It hurts my heart when I’m playing ADC and get a support who feels the need to apologize constantly. “Sorry for KS, autoattack” I have my full build already, treat yourself! “Sorry for not saving you” You did your best but I got hit by two ults, it was probably my fault for mispositioning anyway. I’m sorry, because it feels like you’re always expecting flame ‘cause you’ve seen how toxic my fellow solo queue ADCs can be.

Today I played a match where my mother called and asked for my help just before the 20 minutes mark and I had to surrender. I explained why and our Trundle thought I was a kid. I’m a 23 year old woman with a Bachelor’s degree that doesn’t even live at home, parents don’t stop needing help when you get to 18+ and move out! He said it was “sad” and “embarrassing” that I had to help my mother. Life happens. I can’t help that I’m the only other person with a driver’s license in my family?

I long to see the day where I enter a game as Ezreal and an ally/enemy Taric doesn’t start with the Ez/Taric jokes or calling him a girl. Seriously guys? Taric is like 15-20 years older than Ez, and he’s a protector not a predator. Not to mention the ‘Ez is a girl’ joke has gotten super old. One day I’ll find peace.

Artwork by  蒼Fade