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•Starts drama
•Zero remorse
•Ready to fight everyone

•Knows he shouldn’t respond but does anyway
•Jokes about being self conscious and really is
• layers himself in sarcasm to seem stronger

•Filming the fight
•Cheers for both sides depending on who’s winning
•Having the best time of his life

•Only here to stay relevant
•Dying away more quickly each day
•Please make him stop

•Ready to choose a side based on which will get more views
•Knows everything that’s happening

•Stays a respectful distance
•Always rooting for his boy
•Doesn’t really care that much

•Sees what’s happening but doesn’t get involved at all
•he is happy and free

choke (Leafy x Reader, NSFW)

calvin said he would get off to choking so i whipped up this quick lil thing because i am SHOOK
also this is for all the anons who have been requesting dom!cal smut for weeks now

calvins pov

WARNINGS: smut, choking, lots of it

btw i’m posting this from mobile so sorry for lack of readmore


“Fuck, fuck, okay,” I said, securing the condom over my cock, readying myself at her entrance as there she lay, sprawled out, legs open, hands delicately at rest on either side of her soft face, and my hands were firmly pressed into the mattress on either side of her delicate frame. “Are you ready?”

She giggled. “Yes.”

And so I pushed into her, slowly at first, allowing her tight walls to adjust around me, never once breaking eye contact with her. As I pushed, she let out a small gasp, and then sighed melodiously as I pulled back out slowly, and then in again.

“Mm,” she hummed.

“Fuck,” I sighed, long and drawn out under my breath, as my rhythm began to quicken. She whimpered under me, tracing her palms down the sides of my face, tightening her grip whenever I thrust into her sweetest spot.

“Fuck, baby,” she whimpered, lifting her legs up slightly to wrap them around my waist.

“Yeah, just like that,” I grunted in between wet slaps into her, “Moan for me. Just like that.”

“Calvin,” she hummed, “Choke me.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. “What?” I panted, catching my breath.

“I want to feel your hands around my throat.”

It was a prospect that had never been suggested to me, and thus one I never thought about, but in that moment the simple request of wringing her neck in my palms made me grow harder, and thus I obliged.

“Fuck, okay,” I said, slipping my hands up to her neck. “How do I- Fuck, I mean, I don’t want to hurt you, so how do I, like…”

“Press against the sides,” she giggled, “that way, you don’t, like, actually kill me.“

"Shit, alright,” my voice trembled, but it was a tremor of excitement, and at her okay I tightened my grasp and continued thrusting into her. I don’t know what it was about having this dominance over her, feeling her flesh between my palms, the way she smiled up at me in between gasps and gags, but by God I loved it. I rolled my groin against hers ever faster, and I could feel sweat begin to collect at the top of my head, but not once did I let go of her petite throat.

“Please,” she croaked, and in that moment, I swore I love her, and the stronger my heart swelled the tighter I gripped her. My most animalistic instincts took over and I began muttering obscenities like a madman, cursing and degrading her under my breath.

“Fuck yeah, just like that, you like being choked, don’t you, you little slut?” I uttered through gritted teeth, pushing into her with further desperation.

“Y-es, yes,” she croaked, barely able to speak through the grip on her neck. It was only a few moments later that I saw her eyes roll back, and she convulsed under me, arching her back. I loosened my grip so I could hear her cry out to her maximum capacity, and upon releasing her from my grasp she gasped loudly, and began to exclaim, “fuck, Calvin!”

The way her walls clenched around my member threw me over the edge, and I could feel the same euphoria wash over me, and with a few final and quivering thrusts, I shot my load, gasping for air, before collapsing on top of her entirely, my face buried in the crook of her now bruising neck.

“Oh my god,” I breathed, placing a chaste kiss on her neck. I lay there in silence for a precious few moments longer, feeling her chest rise and fall erratically under me, and she wrapped her arms around me, gripping me at the shoulders.

“Baby,” she cooed.

“Mm,” I muttered, still buried in her crevices, slowly regaining my breath.

“That was so fucking good,” she hissed into my ear, before taking my lobe between her teeth gently.

“Mhmm,” I muttered.

My body was tired and edging towards sleep, but my mind was aflight with memories of what had just happened, how good it felt to have her under my control, to have her throat in my clutches, how good it felt to be held by her in this moment, how much I knew I loved her, and the anticipation of the next time I might have the privilege of choking her again.


Two completely different mood boards🙃 Anyway, made these quickly to say thanks for over 700 followers honestly insane 🤓💗 Ilysm!💞💞 also I know I changed my username but I still love leafy and will still be posting about him!! ❣❣

I don’t know what I did. I just liked the office AU from @thatonedaydream (@not-that-edgy) and had the urge for some funsies and practice. Ft KC and my girl wrecking poor Ignis and not without reason.

