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town stamp collections~

I thought it would be fun to start a new thing for the AC community, where we trade stamps when we visit each other’s towns! Sort of like collecting postcards or souvenirs. It would be a fun way to encourage us to hop on the train more, and who doesn’t like collecting cute images?

Basically, you make an image. To be standardized, I was thinking 50 x 50 pixels is fair, although perhaps the community will evolve this to include other sizes. You could use your town flag, but anything that represents your town would be fine.

Then, when you’re visiting another player’s town, link them to your stamp and get theirs! Then, you can post them on your blog to remember your travels :) If the mayor has a tumblr or other site, you can link the image to their web presence so other people might visit.

I REALLY HOPE THIS CATCHES ON!! For a selfish reason: I want to collect stamps!


Steampunk Rose

I’ve been wanting to make this pendant for about a year now. When I received the gorgeous vintage handmade roses they took my breath away. Over time the metal has oxidised to a very subtle rainbow of colours. I’ve lightly dusted the rose with holographic dust to catch the eye as it moves around. For durability I mounted the rose in a tiny serrated teeth funnel and added a curved tubing as the stem. I had two tiny stamped leaf shape brass charms with raised dimples for more texture. Finally I used a three strand wire for the leaves so I could use one wire strand as tendrils. All are mounted to the solid brass bead “vase”. Available in my Etsy store here.  US$79 plus $7 postage.

town stamp updates

@seabasse​ had the great idea of tagging our stamp-related posts with “#acnl stamps” so we can find each other! I’m going to start doing that, I’d love it if you did as well!

Thank you all so much for participating, I’m excited to see this idea take off!

As always, you can check this post to learn more. I also added a stamp to start your collection (but please don’t take my aria town stamp unless you’ve visited my town).

@8bitrk-d had the idea of using stamps as prizes, so I was thinking we could have stamps for different things - visiting a dream town, winning a giveaway, etc.

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Tree laef rubber stamp


Had a magical afternoon in the studio today - and kind of fell in love with printmaking. Tested out my hand-carved palm leaf stamp and freshly mixed ink out on my sketchbook, some butchers paper and then finally imprinted the palms onto the project I’m working on at the moment (more on that later). I’m very excited!