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These pages serve a double purpose: they’re an entry in my commonplace book, as well as an informational slip I can print out to be sold along with my divination tea cups. That is, if I ever get my act together on those tea cups. Le heave, le sigh.

My hand-lettering/calligraphy is perceptibly improving, which means I might not need to perfect my handwriting fonts for the Omnomnomicon and Unholy Imbible (my cookbook projects– when completed i.e. never they shall form a rather punk rawk DIY skills trilogy with the commonplace book. Lul.) which is *great* because I’m really, really tired of trying to make my own fonts that look like the calligraphy tags at Fort Worden and failing. This sort of script would look way cool, even if it’s not quite illuminated manuscript material…hmmm.

Tasseomancy: An Unofficial Guide  

Fineline and calligraphy markers.

Pages by Gin Grímsdóttir, 2015. Please do not remove credit.

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Touka's shirt

At first I thought Touka was wearing the same white shirt as in Chapter 125

However, after inspecting more closely the image I realized that the forms at the top were different

While in ch 125 they appear to be Y in ch 135 they seems to be 4 leaf clover, just like the ones Hinami wears in her hair as an ornament

“From the mystical point of view and according to legend, the four-leaf clover is the symbol of good luck and who carries it, will be accompanied by good fortune”. 

Also according to the legend, each leaf represents something:

  • The first is for hope.
  • The second is for the faith. 
  • The third is for love. 
  • The fourth is for luck. 

This seems to be a good omen for them, maybe this means that both Touka and Hinami will be able to escape and reunite with their loved ones.

“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad,
For all their wars are merry, and all their songs are sad.“
I thought that in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I would share one of my many collections of Irish/ Celtic mythology and folklore. I also found it appropriate that ,today, among every other day, is a day where I get to especially gush over the Emerald Isle, the land of Éire, Hibernia… the land of Ireland. This country has held such a special place in my heart and I truly have plans one day to make it my home. It was the home of my family. My great-grandfather decided he wanted a better life for our family and took risks in hopes of having success. My father told me that it was always his dream to return back to Ireland but unfortunately he never got that chance. So, in his stead, I travelled last year back to the place where our family began, back to Ireland. Immediately my heart felt right at home and I will never forget that trip. My heritage and that country had such a hold on my heart that above a rather "lucky” scar, I got my first tattoo of a four-leafed clover symbolizing my heritage, my trip, and for my favorite country on Earth


I now remember why I don’t make these very often x_x They take forever to make and I had to keep going back to fix stuff that wasn’t lining up right.

Anyways, I wanted to make an open raincoat just as something cute for my mayor to wear, and figured I might as well share it. It features the leaf symbol as patches on the sleeves, and the animal crossing background pattern is on the shirt with a button up denim skirt. Enjoy! (Just don’t claim it as your own design please.)

im at the gay club on goth Tuesday and a woman wearing makeup that makes her eyes look infected asks me for the time. I swing my pastel pink purse that I got at h&m for five dollars on sale to the front of my black velvet dress.

“Let me check my naruto pocket watch”

Instantly, without even searching, something faux brass shines in my hand. It has the hidden leaf village symbol embossed on one side and on the opposite it has the familiar NARUTO logo. Classically it hangs from a chain. With the press of a finger it unfolds to a clock face.


“They already played my favorite Specimen song and the DJ’s transitioning to witch house now. What do you say you come to my place?”

I can feel her dark aura lurching to enthrall me but a gorgeous person inside and out has my devoted heart and I love them completely without distraction.

“No thanks. I’m taken.”

The woman cries. I walk outside and call my mom to pick me up. Music from the club makes it hard to hear the call. She’ll arrive in a half hour in her jeep cherokee to take me home. I brush my hair out of my face. I exhale an exasperated sigh.

“Every single time”

TBT’s Love-Luring Charging Box

This DIY charging box, brought to you by Rose of TerraBellaTarot, is meant and designed for the luring of love into your life. You can use amulets, casual jewelry, trinkets, and more for this box! 


What You’ll Need:

- An empty box; small to medium in size

- Rose buds or rose petals

- Bay leaf

- Symbol of love (sigil, drawing, etc.)

