(Closed) Rai & Crystallin - Hi

Crystallin had several messages yet to deliver and she wasn’t surprised at how many were in the academy alone. Generals, captains, lieutenants - everyone had messages to circulate. It was always the longest part of her day because usually one message needed to go down the hall and that person would have a message for someone in the next corridor over and so on and so forth for quite a while.

Still it was never really an annoyance and she found it quite helpful to learn faces and names. She had to maneuver though; there were many people and all seemed to be much bigger and careless leafmen and leafwomen. After all, she wasn’t part of their ranks. It was why she didn’t always notice them back. “General Ronin, I have your messages for the day - oh, I didn’t mean t’ interrupt. I’ll leave them here,” she stopped, ducking her head at Ronin and the younger leafman before dropping the small stack onto Ronin’s cabinet and hurrying out again.