Hanahaki disease headcanon/ extended idea

HANAHAKI DISEASE is one of my favorite fictional diseases. But I’d like to see it explored in different ways.

It is an illness borne from UNREQUITED LOVE that causes flowers to grow in the lungs. The sick person will cough up petals with increasing frequency until they suffocate to death with the flowers fillings their chest.

There is two ways to cure it: first, the love must be reciprocated. The other way is to remove the flowers with a surgery that will also remove all the memories and feelings and the tricky part is that this procedure is PERMANENT. The person will never be able to fall in love for that one person again. 

I see it as a MAGICAL kind of TUBERCULOSIS (or  Consumption) because of the dramatic impact and influence this particularly infection disease had in popular culture. [Today it was replaced by leukemia, I think.]

It bothers me that you can cure a MAGICAL DISEASE with SCIENCE (by having a surgery!). The person is coughing flowers! You can’t cure it with a scalpel! Ok, you CAN, but maybe you shouldn’t…?… 

[The best attempt of using science to cure a broken heart goes to “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Great movie! I also think the same principle could be used for the Hanahaki disease]

I know that this surgery is also kind of magic because it removes something intangible, but I like to think that since there are different types of TB, maybe there are different types of Hanahaki disease. Therefore, you can treat each type with a different approach.

Like, instead of surgery, the person could swallow a bunch of CATERPILLARS that would grow and eat the flowers. When the person coughs the butterflies, he/she will be cured from the disease. In worse cases of unrequited love the person could use leaf-cutter ANTS and then, after the ants do their job, lure them out by sleeping with a plate of sugar near the person’s bedhead. So you would have to see the kind of flower the person is coughing to choose the kind of insect to use, or what method would be the best to use .

[Or maybe instead of coughing petals, the person could throw up butterflies that where living in theirs stomach since they felt in love!]

Water with salt and vinegar or other kinds of homemade herbicides could also kill the flowers… and the person wouldn’t be able to fall in love for some time after that.

The idea is so full of possibilities! 

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Go outside! Pet a dog! Smell a flower! Hold a hand! Say thank you to a shop clerk! Write a poem! Drink a smoothie! We are so god damned small in comparison to the grand scheme of time and space that narrowing our sense of perception is the only way to save our mental health! An ant eating a melted popsicle in Minnesota isn’t worrying what a leaf cutter ant in the Amazon is doing! Holy shit!

bigotedsjw  asked:

Are humans the only creatures on earth who deliberately raise crops and animals for their own benefit? Can apes or cetaceans learn agriculture or husbandry/ have there been any attempts to teach? Are they just unable to plan long term enough to do, say, crop cycling?

This is a great question! Specific ant species have achieved both of these miraculous feats. Leaf-cutter ants have learned to farm certain leaves in order to harvest fungus that grows on plants for their own sustenance. Other species of ants herd groups of aphids and ‘milk’ them for the sugar water that they produce - that is to say, the ants protect the aphids from other predators in order to feed off of their secretions. There are other examples, to be sure - but I’m always impressed that invertebrates, as unassuming as they may be, have been able to accomplish what we vertebrates assume to be activities of more evolved creatures.