leaf rubbings

101 Pen Pal Challenge

101 things to send you pen pal

1. Origami

2. Photo’s of you pets (or garden)

3. A Souvenir from your town/city (Post card, etc.)

4. Homemade bookmark

5. Collage of your favorite things

6. A recipe

7. A photo of the food you made with your friends recipe

8. Homemade pinwheel

9. A small gift from a cheap variety store or op-shop

10. A local tourist pamphlet

11. A poem

12. A button, a piece of ribbon, and some colored paper

13: Homemade card (using the above items from your friends)

14: Photo’s of your local area

15: A challenge or dare

16: Proof or results of challenge or dare

17. A blank coloring in page

18: Your finished coloring in page that your friend sent you

19: A playlist (saved on a disc, usb, tape, etc.)

20: A list of things you like about the other person

21: A “get well soon” kit for the times your friend gets sick

22: A piece of clothing or jewellery

23: A voice recording (saved on disc, usb, etc.)

24: A keyring

25: Your favorite quotes

26: Stickers

27: A newspaper cutting

28: A homemade friendship bracelet

29: A paper chatterbox

30: A list with a book, a movie, and a tv series for your friend to try

31: A paint hand print

32: A perfume sample

32: A selfie

33: A DIY craft pack

34: A questionnaire

35: Questionnaire results

36: A picture or art print of something you friend likes

37: A temporary tattoo

38: A photo of you with the temporary tattoo your friend sent

39: Some facts and pictures of your favorite animal

40: A coin or token (or coin rubbing)

41:  List of 3 foods you want your friend to try

42: Critique of the food you tried

43: A paper plane

44: An “open when you feel down” pack for your friend

45: Something weird you found (or bought)

46: A homemade crossword puzzle

47: Your bucket list

48: An acrostic name poem using your friend’s name

49: A souvenir from your country (Postcard, etc.)

50: A prank

51: A grocery shopping receipt

52: A small poster

53: A knitting or sewing pattern

54: Something you knitted/sewed

55: A playing card or game token

56: A comic

57: A piece of candy (or candy wrapping if unable to send food)

58: A fictional story

59: 21 Questions for you friend to answer

60: The answers to your friends 21 questions

61: A coded message or cipher

62: A photo of the sunset or sunrise you took

63: Homemade koinobori

64: Your local tv guide

66: A homemade finger puppet

67: A bunch of jokes and riddles

67: Something miniature

68: A flier for a local festival or event

69: A short home video (Saved on disk, usb, etc)

70: A picture of your oc or favorite character (drawn yourself or printed out)

71: Something yellow

72: A small flag from your state/country

73: A holiday item or cultural item (decoration, symbol, etc.)

74: An invitation to an online event (movie stream, online chat, etc)

75: A leaf rubbing

76: 5 photos of your favorite local places, animals or things

77: A novelty pen, pencil or eraser

78: 3 items or pictures that remind you of your friend

79: A cookie cutter

80: A photo of cookies you made using the cookie cutter your friend sent

81: A list of 10 things you love most, and 10 things you hate most

82: A good luck charm

83: A local story, myth or legend

84: A list of words in your local language, or a list of local slang words

85: A used move ticket or transport ticket

86: Either your countries national anthem, a local song, or a cultural song

87: Junk mail (brochure, advertisement, grocery pamphlet)

88: A list (with photos) of animals you often find in your home (insects, etc)

89: A collector’s card

90: A selfie of just after you woke up in the morning

91: A wish, promise, or prayer for your friend

92: Lyrics of a song you wrote, or of a song you like

93: A secret message written on the inside of your envelope

94: A small homemade kite

95: A recipe for a natural remedy

96: An article from a local magazine

97: A card signed by all your local family and friends greeting your friend

98: A photo of someone special (family, pets, friends)

99: A fitness challenge

100: A recording of outside sounds (Save on disc, usb, etc.)

101: A thankyou

Eclipse/New Moon Ritual 🌙

A ritual to gather power and renew oneself through the power of an eclipse or new moon.

🌙 gather: full moon water, amethyst, white and black candles, ribbon, bay leaf, and any other prefered crystals/artifacts of power, and a wand/athame.

🌙 perform ritual when the moon is present. Note: if during an eclipse, take appropriate eye-protection precautions (nasa-approved solar glasses, not regular sun glasses)

🌙 arrange the crystals/artifacts as points of a pentagram, or prefered/appropriate geometric shape.

🌙 place candles in the center, tied together with the ribbon.

🌙 light the white candle, use the bay leaf to transfer the light to the black candle.

🌙 let the bay leaf burn to ash on a fire safe plate.

