2:44:22 AM] Big Bro: now who’s skill has the weirdes tname

[2:44:24 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:44:29 AM] Big Bro: weirdest skill name…

[2:44:29 AM] Big Bro: hmmmmm

[2:44:37 AM] Big Bro: somethig not even english

[2:44:46 AM] Me: Masochism

[2:44:53 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:44:57 AM] Me: dude it’s weird.

[2:44:58 AM] Big Bro: that’s not a word

[2:44:58 AM] Me: to me.

[2:45:02 AM] Me: YES it IS Wat

[2:45:25 AM] Me: dude we should take this convo

[2:45:26 AM] Me: post it on reddit

[2:45:28 AM] Me: be famous

[2:45:32 AM] Me: heheheh

[2:45:42 AM] Big Bro: no they’re just gonna post hate comment

[2:45:43 AM] Big Bro: and be like

[2:45:44 AM] Big Bro: YO

[2:45:46 AM] Big Bro: THAT DOESN’T WORK

[2:45:47 AM] Me: XD

[2:45:48 AM] Big Bro: YO THAT’S STUPID

[2:45:56 AM] Me: pfft i thought the community was nice D;

[2:45:57 AM] Big Bro: and then we kill oursleves

[2:45:59 AM] Me: xDD

[2:46:00 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:46:00 AM] Big Bro: LOL

[2:46:03 AM] Big Bro: troll

[2:46:07 AM] Me: huehue

[2:46:19 AM] Me: I can’t believe you’d think that hue about me.

[2:46:38 AM] Me: I think we used every name pun possible.

[2:47:03 AM] Me: We have trundle-d in new territory.

[2:47:07 AM] Big Bro: to ur miss fortune, u have not considered akali

[2:47:29 AM] Me: A-ka-li-eave now?

[2:47:36 AM] Big Bro: gtfo

[2:47:37 AM] Big Bro: lolz

[2:47:39 AM] Me: xD

[2:47:55 AM] Me: My heart is fragile, don’t taric apart now.

[2:48:10 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:48:16 AM] Big Bro: gg

[2:48:25 AM] Me: dun dun dun

[2:49:20 AM] Me: My Eternal Thirst for puns will never be satisfied :C

[2:50:00 AM] Big Bro: …


[2:50:27 AM] Me: D:

[2:50:39 AM] Big Bro: reall allistar Big Broa

[2:50:48 AM] Me: (wat

[2:50:58 AM] Me: (i dun get it

[2:51:01 AM] Big Bro: all star

[2:51:05 AM] Me: oooh

[2:51:20 AM] Me: that is so-nat my style.

[2:51:23 AM] Me: i used that already

[2:51:27 AM] Big Bro: yes

[2:51:52 AM] Me: si- only i can do that and get away wit it.

[2:52:24 AM] Big Bro: …

[2:52:25 AM] Big Bro: NO

[2:52:26 AM] Big Bro: GO SLEEP

[2:52:27 AM] Big Bro: BYE

[2:52:29 AM] Me: XDDDD

[2:52:35 AM] Me: night =P