league of legends akali


Zed vs Shen cinematic based on League of Legends Lore™


Snowstorm Akali

Her kanas turn into climbing axes! Her mask is toggleable in-game by taunting. Akali has always shown skin in her skins so I thought this could be the first skin in which she’s fully clothed, yet stylishly cool.
The splash went through some iterations though. She was initially going to be fighting Tundra Hunter Warwick but it got scrapped. I’d like to think she protects the balance in a frozen mountain wilderness.

anonymous asked:

did modern au zed and syndra adopt modern au kayn?

Nope! They’re just good friends so far in this AU. There’s not really any ships in here outside of the canon ones established ingame. But I do mess with the ships a lot for the fun of it (and more options lmao)
However, modern AU Kayn is Zed’s best student still and is bitter rivals against Shen’s best student.

Can’t go without those random facts too!

Shieda Kayn:

  1. College student and is in the same anime club as Ezreal
  2. Totally Naruto trash
  3. Helps out with Zed’s dojo time to time
  4. Pretty sure most of his paycheck goes to anime merch. and conventions
  5. Had a chuunibyou (anime protag syndrome) phase in middle school.


  1. Straight A’s college student
  2. Works at a sushi bar, part time
  3. Helps out with Shen’s dojo time to time
  4. Fashion sense came from the year Mortal Combat was released
  5. Never will admit she had a k-pop phase