🌙 ground with the moon:

the shadow cast over you allows you make you one with the dark, your own heavenly body afloat in the universe. You blend into the darkness, you are only your eyes. When you close them you become nothing. Between your stomach and your heart, you summon a spark, that grows inside you. It burns away the emptiness and fills you to the brim, until you are whole again.

🌙ground until the ashes are cooled, then crumble the leaf between fingers and rub ash into hands.

🌙 reach for the moon. Feel its power spreading into you. (This is the time for eye protection, if youre going to be looming at the moon)

🌙 extinguish the candles and wash hands in the full moon water. It does not charge you, because you are already brim-full.

Ideas for your Grimoire or               Book Of Shadows
  • Leaf Rubbings 
  • Pressed flowers
  • Sketches of Crystals, Herbs, Flowers, ect.
  • Correspondences for Crystals and there magickal properties.
  • Correspondences for Herbs and there magickal properties.
  • Sketches of the constellations as well as there correspondences.
  • Jot down your dreams and what they mean to you (or make a dream diary separate from your BOS/Grimoire).
  • Altar diagrams
  • Candle Correspondences. 
  • Keep track of the Lunar cycle and write down what each phase means to you and which phase is best to do which spell/ritual.
  • A list of deities you incorporate into your practices.  
  • Whatever sacred days you participate in and what you do to honor them.
  • About your beliefs.
  • About the path you follow.
  • Prayers
  • Chants
  • Information on the elements and there correspondences.
  • Herbalisim
  • Divination practices
  • Tarot readings
  • Runes
  • Recipes
  • Healing salves 
  • Potions
  • Teas 
  • Spells
  • Other religious teachings that inspire you.
  • Communicating with spirits and writing down there messages.
  • Any psychic practices or studies
  • The angels you incorporate in your craft.
  • Astrology
  • Your zodiac. Maybe monthly horoscopes?
  • How to garden by the phases of the moon.                                                                                                                                                                   Feel free to add to this list if I missed something.                                       ==Moonlight Academy==
Using Flower and Leaf Printing in Your Practice

Flower printing is a fun little project that can be done on multiple surfaces. It can also be turned into a spell depending on the correspondences of the flowers and leaves that you use to make the image. This is an especially fun craft during the Autumn season, with all of the leaves falling from the trees. Today we are going to be covering three different methods of creating these prints.

Leaf Rubbings

What You’ll Need:

  • Colored Pencils or Crayons
  • Leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Paper
  • Blue painters tape

This is probably the most simple version of leaf printing. What you’ll want to do is turn the leaves over to their backs which is the part that has the most texture. Arrange the leaves in a visually pleasing design that also furthers the purpose of your spell.

Place the paper over the leaves and tape down. Take your colored pencil or crayon and using the side (as opposed to the tip) shade over the entire page. The imprint of the leaf or flower should show up in a darker value of the color you are using.

*Bonus* If you are using a particularly delicate leaf or flower (like a rose) you may get an imprint of the actual color of the plant on the back of your paper because of the pressure you used to do the rubbing.

This project is best used with paper. You could try experimenting with fabric if you would like, but I’ve gotten my best results with paper.

Watercolor Printing

What You’ll Need:

  • Various colors of watercolor
  • Thick paper
  • Leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Brushes
  • Container with water
  • Paper towel

First, you’ll want to activate the colors you are going to use by dripping some water into them.

There are two options for these prints. You can either get the silhouette of the leaf or the details of the leaf. The silhouette method is the easiest - you place the leaf on your paper a paint on and around the leaf. When you lift it up, you should have a white silhouette of leaf on the paper.

For the detail method, you will paint the leaf on the veiny side. Make sure to coat the leaf completely and that your paint isn’t too watery - if it is you’ll just end up with a blob. When your leaf is coated press it into your paper like a stamp. When you feel that you have rubbed it enough to get an imprint lift and see your creation.

This project also works well on paper. I have never tried it on fabric but that might be interesting to try. Wood might also be an interesting surface to try this on.

Hammer Printing

What You’ll Need:

  • Hammer
  • Leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Wood surface
  • Paper towels
  • Paper or fabric

Position your flowers and leaves on the paper or fabric. Make sure that your paper or fabric is on a wooden surface like a cutting board. This ensures you do not damage your work surface. Place the paper towels over the leaves and begin to hammer. You will be able to tell that getting close to ready when the pigment of the flowers and leaves begins to bleed through the paper towel.

When you believe that your print is ready gently lift paper towel and leftover leaf bits. Repeat as necessary. This would be a fun project to try on fabric to make a tapestry or even something wearable! If you do try making something wearable I would recommend handwashing in a gentle cleanser like Woolite so the flower stains do not get washed out.

anonymous asked:

Hi! For a Klance prompt, Lance or Keith (your pick) gets infected by some alien thing that makes them tell the truth so they admit their feelings for the other person, but after being 'cured' they don't remember doing it? thanks!

