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Has vision changed since the map changed and we moved into S5? I ask as someone looking to understand vision better in general, even though I've been practicing ADC lately. I remember a while back you posted a very basic map of where to ward, if that still applies could you post it again, and/or recommend me some stuff to study/read? Thank you <3 <3

green wards are harder to explain because they’re more situational and the placement doesn’t matter so much as the amount you’re placing and the timing of when you’re placing them. maybe one day i’ll figure out how to condense it into an image but honestly i think anyone that does it is generally just ‘doing it wrong’

but anyway here are the pink ward placements:

1. these are the safest wards you can place and generally what you open up with first back because you haven’t built a big enough advantage yet to pressure with (2) wards. for the bot tri brush, place the ward at the most bottom left position so it’s harder to clear

2. these are the wards you place after you’ve built a lane advantage or when your jungler is out-pressuring the enemy jungle. if you have more pressure then you can protect deeper wards and deny deeper vision. for the side mid brushes, place the pink wards close to your wall so they’re harder to clear

3. the reason why getting towers down is so important in league is not because of the gold they give you, but because they open the map and opening the map allows you to place deeper wards and maintain deeper vision control. you’ll notice, also, that getting the mid tower down opens up two different pink wards whereas the other lanes only open up zero or one extra, which is why the mid tower is considered to be so much more important than the others

4. these wards aren’t meant to last necessarily, but are just there to set up tier 2 control and it’s a big buffer for baron control also. when you push up this far, it’s very easy to rotate back to baron because the enemy team will have to path through 2-3 pink wards while treading through dark territory, which makes it pretty much impossible to ever stop a baron

5. after you have tier 2′s down, you want to deny vision outside of the enemy gates so they can’t see you rotating in between lanes. competitive games generally don’t get to this point because you should be able to close out the game with (4) wards -> baron -> double inhib, but obviously solo q isn’t that clean so you’ll encounter a situation where you’re sieging inhib towers for a long time in which case you’ll want (5) wards