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10/10/13 was when Riot released Jinx and my not obsession started, and it turned out how everyone expected it to… FULL OF AMAZEMENT, HAPPINESS AND SPENDING A SHITTON OF MONEY :D

From all the amazing skins, personal pentas, artwork from all the artist and cosplayers, definitely worth my time and effort.

Cake and curry, because curry is her favorite food :D (not headcanon, it’s on her star guardian bio)

also thank you riot for the template of Jinx for the cake :>

//Is Veigar birthday , yay \o/! If I had known before I would have done something better but well, something is something uvu.

So I drew some of the Veigar’s I know :3 Happy birthday to all of our Veigar’s ~

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I MISS CTCON SO MUCH WOW! Here are the-average-spoon and my cosplays for the con! Idk I didnt really like my kaneki I thought it was pretty unflattering but people really seemed to like it!

My wifi crashed. My client crashed. My PC crashed as well. But we WON that game and kicked that TF’s ass! It was probably the most goddamn intense game I’ve ever had - but we WON and I feel as if I have just won the LCS! (I played Xayah solo top lane btw, and thank you Nami for landing your Qs and basically carrying my sorry ass to victory!) <3

Artwork by @blank-cake

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ MEET THE ARTIST! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Caterina - MochiChuu

Yes, my eyes have two different shades of brown. One Reddish and one yellowish!

She (i’m a princess)
From: Italy
Height: 1.55
D.O.B.: 9 Aug 1998 (Lion)

In my Backpacket:
- My phone
- Make up
- Wallet
- Hand Mirror
- And other random things

- Cosplay
- Videogames (Like Kingdom Hearts, League of Legends, Final Fantasy and many MMORPG)
- Make up
- Cakes and Sweets (my favourite is the Red Velvet!)
- Disney Movies (my favourites are Rapunzel and The Little Mermaid)
- Avengers (THORRRR)
- My Boyfriend

- Math
- Horror
- Tan (on my body)
- Insects (they are so scaryyy ;w;)
- W8 the bus lol
- Lot types of meats (But no, i’m not vegetarian. I love Sushi too much ahahah)
- Jeans on me. I feel so…. clumsy. More clumsy than I already am!)
- Rude people!

- 26 yo
- Some people call him ‘’Satan’’, he is kind only with me kufufufu

- People always tell me that i look like a cat, so i began love cats a lot!
- I have 2 rings and one necklace (gift from my boy) made of silver and Rose Quarz (my favourite mineral!)
- I’m obsessed by pink, princesses and cute things

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🌸 Tokyo Ghoul
🌸 Yuri on Ice (especially Yurio!)
🌸 One Punch Man
🌸 Attack on Titan
🌸 Mystic Messenger
🌸 Dragon Age (all games)
🌸 Hearthstone
🌸 World of Warcraft
🌸 League of Legends
🌸 Naruto (especially pro SNS and NS!)
🌸 Studio Ghibli
🌸 Cake and other yummy baked stuff
🌸 Animals!
🌸 Art in general
🌸 Harry Potter

That’s all I can think of for now!