For sure! Hope you like it :D

           “Lance, what are you doing – get away from that!” Keith grabbed the back of Lance’s armor and hauled him backward as the flower exploded a white puff in his face, making Lance sneeze violently. He rubbed the residue off his face, inspecting the white smear it left on his glove.

           “It’s just pollen,” he shrugged. Keith glared at him.

           “Do you know how many people are allergic to Earth pollen? Who knows what alien pollen might do to you?” Lance rolled his eyes.

           “You’re being dramatic. Look, I’m fine. I feel better than ever.” Keith narrowed his eyes.

           “Let’s just keep moving,” he said, shifting his grip on his bayard. “We can probably find a cave in those cliffs up there, hole up there for the night, try and contact the team again in the morning.” Lance nodded.

           “After you,” he said, gesturing grandly. Keith just rolled his eyes and set off, hacking a particularly thorny branch away with his sword.

           They made it to a shallow, unoccupied cave in the cliff face with about an hour to spare before sunset and managed to build a fire before it got too dark to see. They negotiated guard duty and Keith got first watch, leaving Lance to stretch out and go to sleep beside the fire. Except, in typical Lance fashion, he started to talk instead.

           “I’ve never built a fire before. I never thought I would have to,” he said. Keith groaned quietly.

           “Lance, we’ve got a long night ahead of us. You should really try to get some sleep.”

           “I never went camping as a kid. My family didn’t have the money to make a trip like that.”

           “You can tell me about it later. If you absolutely must,” he added under his breath. “Just please be quiet.”

           “We thought it was fancy when they managed to take us out to dinner and a movie. That was a big day. There were four of us plus my parents, and that’s a lot of kids to pay for, so we couldn’t do it very often. But camping was never an option. My sister really wanted to do it. She begged my parents for months. But they wouldn’t let her. It was pretty awful to watch how crushed she was, but to tell the truth, I thought she was being selfish.”

           “Lance?” Keith asked. There was something off about Lance’s voice. It sounded too flat and monotone, as if he wasn’t actually hearing what he was saying. Lance continued as if he hadn’t heard Keith.

           “She knew they couldn’t afford to take all of us, so either she wanted to get special treatment and go without us, or she was just being a whiny brat and harassing my parents because she got fed up with having no money all the time. I got fed up too, we all did. She could have sucked it up like the rest of us.”

           “Lance.” There was definitely something wrong. Lance never talked about his family like this. Certainly not to Keith, at any rate. He sprung to his feet and walked over to where Lance was flat on his back, eyes glassy and unfocused, staring at the ceiling.

           “Of course I still love her but God did she get on my nerves when we were kids sometimes. But I don’t really think about that these days because I’m so homesick. I just think about all the perfect times we had together. You don’t understand it, you know. I don’t think anyone else on the ship understands how close I am to my family and how much I hate being here sometimes. At least Pidge is trying to get her family back. Voltron just keeps me further away. But you especially don’t understand because you don’t have any family.” Keith slapped Lance hard across the face.

           “Snap out of it!” he growled. “What the hell is…?” He bent closer. Something was glowing faintly white on the edges of Lance’s nostrils. The flower. It had infected him or something, and now he was talking without any kind of filter. “I told you that alien pollen was bad news,” he groaned, rubbing his forehead. Lance’s eyes were still just as glassy as before. He barely seemed to register the fact that he had been slapped.

           “It makes me miserable how much you hate me,” he said. Keith, in the middle of searching for some kind of leaf or cloth or anything he could use to try and scrape the gunk off Lance’s nose, paused.

           “You think I hate you?” he asked.

           “Yes,” Lance said. He started at receiving a direct answer and slowly turned back to Lance.

           “Why do you think I hate you?”

           “Because you’re so much better than me, and I annoy you by trying to compete with you. You know you can win so it’s a waste of your time.” Keith sat down heavily.

           “Lance, no. That’s not… that’s not…”

           “Of course I realized recently that the real reason I want to compete with you is because I want you to notice me,” he continued, “because I’ve had an awful crush on you since the Garrison. I thought I just wanted people to think I could be as good as you, but the real issue is that I like you a lot and I’m terrified of you finding out because I know you’ll just laugh at me.” Keith covered his ears.

           “I don’t want to hear this,” he moaned. “Lance, please, stop talking.”

