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Part 2 of the Cryptid-Style Pokemon, Chikorita! AKA: A really, really strange bird that smells nice.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Sweaters for Animal Crossing New Leaf! (part 1)

Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio! (Wait for the reblog for popplio! omg!)

Sorry for the late night post, I spent the last 4 hours off and on designing these and I just couldn’t wait any longer! xD This game is all I want right now and its eating me up inside just how much I want it ;A; gaah!

Somebody get me a Litten Sweater just like this please! xD <3

Just a quick height reference for some of the trainers and their Starter Pokemon girls. I based the picks on official artwork, though I wasn’t sure on Dawn’s Piplup, I saw one where she has a Infernape, along with Lucas and Barry, but I already had a “taller and slim” pokegirl with Bulbasaur, so I decided for a small and slim one for variety’s sake.

If you have suggestions for different picks, let me know! Serena will have a Fennekin, but I’m still deciding on one for Mizuki/Moon and Lyra. Same for the guys and rivals, I already have some ideas in mind, but let me know which ones are your favorites

Also it doesn’t have to be poke girls only, poke boys are okay too

Day 297 - Fushigisou | フシギソウ | Ivysaur

Fushigisou’s bulb becomes a bigger red flower bud. Even though it looks light, it’s actually quite heavy. It coils its opposable vines within the flower. They prefer to live in thick jungles.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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The serpent had known something was wrong with their mentor, that things were digressing down the wrong road at a rapidly destructive rate. Childhood memories compelled them all to give the man a chance, a second and third one- but even those had run out. And when Hiruzen drew his blade, aiming it at his once prized pupil, the viper hadn’t had much choice but to strike back. Of course, alone, he didn’t possess the ability to take down the man who taught him all he knew- and so, retreating, escaping, had been his only hope.

The snake had once informed his team of his concerns, and either they had not wanted to believe him, for the sake of their teacher, or they had maintained an air of professionalism until proper evidence was presented. Good enough evidence to actually take the man down. Now, the serpent finally had that. Summoning his team mates was the simple part, the black haired Sannin still keeping himself hidden from others eyes.

He may very well have been placed as a missing nin, may be a target under Hiruzens orders.

“Jiraiya, Tsunade,” the viper greets, his figure concealed, the location an abandoned medical ward. The pale shinobi had sent his summons to fetch the two other Sannin, so that they could finally know all he did as well. So that they could, in the same token, both assist and protect the serpent from their mentor. The experiments he had done, under the mans orders, the newest and most devilish requests, they all remained in a folder. And he extended that folder towards the other two shinobi. They could work the rest out on their own with this information.

“I think we’ve been discussing this long enough… you know why I’ve called you,” he states again, he is tired, has just fled their teacher. Only one wound remains, he shall ask Tsunade to heal him, but only once he is sure both of his friends are in agreement to this decision. This revelation. One does not fight Lord Third without some tragedy befalling them.