Sword Art Online II Countdown Giveaway!

Hello everyone! As I’ve said, I will start a giveaway on this blog. I wanted to find something that people would be interested in for the giveaway, but limiting my budget at least a little, I’ve though of some prizes that would be interesting for everyone(I hope at least). And I’m even pitching out more since the blog as reached 275+ followers! The giveaway will start now, from June 19th, 2014, and will end on August 19th, 2014, so in two month exactly.


  • 3 Bundles of the Light Novel books of Sword Art Online, Volume 1 and 2.

Yeah that’s all… I wanted to do more, like having multiples prizes of the same values, first winner take first pick, but that would mean that the other 2 winners would maybe not get what they wanted in the prizes, so I’d rather have 3 time the same prize. And now for the


  1. You don’t have to be following this blog to be entering the giveaway, as it is open to the entire fandom. If you want to follow this blog, then feel free to do so(and thanks in advance!).
  2. Likes and Reblogs count, but please try to refrain from spamblogging your follower’s dashes with a twenty post reblog. I will only count that for one entry anyway.
  3. The Likes and Reblogs are your entree to this giveaway. You can Reblog one time each day.
  4. NO giveaway blog, I will be checking for those.
  5. You MUST be comfortable with giving me your address. Otherwise, well I’ll have to go and pick another winner.
  6. I will ship anywhere in the world, so everyone can participate in the giveaway!
  7. With the fact than the Second Light Novel doesn’t come out before August 26th, 2014, I don’t plan to be able to ship the prizes before September, but I will be sure to send them ASAP. This delay will allow the winners to send me their information so that the shipping won’t have a delay.
  8. Giveaway ends on August 19th, 2014. I will take the number of notes this receives and put it into a random number generator to pick the winner. Winner will be contacted via ask, so please have your ask box open. If your ask box is closed, or you don’t answer within 48 hours, I’ll pick another winner. This is a side blog, so I’ll contact you from my main blog when you will have been selected.

Finally, I wish good luck to everyone who will participate! I you have any question, feel free to send me an ask! Happy season 2 to all of you and: