leafs problems

when your two fav teams are playing each other
  • fuck yeah: one of them is gonna win
  • fuck no: one of them is gonna lose

Today a woman wanted to buy a sublime tshirt. Before buying she asked me of there were any hidden pot leaves in the suns face ,
“Its a gift for my son and i dont want any drugs on it.”
I told her no
“But there is a devil in the sun.” i tell her.
“Thats ok.” she says as shes taking out her wallet.
Shes not ok with weed…. But ok with satan….. Wut…

one of the most popular stories that all hockey players here is of gretzky walking by the islanders dressing room after they won the cup and realizing they weren’t celebrating because they were all injured to hell. it’s an iconic story. it’s passed on to everyone. it’s used to show what hockey is like, how hockey is different from other wports. nhl players are crucified for being anything that can be twisted as cocky or selfish by media members. one of the biggest hockey figures in the world is don cherry who thinks visors are for soft players and dangerous hits are the best thing that happens in hockey. a joke literaly everyone has heard before is “i went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

and you seriously believe this is a leafs gm/coach/ownership problem? you really believe this is isolated to a single group of men who are making these decisions? you seriously believe this is as easy as saying “well we care about you so don’t do this”? 

it’s complicated. there are layers to it. it is wrong but as long as we want something to actually happen we can’t blame this on one person or one team. we need to attack the culture of it to actually change it. 

maths-and-other-loves  asked:

Hi there! I've lurked on your blog for a lonnng time (your content and work philosophy and amazing) How do you recommend taking notes/revising/learning maths at uni? There seems to be tonnes of guides for essay and content based subjects at uni, but I haven't found much for maths. What do you do? Thanks :)

Hello there!

For taking notes:

If your lecturer provides them, read printed notes beforehand and/or bring the printed notes with you to lectures. Usually (for my lectures anyway) the lecturer is basing the lectures off of the printed notes, so bringing the printed notes to lectures can save you having to write down everything in the lecture which in turn will allow you to better concentrate on what the lecturer is saying (vs using all your focus to mindlessly copy down everything the lecturer tells you).

To keep your lecture notes organised, I’d highly recommend exercise books over loose-leaf paper and folders/ring binders. This works for maths because you won’t be writing essays worth of notes. Everyone I know that had used loose-leaf paper had a very disorganised and messy system and found it hard to find older notes. I bought 6 exercise books in 6 different colours for each semester (1 for each of my 5 modules, and 1 for rough working) which has worked out great for me, especially since I had been using exercise books in school all my life! Plus, with exercise books, since your notes will be all together in one book, it’s super easy to just flip back to past notes if you need to find anything e.g. when you’re doing homework in the library and need some older notes or if you’re in a lecture and want to remind yourself about something mentioned in a past lecture. This reminds me, at the start of every lecture, write down the date to make it easier to refer back to your previous notes.

Having said that, do have some loose-leaf paper around for problem sheets to hand in to tutors and for other such things, which brings me on to my next point:

Use a book with plain paper for rough working. Working on maths can get so messy especially when you have to figure out some tricky proofs so having some space where you can get as messy as you want and write out all your ideas is super helpful. It’s also just a nice thing to do to have your rough work separate and write your work up neatly to hand in to tutors as they are usually busy students themselves and probably would appreciate work that is easy to mark.

For revising/learning:

Write up condensed notes. This was so helpful for me when I was revising and needed to refer back to anything important as I didn’t have to sleuth through pages and pages of notes. To condense my notes, I went through lecture notes and printed notes, compared both and wrote down what I felt was most important for me and cut out all the waffle. I usually managed to cut down my notes from 50+ pages in my exercise book to maximum 10 pages. You could probably cut it down even more since I’m quite pernickety and liked to include small details.

For memorising, repetition is key. Write out whatever it is you need to memorise multiple times. If there are past paper questions on the topic, write everything you can relating to the topic in your answers even if you don’t need to because this will help you remember it all. Try to write it all out without looking at your notes. Repeat past papers over a period of time and test yourself to see how much you can remember without looking at notes. I’d also recommend writing out things you need to memorise on flashcards. Flashcards are super portable so you can easily carry them and look at them whenever.

When you’re revising for exams, look through your problem sheets and the answers and make sure you understand them. My lecturers have included problem sheet questions (albeit not often) in exam papers and the relief of knowing the answer and knowing that you’re right is amazing and gives you a confidence boost. It’ll save you time during the exam too if a problem sheet question comes up since you’ll know the answer and won’t have to think about it much!! Also look through any example questions given in your lecture notes as the lecturer is probably showing you them for a reason!

When you go through past papers, if there’s anything you don’t understand even after trying your best to understand it and it’s the night before your exams, just write out possible questions that could come up on the topic and memorise the answers. Maths is difficult and exam season is stressful and you don’t have time to mess around, so if you’ve tried to understand the topic without luck, just memorise. I did this for one topic in algebra in semester 1 and boy was I lucky because the questions I thought of actually came up so that was 10 marks for me that I knew I had. 😂

Finally, start revision early!!! There are so many definitions, theorems and proofs you need to memorise that just can’t be done overnight. Just trying to condense the notes takes me at least 3 days because there’s so much of it!! Give yourself at least 3 weeks for each exam season if you can. I spent 3 weeks over Christmas at home going through my lecture notes, writing down condensed notes and doing past papers. Then I spent another week at university redoing all the past papers. I went slow which meant I didn’t stress as much and felt prepared.

Lastly, keep in mind my advice is based on my own experience at my own university and your experience could be much different. A little experimenting to see what works best for you is always good. 😊

Hope that helps and all the best in September!!

can't a guy love his husband? [artkong]

Summary: arthit doesn’t want to be the wife. kongphob tells him he never was. (aka, in which they’re literally just two guys, and that’s okay.)
Note: for the anon who requested “art and kong get two his/her sets of towels and throw out both of the hers.”

When Aim and Wad hand them the package, snickering to themselves, Kongphob just rolls his eyes and sets it on the table without another glance. “Thanks guys.”
Arthit, however, is staring blankly at it. The towel set is lovely. The two towels are
both fluffy, white-tinted-eggshell-blue, and embroidered with gold leafing. The only problem is that they’re intended for newlyweds. Straight newlyweds. The His and Hers lettering are staring him right in the face, and he wouldn’t be surprised if they were causing his eyes to bug out.
Prem notices Arthit’s grimace and apologizes with a pat on the back. “Sorry bud, my boyfriend can be a dick. I love him but,” He feigns a frustrated growl, “You know? Anyway, happy house-warming!” He congratulates, toasting Arthit with his plastic solo cup.
“Thanks.” Arthit smiles weakly.
With that, Prem leaves him alone.

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