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Because Every Person Counts

When was the last time you’ve fought for something for a greater cause?

Looks like an intro for a charity program, isn’t it? But to give you a heads up, I’m not writing this to propagate charity. I’m not even going to beg you to do anything. Yes, altruism will do us good, but doing it in such a way to assert our rights and prevent more youth from being deprived of tertiary education is better.

When was the last time you’ve complained about the facilities in the university?

I’m sure you have grumbled about the as-good-as-display-only air conditioner, the rainwater leaking in the classroom ceiling, the hard-to-get-and-must-reserve-ASAP LCD projectors, and many others but these sentiments are not much compared to what more than 8 million of our youth are experiencing right now: deprived of their right to education.

If you see that the government is not doing it’s job well, you have the right to complain as a citizen; but if you’re not doing anything about it, you have by no means any right to complain further.

Let’s face it. Some people would see rallying as very undiplomatic and improper way of handling issues. They see rallying as an act of war freaks. Even some parents don’t want to see their kids rallying on the streets, no matter what the cause may be. 

Why do we need to join rallies?

Not only because we are asking for help.

Not merely because we feel sorry for those who could not study.

It’s because we must take what it right for us as citizens of our country.

Because we need to make the government hear the voice of the people.

Every self-respecting state university student should know that.

And I may add to that, because we can see the wrong prioritization of funds by Noynoy Aquino’s administration.

Last year, November 2010, the UP Manila community witnessed the strike at our university in response to the threat of a P1.39-B budget cut to state universities and colleges. Classes were put to a halt and students participated in the nationwide walkout to the Department of Budget and Management and Mendiola, and days later on, to the Senate. This year, efforts must be put to much greater heights to show the government that we will not be silent.

Remember when I began this note, I said I won’t even beg you to do anything? That is because I only need to remind you of the responsibility of every ‘iskolar ng bayan’: to not only be excellent inside the colleges/universities, but to also apply this excellence to create a difference in the society, for the welfare of the people; and this can be achieved only if we are willing to fight for what we strive for, beginning with this fight for education.

Actually, we can just sit here and study. We can easily free-ride by just letting others do the rallying for us, but in this fight, every person counts, just as much as a single child’s education would matter much to his/her family in the future. 

Fight for higher state subsidy! STP! 

Planking mobilization to end budget cuts with the League of Filipino Students at SFSU. Performed on the last day of the Pilipino American History Month rally. Other organizations in support of this planking mobilization: Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor, Chi Rho Omicron, Kappa Psi Epsilon, and Alpha Kappa Omicron.

I’m the one in the yellow.


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