leaf sanchez

“Uurp, Morty! Morty you-y-you gotta be the mayor now Morty. You gotta-you gotta run this town. You halfta make sure that these people get what they need Morty. Without you this whole place goes under, it-it-it just burns down, they run you outta town Morty. Then they beat you and dance over your grave. Don’t-don’t let their cute fac*URP*ade scare you, they’re vicious. You gotta run this town right Morty!”

“Ugh…Jeez Rick. Th-th-this seems like a lot of pressure to put on me. I-I-I just moved here. Y’know I thought this game was suppose to relax people but running a whole town…I-I don’t know the first thing about government Rick. I mean, I just have this shovel…I-I don’t know that I can do much besides digging holes. It seems like this job should go to someone more qualified”