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Beanstalk: careful hints at past stories, a red-headed hero named Jack, a giant of a boy whose brothers called him Beanstalk, a seventh son of a seventh son with an easy smile and a quick sword… nothing tangible, just the glint of old adventures shining through when the light hits just right.

Echoes of a Giantkiller: Saint George the Dragon-Slayer is friends with the Merry Men, Snow White and Rose Red run a refugee-camp-slash-militia-group, Alan-a-Dale married a Red Riding Hood, the Pied Piper’s kid will weasel lollipops out of the unsuspecting,

I have a strong love and passion for the Star Guardian lore. I believe it has so much damn potential because I love the concept, the designs, and the idea of how the Star Guardians can do things through teamwork. I just have this fantasy of Dark Star Thresh and Varus being the main villains, and Jinx, Lux, Poppy, Lulu and Janna stopping them from being a threat to the world. They all go to this academy and transform and AGHHHH I just love the Star Guardians so much!

Artwork by Freeze-Ex

[GOT7 Reacts] to their s/o doing aegyo to another member

still taking requests or feel free to ask me a bunch of random questions~ JJ

Mark: He sits across the room from you and catches you talking to Jinyoung who seems to be teasing you about your hair or something. When suddenly you’re doing aegyo for him. Mark can’t believe his eyes, since you usually only save aegyo for special occasions. He goes over there and asks “can I help you Jinyoung, need something?” you just say you’re joking around. He sits in between you two “Jinyoungie can have aegyo from me. Your aegyo is mine.” He does a half-hearted ~buing buing~ for Jinyoung and remains settled between you. 

Jinyoung: You two were about to go for dinner but he just needed to grab some stuff from the dorm. As you wait Yugyeom comes out of his room “Anyeong Noona~~” “Anyeong~ Gyeomie~” you say back doing the kwiyomi song hand gestures. Jinyoung see’s you doing this and to Yugyeom of all people “Ya! Kim Yugyeom are you hitting on my girlfriend?! You are so dead when I come home.” he pauses “And [Y/N] you did aegyo for him! You owe me.” He waits for you to do aegyo tapping his foot against the floor and you do an even cuter action. He glares over to Yugyeom with a smirk as you leave.  

Yugyeom: You, Bambam and him decide to go to the amusement park.  And as you are at the top of the coaster you and Bambam cling to each other for a second “Ahh I’m so scared!~” “[Y/N]~~” as the coaster drops so does Yugyeom’s heart. When you get off the ride he pouts for the rest of the day, Bambam decides to go back early, leaving you both alone. “[Y/N] why did you cling to Bambam not me?” You tell him it wasn’t on purpose. He leans down and holds your face in his hands “I’ll work harder to be more manly so you can show me your scared side.” You say “what does that even mean. I just held Bambam because he was more scared than me” and you both laugh at his seriousness then you get on your tippy toes for a kiss.

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