In all honesty, I cannot stand the Toronto media coverage on the Leafs. 

There are two people whose coverage of the Leafs I find is objective and logical: James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail and Steve Dangle (check him out here: stevedangle).

 The media is too consumed over this team and if everyone could take a step back and allow the players to breathe, we could potentially help in decreasing the disgusting pressure the media applies on this already failing team. 

I absolutely despise some of the questions reporters ask the players, I mean how much decency can a person lack to as a player something along the lines of “are you aware the fans want you to tank for a nice draft pick” or suggesting a player if he finds himself to be uncoachable “It’s been suggested to that you’re a difficult guy to coach is there any truth to that?”. 

Have the decency to ask questions that can generate actual answers rather than provoking some news-worthy, nasty reaction. 

I believe that this city’s media deters players from wanting to play here.

Just my two-cents on this pitiful situation between the team and media coverage.

What are your thoughts?


Hahahaha Phil

If you see a Leafs fan hug them and let them cry because this month alone they:
  • - Watched their team suffer the biggest losing streak in franchise history
  • - Watched their biggest goal scorer get pushed down to the fourth line
  • - Watched Brendan Shanahan get full permission to dismantle the team
  • - Nobody is safe
  • - Not even the captain
  • - Maybe Morgan Rielly
  • - There's still a good chunk of the season left full of crying