           “I think you’re the most talented and beautiful person I’ve ever met and I started fantasizing about kissing you about two months ago. I even love the mullet even though I still think it’s ridiculous that you have it. I keep flirting with aliens to distract myself but I only do it because I know I won’t have any success. I don’t want to actually date anyone but you.” Keith’s head was between his knees. He wasn’t supposed to be hearing this. It wasn’t fair the way Lance’s confession made his heart speed up in his chest, made him think of the times they’d both caught each other staring lately, made him remember Lance saving his life on their most recent mission and brushing it off like it was nothing. It wasn’t fair to Lance. “I think I might love you, Keith, and I’ve cried twice about the fact that you could never love me back.” Lance’s speech ceased abruptly, leaving a few seconds of silence. “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep now,” he announced, and closed his eyes. Keith heaved a sigh of relief, coming over with a leaf to rub away the white residue on his nose. He dropped a hand on Lance’s shoulder.

           “You do that, Lance,” he said. “You do that.”


           Lance woke up to morning light groggy and with the worst crick in his neck he’d ever had. He sat up, yawned, and noticed Keith sitting at the edge of the cave, staring off into the woods. He frowned.

           “Dude, why didn’t you wake me up for guard duty?” he asked. “Have you been sitting there awake all night?” Keith jumped at the sound of Lance voice, turned to look at him, and scrambled to his feet.

           “Lance!” he said. “Are you… You seem normal?” Lance blinked.

           “Yeah, why… why wouldn’t I be?” Keith hovered uncertainly, unsure whether or not to move forward.

           “Do… do you not… do you remember last night?”

           “Yeah, we planned for guard duty, you said you’d wake me up in a few hours, and then you just never did! Come on, man, let people help you sometimes, you’re going to be exhausted now.” Keith bit his lip.

           “So… nothing else?” Lance stared.

           “What happened?”

           “Nothing!” Keith said hurriedly. His cheeks were slightly red for some reason. “I… I tried to wake you up but I couldn’t. You were too sound asleep. So yeah, I’ve been awake all night, asshole.” The insult was only half-hearted and didn’t really seem to land. Lance blinked.

           “Okay,” he said. “Well, we probably better see if we can’t find a way to signal the castle. It looked like there were settlements further up the cliff, let’s see if we can find some alien friends.” Keith nodded in agreement, heading to stamp out the fire. As Lance gathered his Paladin armor, he kept glancing sideways at his rival and his friend, wondering what had really happened last night – and why Keith was lying.

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🌟Stars Guide Me Home Spell🌟

a celestial spell for when you are feeling lost and need a sense of direction in your life

🌟 gather: a sight of Polaris, a magnet, dandelion, and a bay leaf.

🌟 gently invoke the influence of Polaris, the North Star using its symbol 

🌟 draw the symbol on the magnet

🌟 under the starlight, burn the dandelion and bay leaf

🌟 rub the ash on the magnet. keep the magnet on your person as a charm.

🌟 wait for signs of guidance from polaris using the magnet. 

Ideas for Book Of shadows

Ideas for your Grimoire or Book Of Shadows
*Leaf Rubbings
*Pressed flowers
*Sketches of Crystals, Herbs, Flowers, ect.
*Correspondences for Crystals and there magickal properties.
*Correspondences for Herbs and there magickal properties.
*Sketches of the constellations as well as there correspondences.
*Jot down your dreams and what they mean to you (or make a dream diary *separate from your BOS/Grimoire).
*Altar diagrams
*Candle Correspondences.
*Keep track of the Lunar cycle and write down what each phase means to you and which phase is best to do which spell/ritual.
*A list of deities you incorporate into your practices.  
*Whatever sacred days you participate in and what you do to honor them.
*About your beliefs.
*About the path you follow.
*Information on the elements and there correspondences.
*Divination practices
*Tarot readings
*Healing salves
*Other religious teachings that inspire you.
*Communicating with spirits and writing down there messages.
*Any psychic practices or studies
*The angels you incorporate in your craft.
*Your zodiac. Maybe monthly horoscopes?
*How to garden by the phases of the moon


~Day 14 of Halloween! Again late! Don’t hate me!~

Kozik’s POV

CRASH, the mirror exploded into a million pieces as I accidentally dropped it and the whole clubhouse went silent. A couple prospects started cleaning up the mirror and I sighed as I went to grab myself a beer.

“Dude, you just got yourself 7 years of bad luck.” Tig chuckled as he came up to me.

“Fuck off.” I laughed and pushed him playfully. We started heading back to the couches and I tripped over my shoelaces, I had managed to catch myself but I spilled my beer all over my white shirt.

“See! Already starting.” Tig laughed and went to the couch as I grumbled and went to my dorm. I pulled my kutte then my shirt off and as I was walking around my room, I ran into the side of my bedside table. The corner just barely missing my dick and I groaned loudly.

