“Yes, the Meta Human Thesis, more likely than not, these exceptional beings live among us. The basis of our myths, Gods among men upon our little blue planet here. You don’t have to use the silver bullet. But if you forge one. Well then. We don’t have to depend on the kindness of monsters.” - Lex Luthor

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Sometimes you talk about prestige from achieving things or being sired by someone famous. Is level of prestige how you decide mating? Is there some other mechanism that who you mate with is decided?

Jeez, you make it sound so clinical.

Maybe in some places there are strict rules, but here you can hook up with whoever you want, sire anyone you want, and be sired by anyone you want. I mean, you can if they’re into it as well. Obviously.

Which… huh. Wow. Now that I actually think about it, people generally stick in their own class. And unless you’re really lucky, you won’t land some bombshell date, or rich socialite partner from the bottom of the heap. Prestige and history do matter a lot, I guess.

Now you went and made me feel depressed.


Justice League Comic Con Trailer



Thanks to Adamant for the translations.

August 4th: XY&Z036 - Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! Gather, All My Passion!!


July 21st: XY&Z034 - Semifinal Full Battle! Ash VS Shota!!

As the Kalos League semifinals arrive, Ash is facing Shota. Although this is an opponent he has lost against before, Ash feels he has grown stronger since then, and goes into the battle not feeling overly tense about it. Shota, on the other hand, thoroughly reflects on how happy he is to fight Ash, a person he admires so much.

The Kalos Leage finally reaches its climax. Starting with the semifinals, all matches will be 6 on 6 full battles. The person currently standing in Ash’s way is Shota. Although Ash lost against him the last time they fought, he has grown stronger since then, and isn’t too stressed out. Shota, on the other hand, also felt great joy at getting to fight Ash, the person he admires, at this ultimate battle stage.

July 28th: XY&Z035 - Fierce Rival Battle! Ash Greninja VS Mega Sceptile!!

Ash and Shota’s battle is the most furious one they’ve had so far. The two end up battling on such an advanced level precisely because they know each other like the back of their own hand, with neither of them yielding an inch.

The semifinal match between Ash and Shota continues seesawing back and forth. It’s precisely because the two have fought each other so many times before that it has turned into a battle on such an advanced level between two who know each other like the back of their own hand. Through this battle, the two remember their days of friendly rivalry. Their last battle against each other has finally arrived, and they both give each other their absolute all!

August 4th: XY&Z036 - Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! Gather, All My Passion!!

Lumiose City is in a state of excitement thanks to the Kalos League! And during this excitement, Clemont’s Chespin gets lost. And as Chespin is walking around all alone and confused, a certain somebody appears before it…

All of Lumiose City is super excited thanks to the Kalos League! And in the middle of all this, trouble occurs. Clemont’s Pokémon Chespin ends up getting lost. And then, the confused Chespin encounters……?

Animation Director 篠原隆 (Takashi Shinohara)
Episode Director 前園文夫 (Fumio Maezono)
Screenplay 面出明美 (Akemi Omode)
Storyboard 飯島正勝 (Masakatsu Iijima)

Animation Director 大橋藍人 (Aito Ōhashi)
Animation Director 志村泉 (Izumi Shimura)
Episode Director 浅利藤彰 (Fujiaki Asari)
Screenplay 面出明美 (Akemi Omode)
Storyboard 志村錠児 (Jōji Shimura)

Animation Director 夏目久仁彦 (Kunihiko Natsume)
Animation Director 直井由紀 (Yuki Naoi)
Episode Director 渡辺正彦 (Masahiko Watanabe)
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 (Atsuhiro Tomioka)
Storyboard 尼野浩正 (Hiromasa Amano)