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this ended up turning a little messy, but it got the colors down like I wanted :V (also fanangled with the General’s face a little more)

The wilds that surround Bandle city can be many things, forgiving is not one of them. As a precaution, many yorldes bring companions with them. For Nala and the General it’s a different matter altogether. When Nala was young, she got lost in the wilds and was found wondering by a rather large creature, who despite his size handled her with the utmost care. From that point on Nala found herself in the company of this lovable behemoth of a dog and over the years their relationship became one of rider and mount. They are known as Shepards of the Wilds and guide the lost and frightened to the safety of Bandle City.

I hate ADCs that whine about their mid laners not pinging. Shouldn’t it be obvious that if your mid laner is dead and the enemy laner isn’t pushing up on the tower that they are probably roaming? We have a map and wards for a reason. You shouldn’t have to rely on ones to know when the enemy team is romaing to your lane.

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Hey !

Long time uh ? 

Since 2 months, we worked very hard to prepare and animate this video at the Studio La Cachette.

I’m a player of league of legend and It was an honor to be contacted to participate on this project.

I want to thanks all the persons who worked with us. It was fantastic.

Directed by Major Klaxon with Passion Picture, we tried to do our best to put our identity in the animation.

Also I was charged to storyboard each event per year and find ideas to help the directors for their edit.

Here the thumbnails for the year 2013, “General OddOne Salute” :


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