“Fuck!” I growled and sat on my bed gripping my thigh. This shit had nothing to do with me breaking that mirror, just a coincidence. I am really clumsy if dropping that mirror was any clue to that. I groaned as I felt a headache coming on and decided to just go to sleep for the night.

~A week later~

This week had been the week from hell, literally. There was no other way to describe the week I had. First, my bike had been scratched by some douche outside of the store. I was so pissed that I ended up kicking my bike and knocking it over, causing the headlight to smash into pieces. Second, one of the prospects messed up all of my laundry, besides my kutte that lucky wasn’t being washed, and everything ended up being shrunk. Last and certainly the worst, the place I get my hair done at decided to try this treatment and the treatment caused my hair to go this ugly ass pinkish orange color.

I walked into the clubhouse after that and everyone was in there, because why the fuck not? Right!? Everyone was silent as the just stared at me hair that was until Happy busted out laughing. He started laughing so hard that he caused the crow on his lap to fall onto the ground in a very ungraceful way.

“Yeah, I’m glad you find this funny, jackass.” I growled and after my outburst, everyone joined in on the laughing and I was pissed. I stomped off to my dorm and slammed the door shut which caused a picture on my dresser to fall and break. I sighed and laid down on my bed, putting my arm over my eyes as I willed myself not to cry.

Someone knocked on the door and I yelled at them to fuck off. That person ignored me and opened my door anyways. I just growled at the person and completely ignored them, they’d go away.

“I think I can help you.” Tig said as he sat on the bed.

“Tig, just go away.” I told him.

“I had Juice look up ways to break curses and I think it could help you.” Tig told me and I looked at him curiously.

“How?” I asked quietly.

“All you have to do is find three four leaf clovers to rub on your hands, a rabbit’s foot to hang around your neck, and you have to fix the mirror you broke which I took the pieces out of the trash for you.” Tig told me and I sat up.

“That shouldn’t be too hard…” I said with the first real smile I’ve had for a week. I sat up and got up. “Okay so, the park should have four leaf clovers!” I thought about ways to get the things I needed. Rabbit’s foot, I could have Juice order me one then Tig said he had the mirror pieces. I could be fixed by the end of the tomorrow!

I started walking out of the room without Tig and he ran after me. He was yelling at me and trying to slow me down but I was making my way out of the clubhouse. That was until Tig yanked me back by my collar.

“Kozik! It will take you forever to find three four leaf clovers by yourself! At least take some goddamn prospects with you.” Tig yelled at me.

“Fine, just tell Juice to order me a fucking Rabbit’s foot.” I said then I yelled at two prospects to follow me.

~4 hours later~

All three of us were covered in dirt and sweat but we finally found all three and as soon as we did I rubbed them anywhere and everywhere that I could on my hands. The prospects were contemplating what the hell their lives were as I frantically rubbed the three tiny clovers on my hands.

After that we made our way back to the clubhouse, exhausted. Everyone was still up but I think most were too afraid to ask what the hell I’d been up to. Tig was the only one that came over to me as the prospects disappeared to go take showers.

“Juice ordered your rabbit’s foot and had it express mailed or something. Should be here tomorrow.” Tig told me and I nodded sleepily.

“Okay… I’ll fix the mirror tomorrow too. For now, I got to sleep.” I patted his shoulder then went to take a shower and pass out for the night. I woke up the next morning sore but so ready to have this curse over.

I went to Tig’s room and got the pieces of the mirror, I brought them back to my room and started hot gluing it together. Tig dropped off the rabbit’s foot which happened to be pink, guess it matches my hair, I shrugged as I put it around my neck and continued working on the mirror. It took all day but I almost had it complete, just one more piece. I reached into the bag and came up with nothing, I looked at it confused. What? There’s got to be another piece, I only had one more to go.

I frantically looked inside the bag, tipped it over, and shook it, still I found nothing. I couldn’t help it, I broke down and started crying, after everything that I had been through the past week it was the only thing I could do. Tig started laughing hard at the doorway and I stopped crying to look at him.

“Oh fuck… This was funny as hell!” Tig said between laughs.

“What?” I asked confused while wiping tears away.

“Fooling you into thinking you were cursed.” Tig explained with a smirk and I froze.

“What do you mean fooling me into thinking I was cursed?” I asked with a bit of a growl to my voice.

“I paid a guy to scratch your bike, then I blackmailed that prospect to wash your clothes too hot, and then I bribed your hairdresser chick into giving you that fabulous new do.” Tig said as he held up the last piece to the mirror. “Did you know she’s into some real freaky shit?”

“I am… going to… kill you!” I snarled as I lunged at Tig. His eyes got huge and he started running through the clubhouse as I screamed cuss words and homicidal phrases at him.