Warnings: Absurd Situations, Seduction Techniques? Almost?, Very Embarrassed Ignis, Everyone Betrays Him, Gladio Makes A Sex Joke, How Come That Office Hasn’t Exploded Yet.

Look I just wanted to have fun.

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Swallow Hard - Calvin X Reader

A/N Finally some writing! Sorry if the ending is shit. I am so busy today and needed to pump this out. If you are easily triggered I dont advice reading this thanks. Enjoy

Your eyes hung low, your breath slow but consistent. The drugs were starting to take effect and you had no objections. All you wanted was for the feeling to consume you and to numb all emotion present in your sober mind.

Sat on your couch, your eyes drifted from an empty wall to a thin hallway, 2 doors lining each side. You stared deeply into the short hall, noticing how the room seemed to feel cool, and breezy. Your mind was floating away and that’s all you wanted in that moment.

Your gaze became more directed at this point, only focusing on the last door on the left of the hallway. Inside sat someone you couldn’t help but love, and resent simultaneously, the thought of him off putting your stomach. You thought of how you saw yourself, and how he saw you. You thought of how other people viewed him, and how you weren’t good enough.

Why weren’t these pills doing their job? Why were you thinking so much, but still so little? Your mind was racing but still you felt nothing.

A shiver shot down your spine.

Desperate to get away from these thoughts, you jerked your eyes away from the door having been staring for what felt like minutes, in a poor attempt at clearing your mind.  But still the thought stayed, and soon you felt yourself getting angry. Though you knew you shouldnt be abusing the pills like you were, you were in need and nothing else felt like it would work, realizing how hard these thoughts were hitting, and how critically you needed to cut them off.

Focusing your attention onto the side table sitting next to you, a bottle of Demerol resting innocently on the surface, you rapped your fingers around the orange prescription bottle. The plastic felt smooth, as you pressed down on the cap and turned, popping off the top and spilling a few of the pills into your palm, not bothering to count.

You just wanted the feelings to stop.

As you tilted your head back, palm to your mouth, you looked back into the hallway at the sound of a door creaking open, and your eyes locked with a tall figure sporting jeans, a hoodie, and headphones around the neck. The sight of him sent mixed feelings down your spin. A shiver of love and a hint of spite, but you chose to ignore both, swallowing the pills and taking a drink of your tea.

The figure made his way down the hall, pausing for a moment to stare at your slouched body, a blank expression staining his face, before making his way into the kitchen and flinging open the fridge. Though his face said nothing, you could practically taste the anger boiling inside of him.

“Why don’t you just say you hate it?” you question from the living room, eyes not moving nor shifting.

The sound of your voice echoing in the small space was followed by the sound of the fridge slamming shut, and the pound of angered steps making their way into the living room.

“Seriously, [Y/N]?” shouted the figure, now only a few feet away from you, a short glass of whisky clutched in his hand, “You act like this is only hard on you!”

Your head was dazed and though you couldn’t fully process the extent of the anger in his voice you still knew it was there, his brow low and his face turning red.

“Oh! It’s hard for you now, is it, Calvin? I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. My bad!” you shot back, snapping your head away.

You did realize, and you hated it. But even though you were aware of how your addiction was affecting both you and Calvin, that wouldn’t stop your overwhelmingly low self esteem and worsening mental issues. Calvin may be feeling things second hand, but he had no way of feeling how truly awful you felt without the pills in your system.

Calvin eye narrowed before taking a rather large gulp of his drink.

“The fans are starting to notice,” he muttered lowly, whipping the back of his hand against his mouth.

Your eyes widened at the mention of the boys fanbase, “Notice what?” you asked calming trying to keep your calm and focus on the pills telling you not to feel.

The brown haired boy sat his glass on the table next to your pill bottle and sighed, “Things are different, [Y/N]. The fans may not see things in my life but they can see how its affecting me and people are starting to raise questions.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. What you had assumed about Calvin was beginning to become more fact than assumption, and the truth stung like pins and needles. All you wanted was for the boy to act like he cared, to show an ounce of empathy for you, but still all he seemed to care about were his fans.

Why weren’t you good enough? Why weren’t you important enough for Calvin to care about? Why didn’t he care? Why didn’t h-

You snatched the Demerol bottle back into your hand, and slammed your hand down onto the lid, refusing to look at Calvin, for fear that the tears threatening your eyes would spill.

Struggling to pull the top off, you felt a grip around your hands that began to pull the bottle away from you. You tried your hardest to fight the force, but still found yourself coming up short, your handle on the bottle loosening.