- A small gemstone that you associate with love (rose quartz is recommended)

- Writing utensil

- Glue (hot glue is recommended)

- Jasmine or rose or ylang ylang essential oil

- Lighter or other contained source of flame

- Fire-safe dish

What To Do:

1. Prepare all of your items in one cleared space for working. 

2. Customize your box in any way that you choose, keeping some room for a symbol or sigil to be drawn. You can put beads, ribbon, string, etc. (I used some small decorative roses.) Once it is customized to your liking, write ‘love’ on your bay leaf and add the symbol or sigil representing love to your box. (I made a sigil from “I deserve love and love will come to me.”) 

3. After that, burn the bay leaf in a fire-safe dish until it is all ash. Once this is done, put the ash into the box. Bay leaves can be used to make wishes, so by writing your wish (in this case for love) onto the leaf and burning it, you’re utilizing intent to get what you wished for.

4. Now you can put your stone into the box with the ashes. 

5. Now you can throw in the rose petals or rose buds, or alternatively glue them to the bottom of the lid of your box for extra ‘oomph.’ (I glued three rosebuds to my lid.) Then, add one drop of your preferred essential oil to every rosebud or one for every three petals.

6. This is the last call for alterations and additional decor for your box. Once everything is as you want it, close the box and let it charge either under the full moon, the sun, or charge it with a crystal grid or energy work. 

7. Pick out the item you want charged and charmed inside the love-luring box, and make sure it’s something that you can either wear on your person or have in your pocket. (I chose a simple rose ring to keep the theme going.)

8. Leave the item you’ve chosen in the charging box for at least an hour, or if you’d like to keep it charged for longer, a full 24 hours. The less time it spends in the box, the more often you have to recharge it.

9. If you feel as though the box is losing its power, recharge it using the same method you chose in step #6.


Although this design was originally meant for romantic love, this box can be customized in many ways to achieve a similar but other intent. (Ex. pink or yellow rose petals/buds for love within friendship, ash of palm for love between family, etc.)


- Rose @ TerraBellaTarot

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Tea Leaf Symbols And Their Meanings

Courtesy of “Cottage Witchery - Natural Magick For Hearth And Home” by Ellen Dugan.

Anchor: travel
Bell: good news
Butterfly: happiness
Candle: illumination
Cat: secrets
Crescent Moon: Goddess and moon magick
Cup: emotions and psychic ability
Dog: loyalty
Egg: pregnancy
Eye: protection
Flower: happiness and admiration
Hand: help is on the way
Heart: love
House: security
Horse: stamina
Key: opportunity and knowledge
Ladder: promotion at work
Leaf: Green Man and earth magick
Question Mark: uncertainty
Ring: marriage
Snake: gossip and hurt feelings
Star: magick
Tree: good luck and success

the shinobi next door

rating: T
pairing: kakashi hatake/reader
warnings: none
summary: a series of one-shots centred around you and your mysterious shinobi neighbour.

author’s note: shameless re-post of a fic i posted a day ago (??). i wasn’t going to post it here as well as on ao3 but fuck it. enjoy! another thank you to my wonderful beta-reader Sao, @freedomaboveallelse, for putting up with me and not telling me to get a grip when i said i was posting this here again lolol <3<3


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Elemental Correspondence- Luck

Originally posted by graftheory

Tertiary Element
Jeweled Court Member: The Emerald God

Alcohol - Absinthe
Animals - Rabbits, Ladybug,
Astrology - Aquarius
Colors - Light Green, Silver, Gold, Rainbow
Crystals - Amber, Citrine, Jade
Emotions - Confident
Flower - Clover
Fruit - Kiwi, Kiwano, Banana
Herbs - Mint, Honeysuckle
Keywords - Unexpected, Fortune
Meme - Deal With It
Metal - Platinum
Musical Expression - Ukelele
Mythical Animal - Dwarves
Paint Swatches (Sherwin Williams) - Frosted Emerald (Sw9035)
Physical Expression - Personal Superstitions, crossed fingers
Sense - Chance
Symbol - Four Leaf Clover, Horse Shoe 

Other Luck Elements posts I’ve made:
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*These are my personal associations for The Elements, I am not looking for critique. You are free to use this for your own stuff, you do not have to ask me if you can use it. YMMV.