@ilikechocolatemilkh Thank you!!!!







Rising of the Gods: Part 1

Gif credits goes to Admin Smuttyfairy

Summary: Above the mortals live the gods. The gods provide and tend to the humans, their loyal subjects below them on Earth. Namjoon, god of sky and ruler of the Olympian gods, realizes the humans neglect the gifts they are given and he needs a solution. When Yoongi, the god of the Underworld, suggests to punish the humans with brute force it causes a rift between the gods.

Genre: Greek gods!AU, fluff, eventual angst

Word Count: 1436

Member: Hoseok as Apollo, God of the Sun

Written by: Admin Wangfairy

Requested by: @wendzkells here.

A/N: This is my first time doing a series I’ll try my best and I hope you like it please be patient with the next chapter, I’ll try to write it soon. Thank you for reading ♡

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🌟Stars Guide Me Home Spell🌟

a celestial spell to bring home those that are lost, in a physical or emotional sense, for what is lost and or when you need a sense of direction in your life

🌟 gather: a sight of Polaris, a compass, dandelion, and a bay leaf.

🌟 gently invoke the influence of Polaris, the North Star using its symbol

🌟 draw the symbol on the compass

🌟 under the starlight, burn the dandelion and bay leaf

🌟 rub the ash on the compass. 

🌟 keep the compass as a charm, over something of yours, or something of the one you want to come home. 

🌟 wait for signs of guidance from polaris using the compass.

Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Beans

Used in curing warts – “A schoolteacher in Barry county, Missouri, believes that the best way to get rid of warts is to rub them with a green bean leaf until each wart looks green and then go to bed without washing your hands. Another common theory is that it is only necessary to touch a wart with nine beans and then throw the beans one at a time over the right shoulder.” ~Randolph OMF 129

“Cure a wart by rubbing a kidney bean on it, and it will go away.” ~Parler FBA III 3536

“…a green bean leaf rubbed on a wart several times a day will cure a wart.” ~Parler FBA III 3537

“To remove a wart, cut a bean in half. Throw half away, rub the wart with the other half, put it under a rock and don’t look back at the rock.” ~Parler FBA III 3567

“Take beans and rub over warts, throw the beans into a well, and the warts will go away.” ~Parler FBA III 3568

“Bruise string bean leaves, rub on wart, secretly hide leaves under an old brick, when leaves rot the warts disappear.” ~Parler FBA III 3569

White lima bean for fever – “To cure a fever, split a big white lima bean and place it over each temple. This kills the fever.” ~Parler FBA II 2219

Superstitions about beans - “It is an old item of British folklore that beans contain the souls of the departed. In folk art the bean shape is frequently associated with death…The superstitions of Britain were carried into the Ozarks in the early days and continued as a part of the folkways…” ~Rayburn OFE A-1 “Accidents”

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

Rayburn, Otto Ernest Ozark Folk Encyclopedia (OFE)

Peppermint is one of my favorite herbs

Mint in general is absolutely amazing for healing, and I have yet to meet a mint I didn’t think was tasty. 

Peppermint specifically is my favorite though, because it can be used to help with nearly every ailment, and is a wonderful addition to a variety of food and drink recipes. 
It, like most mints, is wonderful when applied topically to the forehead to relieve headaches, and when ingested helps with relieving stomach pain and nausea (best diluted or in a tea when you’re nauseous). I personally think it’s the best mint to use for healing, and not just headaches or nausea. It has often been worn on the wrist to prevent illness in the first place. 
Peppermint can help with mental focus and psychic powers, is used in purification, aids with sleep, is often an ingredient in love spells, and, of course, it heals. So if you have a headache, rub it on your forehead. Need help sleeping? Smell that beautiful minty goodness, either just by rubbing a leaf or two around your hands, putting dried mint in a satchel and crunching it around, or using essential oils in some kind of vaporizer. Chew on a leaf when you need help focusing! The uses never end!

The best part is that it can be used in place of most common mints because it is so close in relation to them. Peppermint is perfect for the witch, herbalist, or even bartender in a pinch.

(Did I mention that peppermint makes for a damned good mojito?)

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how i make armor look weathered or whatever

a really technical tutorial for cosplay.

so like, let’s say you want to make some really shitty-looking darker armor like i did for blackwall. i made all of this crap out of eva foam, het it up with a heat gun, sealed it with some PVA glue, and then like, i sprayed it with a few coats of black plastidip and let it dry. blah blah blah this isn’t a tutorial about any of those steps so let’s say you already done did that shit and now you are at the painting stage. oh shit now what??

here is you a piece of armor. this particular piece is uh the thing that goes on the calf. greave??? sure, that sounds right. i don’t have time for google.