“Let go, Calvin.” you commanded through clenched teeth, still not daring to look at the boy.

Your arms were weak, and the bottle only slipped further away from you before it was finally pulled away completly, causing Calvin to stumble as he held the Demerol away from you.

“You got your prescription filled a week ago, [Y/N]!  ” Calvin spat, examine the bottle that had close to 5 pills left inside, “What is wrong with you?”

You couldn’t hold back any longer. You snapped your neck towards your lover, tears spilling down your cheeks, breath heavy, “What is wrong with me? What is wrong with me? Calvin I want to die everyday, and all I have are these fucking pills because you can’t seem to care about anything more than your YouTube bullshit!”

You paused for a moment gasping for breath through sobs. Calvin said nothing but looked at you in shock, both of you taken aback by your outburst.

You whipped your eyes messily and, lowered your brow at the boy, hell having been let free.

“You seriously have some nerve to tell me how I need to handle my problems when you aren’t even willing to show the slightest bit of care! I’m your girlfriend for fucks sake! And all you care about is YouTube, and how YouTue sees you!” you shouted choking on tears as you ranted, body beginning to shake, “You know, sometimes I wonder why you even stay. If I’m not important enough then why do you stick around?”

Calvin opened his mouth to reply but quickly shut it, looking from the floor back to you. He turned the pill bottle over in his hand, examining the label to find a short description of the pills, eyes dropping at every word he read.

“Babe, I-I didn’t know it was like that. I just-…I’m so sorry, [Y/N].” Calvin muttered, eyes locked on the bottle that seemed to be the only thing keeping you alive.

You looked away from him, and pulled your knees to your chest, looking down at the floor as your mind overfilled with thought once again.

Why was he pretending to care? Why did it take this for him to even notice there was something wrong? Why were you such a problem?

You didn’t even try to hold back the tears as they flew through your eyes and down your face, staining your cheeks. The overwhelming urge to swallow a handful of Demerol sat in your stomach, but you ignored the feeling, Calvin still holding tight onto your life support. Having broken in front of the boy you loved only left you full of dejection.

“Come here,” Calvin said slowly, stepping towards you with open arms. The boy sat his weight on the cough and pressed his body into yours, wrapping his arms around you, warming the areas he touched.

“Talk to me. Tell me what you’re feeling.” the brown eyed boy uttered, pressing his nose into your neck comfortingly.

You let out a soft sigh, whipping the back of your hand against your eyes to clear your vision, and turning your head to look at Calvin curled up next to you.

“Do you really care about me?” you mumbled, never breaking eye contact, the seriousness of this conversation becoming apparent.

“Of course I do. Why would I stay if I didn’t car-”

You cut the boy off biting on your lip nervously, “Do you care about me more than your fanbase?”

Calvin turned his head, taken aback by your question before smiling lightly as if he was assumed by your question. “[Y/N], where did you even get the idea that I cared about YouTube more than you. I adore you. I’m so sorry if I don’t spend enough time with you, I know it’s not right. But I would never care about YouTube more than you. You’re my everything.” he spewed, taking a hand and holding the side of your face in comfort.

You could feel your heart beat a bit harder as he spoke, your cheeks becoming pink. Though you had heard Calvin express himself before, it had been some time, the words he spoke now feeling fresh and true.

“I just want to be good enough. I don’t want you to feel like you’re obligated to stay,” you explained, playing with a strand of your hair as you spoke, head still spinning from the drugs, “And I’m sorry about the pills. I-I’m not good at asking for help and I just needed something to help. I know it’s been bad for you. I’m really sorry.”

“No, no, babe. Don’t be sorry. It’s okay,” Calvin urged, pulling your chin to look him in the eyes, “It’s not your fault. You were doing all you could.”

As your eyes stared into your partner’s, your heart pounded and you lost a sense of words. Though things weren’t perfect, the pieces were slowly beginning to pull back together, reminding you of how much you needed the boy who sat next to you.

How much you needed him more than the drugs.

Calvin began to lean in, your lips soon touching and though you knew the pills were in control, you kissed back needing every second of it. Your love for Calvin was alive and you couldn’t feel more grateful to be with someone so understanding.

As Calvin pulled away from the peck, he leaned his forehead onto yours, running his thumb over your lower lip, staring in a comfortable silence.

Though Calvin’s warm brown eyes had never looked more beautiful, your eyes darted to the cough cushion next to him, eyeballing the bottle you had relied on for so long.

“I’ll stop,” you deadpanned, slicing through the quiet air, “I know it’ll be hard but I will. For you and myself.”

Calvin sighed, a smile resting on his lips, “It’s okay babe. Take your time. I just need you to know I’ll be there for you. I’ll always be there.”