leafman finn

Muse evaluation: Day 1

1. DRABBLE- Your muse recalls their 6th birthday.

  Finn was in his room in the barracks, laying on the top bunk of his bed, papers scattered about and a book propped open on his legs as he studied a diagram. Ronin was with Queen Tara, taking a break from studying, but Finn had way too much to lose, mainly the respect of his father. Still, his vision was getting blurry from staring at the book for too long. He allowed himself a few minutes to lay back and just stare at the ceiling, as he did, a memory came back to him.

  “Tara! Ronin! Lets play a game!” a kid with ginger hair, pulled into a short ponytail at the end, exclaimed, picking up a stick, “How about, the boggan versus the leafman?” He asked.

  The kid standing across from him with messy silver hair grinned and exclaimed, “Sure! I’ll be the Leafman!” The other kid shook his head

  “Ronin, you’re always the Leafman.” He didn’t mention that they had only played it twice, and both without Tara there, “It’s my day of birth, so I say that I get to be the leafman for today! It’s only fair." 

  "Aww, alright, Finn.” Ronin took an old fashioned mask carved from tree bark that he had brought with him and placed it on his head, “but you better give me all you’ve got!” And he got down on all fours, like an animal, and made growling noises.

  The Ronin prowled close to Tara, really getting into his part, then Finn got in front of Tara and held the stick at arm’s length, “Back, foul boggan, stay away from the queen of the forrest.” Finn shouted.

  “Queen of the forest?” Tara remarked, “I don’t think so” She scanned the area for a fake weapon and ran a few feet away, coming back with a stick, “I’m a Leafwoman, not a queen” Finn smiled.

  “Okay!” the kid said cheerfully, “then lets take out this Boggan together!” and, with a nod from Tara, they both focused their attention on Ronin again. “one… two… three” and they both hit him with their sticks at once. The battle continued until the fake boggan fell. Ronin’s only complaint after was that it wasn’t fair, because there were two warriors and only one boggan.

Finn shook his head, wondering where that flashback had come from. He had started thinking about Ronin and Tara and suddenly he remembered that. He donned a confused epression. Why was his 6th birthday so important. Then suddenly he had an answer.

  It was important because it was the first birthday that he spent with Tara and Ronin as his friends.


Obscure Finn Screensots 2

((This is right as he gets up from kneeling when Queen Tara dies, he’s all hunched over with grief. He’s unarmed (must have lost his weapons in the heat of battle) and what little you can see of his face shows you that he really did care for the queen and is sad that she’s gone.

  Also, you can see just how skinny Finn is. All those harsh winters don’t do him any favors.))