1. STEP ONE- I have this really neat stuff called “rub n buff” that is some kind of waxy substance that is metal colors. rub it on shit and that shit will look like metal!!! then you can buff it later and it’ll get shinier. it comes in a bunch of colors, but what i’m using in this step is “pewter” which is harder to find than some of the other colors. I get it from amazon, whereas the others can be found at hobby lobby, michaels, jerrys artarama, etc.

anyway, i squeeze a little of this crap on to the surface of the black plastidip and let it dry out a minute or two, and then I just kind of rub it around randomly and try and get it to look like hammer strikes on metal.  the reason i let it dry a bit is because if i don’t, sometimes the gradation will be too smooth and it doesn’t look the way i want. don’t let it dry too long, though, or it won’t smear and then you’ll just have random raised spots. also yes my keyboard is gross, leave me alone i know i need to clean it. i need to clean my whole house. stop judging me i’m an artiste.

2. STEP 2- here’s what this whole thing looks like after i smear it around and whatever. you can see on the section second from the bottom, that thing that looks like a tear is where i let the rub n buff dry too long before i spread it around. I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT and that’s why. right now this doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t look super great, either. note that i left areas that are dark, mostly where edges or corners are.

3. STEP 3- this is where all those years attempting to learn how to digitally paint come in handy for me. i have two brushes for this: one of those foam brush things, and a large flat brush. I dip the flat brush into some flat black acrylic paint (whatever the cheapest stuff you can find is) and then i do a bunch of strokes like this.

i’m going to put the rest of this under the cut because it’s long as fuck

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oppaships  asked:

Can I please get a Prince!Taeyong (nct) AU if you write for them? :)

ofc i lOVE NCT

  • was banished because some nasty jealous person started a horrid rumor about him so his parents had to send him outside the bounds of the city 
  • so taeyong finds himself wandering through the woods, the only thing he has is a bag of food and like the expensive fur he owns as a prince
  • but ofc there’s a prince in the forest so on the first night a group of bandits ransacks him for the fur and jewelry he has on and he comes out with like a bloody lip and scars on his knuckles
  • and he likes leans against a tree and he’s like “im gonna die.” 
  • but you find him as you’re picking medical herbs to sell back in town and you’re like wait………isn’t that……..that handsome face………..the prince???
  • and you rush over and you’re like oh my god oh my god oh MY God prince????? are you ok??? and taeyong barely opens his eyes and he’s like “is this he-he-heaven? am i - dead?” and you’re like 
  • adfkhjow what NO wAIT you’re BLEEDINg give ME a second
  • and you like rip some cloth from your scarf and use it to wrap up his wounds and luckily you know a thing or two about using plants as medicine and you’re like “listen im going to rub this leaf on your eye, but trust me it’s to make sure there’s no infection.” and so that’s how you end up taking care of beat up prince taeyong in the middle of the damn forest
  • and like you bring him back to your little cabin outside of the city gates and he’s explaining to you what happened and you’re like oh my god,,im sorry and he just smiles really shyly and is like
  • “thank you for not leaving me to die.” and you’re like “how could i, you’re my prince??” and he’s like chuckling sadly like “not anymore…” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,”well in my heart you’ll always be my prince.”
  • and taeyong looks at you like,,,,,,,,,,really? and you’re like ahfsokwoe nOT lIKE THAT I MEANT LOYALTY TO MY PEOPLe but also ok maybe like that he’s cute bye 
Collide part 11

A/N: This is the last chapter! I hope everyone liked it!

This changes between Bucky and Alice’s POV throughout.

Again, swearing but no other warnings really. 

Bucky came to awareness almost immediately, for a couple of gut wrenching moments he couldn’t work out where he was. Who he was.
In a rush, his memories came back up to date.

Clutching his head in pain, he sat up.
“Alice?” Looking around, his heart started to pound when he couldn’t see her. Alice’s side of the bed was messed up though, maybe she had just gotten up a few minutes earlier?
“Alice?” He called again louder this time. Throwing his legs over the side of the bed he spotted the clock that now read 9.10. Only an hour? Why the hell aren’t we still asleep?
Shaking his head to try and clear the fog, he stood up and rushed out of the room.
Looking around he spotted Alice at the sink. For a brief moment he settled, seeing her okay calmed him. His brain caught up with his eyes a second later though and he ran to her when he realised that she wasn’t okay, she was bent over the sink and heaving but nothing was coming up.
Once he reached her, he started rubbing her back.
Alice was shaking like a leaf and rubbing her fist over her heart, with bright eyes she looked up at him and she stumbled back “I-I’m sick Bucky, don’t get too close.”
Alice’s face was deathly pale, her teeth were chattering. Shit! What the hell brought this on?!
Ignoring her, Bucky threw his arm underneath her legs and carried her back, bridal style, to the bed. Placing her on it, he knelt on the floor next to her “What’s happened Alice? Is it because you only slept an hour? Did you dream again?”
Alice gave a hysterical sounding laugh but started to breathe a bit calmer even as she was still shaking and rubbing her heart “N-no, I um…I must have eaten something strange. I think it’s just that…t-the last time I was sick was because…the lab a-and it’s kind of f-freaking me out.”
Bucky was too busy trying to hold back the fury that he felt when she mentioned the lab to notice that Alice’s eyes were bright with unshed tears, or that she wasn’t meeting his eyes.
“I’m okay love, please, just hold me a minute okay?”

