leafkit and squirrelkit

What if….? 

Based on this ask I got yesterday - what if Sandstorm & Dustpelt became mates? Like I said i don’t think their relationship would last very long, as Sandstorm would be too bossy and dominant over Dustpelt and she wouldn’t be satisfied with him as a mate. The two break up before their kits become apprentices, and Dustpelt eventually becomes mates with Ferncloud, with Sandstorm going on to become deputy. 

Shrewkit, Leafkit, Squirrelkit, Spiderkit 

IDK if chattering is a house cat thing or not but I’m just gonna assume it is (and, therefore, it is for this kitty world), since feral cats don’t really make a whole lot of noise.

So just imagine Firestar and Graystripe laying around Sunningrocks (y’know, between fights for it) in the middle of Greenleaf, and this sparrow happens to fly by. Firestar lifts his head off his paws, mildly amused (they’re all well-fed and it’s too high to catch anyway) and starts chattering at it without even thinking about it.

Graystripe immediately sits up. Bro, bro. Bro, what in StarClan was that?

Firestar stops because AW CRAP THIS IS A KITTYPET THING ISN’T IT and gets all worried that cats are gonna start whispering about his blood and whether he’s a true leader again but Graystripe is like nah, dude, just tell me how to do that. That noise was so weird, I like it.

So Graystripe becomes the first ThunderClan-blood warrior to chatter, and he’s, like, so into it. He thinks it’s the silliest noise a cat could make and he wants everybody to hear it. The kits laugh and join in- the apprentices do it as a joke but it ends up sticking. The elders scoff and put their heads on their paws, ultimately giving it a try when some uppity apprentice dares them to try. Firestar is walking around camp one day and almost trips over his fluffy ginger paws when he hears Sandstorm- his serious, no-nonsense Sandstorm- chattering at Leafkit and Squirrelkit. She tells him it’s something she imagined the kits would have a lot of fun with.

The other Clans are baffled and oddly amused as chattering sweeps over the Gathering every full moon. The odd warrior will latch onto it, but mostly it’s just a ThunderClan thing.

And that’s how ThunderClan got the name for being a Chattering Clan.

anonymous asked:

I love the warrior dad headcanons so much, but do you have any warrior mom headcanons? I'd love to hear them!!!

- sandstorm was a rly supportive mom?? like she was so into both of her daughters interests and was like ‘okay leafkit yeah u help squirrelkit patch up her paw, wow cinderpelt would be so proud!!!” and “squirrelkit ok yes i know u wanna fight spiderkit but maybe fight a mossball instead? for now??”

- goldenflower is like the BEST mom and just,,, the mom of thunderclan. shes a sweetheart and not only did she love her three babies w/ her whole heart, but she still is super super sweet to stormfur and feathertail and checks up on them; she helped willowpelt w/ sorrelkit, rainkit, and sootkit after whitestorm died; she was rly supportive of her niece, brightheart, after her injury and did her best to remind brightheart that no, shes not mad at her for swiftpaw’s death, that shes very proud of both of them

- graypool had the biggest sharp tongue and was sorta super grumpy buuuut the only ones who never got her sharp tongue was her kittens. stonefur and mistyfoot didnt get why everyone was so scared of graypool or thought she was a grouch fndkfdls like they were like “but our mom is cool?? huh”

- frostfur had a pawful w/ raising four kittens but she did the best she could and all her kittens are so,,, so precious to her; she just nuzzles them and does her best to make sure that they grew up loved and happy and knew who their papa was

- willowpelt did her best fro all of her kittens; it was hard, esp w/ her oldest, but willowpelt had a hard life and tried her dang bestest - she worked her butt off to make sure all her kittens had a good life ok

- brightheart was a wonderful mama to whitewing and they’re really close?? whitewing never for a second was scared of her face and the first thing she did as a kitten was give it a big lick and nuzzle her bc she didnt see it as frightening or anything