“ no flame no gain let me show you how to maximize your elo gains while minimizing the chance of being banned by riot games, a sought after te “  – michael “”ImAQTPie”” santana


Welcome to the League of Legends super cool, super special, one of a KIND Discord server! We’re a small little server that’s just trying to meet some new people, play some cool games, and try not to tilt together.

We have in-house games! 5v5′s and 3v3′s and probably even a ranked team! We have our own Clan on League, and we even watch movies sometimes! Mostly Space Jam.

If you’re interested in joining, hop in the Server and read out #welcome channel! There’s rules and a good explanation of what this Server is for, so hopefully you’re willing to stay and meet a few friends! Don’t feel shy either, we’re from all corners of tumblr and we’d love to have you!


Worlds 2016: Worlds Collide

Oh what a league night! lol 

I arrived waited and waited and my team didn’t show up? One of my team mates had called to tell me he was going to be late but where were the other team members? I started calling and when I reached someone he was at our home location not actually where we were playing… His son couldn’t make it and his friend couldn’t make it and our last team mate wasn’t answering the phone for him either? I asked when he would be coming over to play and he informed me he wasn’t coming and that it was my fault that I didn’t email him the schedule. 

This conversation took place between shots while I was playing my match and keeping score by myself LoL! When I got off the phone I was so mad I ran out and forgot to put the pocket marker designating the pocket where I shot the 8 ball. In our league that is a loss even if it is totally clear where you intend to shoot the 8 ball. You have to mark the pocket and I am someone who follows the rules, Oops… My match was a 5-5 race vs one of the guys on my masters team he beat me 4 games to 5 because I am an idiot and forgot to mark the pocket. We ended up losing the match 1-10. 

Not a great start to the season. Aside from a new league member I recruited tonight and the one other team mate who showed up I don’t think I can deal with the rest of my team so its going to be an interesting season. 

Sadly I have to leave my second team because they have all improved and their skill ranking have gone up. Now that my 9 ball team has kicked me off to replace me with someone who actually hates my guts. This season really could be my last season in the APA? I never thought I would say that, its crazy I have played in this league for like 10 years! I was sitting there thinking about that while watching my good team who actually show up kick the hell out of their opponents. When one of my friends who is a captain on another team sat down and spent 5 minutes thanking me for being a good division rep answering the phone and helping out. It meant allot to me and was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I wonder what I would do instead of pool league…