league of dongers


“Heimerdinger has been a fantastic mentor, and I’m incredibly grateful for his guidance. It’s allowed me to further my own personal progress here in Piltover. It’s a little odd getting started off as a Yordle here in this city, but through persistence and a little help, my expertise in hextechnology has blossomed. The fascinating correlation between magic and technology really could bring a new type of harmony, I hope. I can only help my professor in his endeavors, as his brilliant mind definitely surpasses mine. However, I do have a few tricks up my own sleeve, so I’m not completely not useless! We compliment each other well. I’m proud to be his assistant, no matter how often people chastise me. I know he comes off as gruff, but deep down, he really does care. You just have to look past his big goggles.”


The only time you see him like this is at graduation.. and when he saw that one lady… I forgot her name.. but it was kind of awkward…

… yeah to be honest I don’t like seeing my professors facial expressions. It’s better when he just wears his goggles.

But let me tell you, those goggles only go off when SHIT GETS REAL.