Bucky was panicking too much to listen to the desperation in her voice “I will doll, just let me go out and get you something okay? You need something to settle your stomach and to bring your fever down.”
Alice squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head violently “No! Please, you can’t go out!”
“I’m fine Alice and you’re not! Look, I’ll only be gone for 20 minutes, let me take care of you okay? You need to get better. I can’t believe that this came on so quick.”
Pushing herself up on the bed so she was sat up, Alice threw her head in her hands and started to tug on her hair “It’s too dangerous, please don’t go.”
Completely frustrated and unable to work out why she was so dead set against him getting her any medication Bucky grabbed Alice’s wrists and gently pulled then away from her hair “Stop it Alice, even someone as strong as you needs to be taken care of every once in a while. Please, let me help you. I promise I won’t be gone long.”
Looking absolutely miserable, Alice looked at him for a long moment. Next thing he knew, she had launched herself at him in a bone crushing hug, with her face turned into his neck she begged “Please, please be careful. Wear your gloves and maybe sunglasses? Keep your face completely hidden. If you get caught because of me…”
Bewildered, Bucky just nodded his head and returned the hug even though he was careful to be gentle with her.
Alice let go and lay back on the bed, she still looked awful, her face was way too pale and she had felt far too hot and she was still rubbing her chest.

To Bucky, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, he knew he didn’t deserve her after what he had done, but now that he had found her and she had fallen for him too? Bucky would hold onto her no matter what.

Unable to bear it any longer, Bucky leant over her and kissed her quickly then leant his forehead against hers “Don’t worry so much Alice, I’ll be back before you know it. You can have your medicine, we can curl up on the couch and watch a movie. You heal really quickly anyway don’t you? You’ll be fine in a few hours. Please don’t worry about me, just rest.”
Alice’s green eyes seemed so much brighter than usual, and they were so sad.
Taking a deep breath Alice nodded her head and whispered “Okay.”
Bucky grabbed his jacket and gloves and pulled his boots on “See you in 20 minutes okay?”
Before he could leave Alice spoke up again “I love you so much Bucky. I’m sorry about…about feeling this way.”
Looking down at her, Bucky felt his heart swell with what he felt for her “I love you too doll. I would do anything for you, same as what you would do for me right?” Smiling as he left the apartment, he was too preoccupied with thoughts about what pharmacy was closest to notice how Alice’s face had crumpled at his words.


“Please, please don’t make me do this!”
Alive was begging. Sat alone on the bed in the flat she shared with the love of her life, she was begging herself to not let her leave. To let her stay.
You can’t stay. You will never get this finished if you stay with him. You love him too much, he will always come first for you from now on.
“I can make this work, I can talk to him!”
NO! You know I’m right. And you know you don’t have a lot of time left. Make this choice Alice. Do your duty.
“I hate you! I hate being a Slayer! I never asked for any of this! I just wanted to be free.” Alice’s heart felt like it was breaking, like it was burning in her chest. She couldn’t just walk away, there had to be another option. Bucky would never forgive her if she just left.
Your first duty is, was and will always be to protect those who cannot protect themselves. You brought those creatures here. It is you scared duty to end this. Bucky will be angry. But you will survive and you can find him. Make him understand. Make your choice Alice.
After Bucky had left, the voice in her head had become clearer. Maggie’s voices was ordering her. And Maggie had always been right. Every time.
Alice stood up. Grabbed the bag with the orbs, cash and her Scythe inside. Alice walked to the kitchen. A few minutes later, Alice had done what she had had to do.
Alice ran from the flat.


Bucky had been gone 15 minutes, he had gotten turned around and missed where the nearest pharmacy was. Doubling back on himself he found the place that he was looking for. Walking in, he kept his head down as Alice had asked him, he walked past a display of newspapers towards the medicine section that he needed.
An alarm bell started ringing in his head, looking around he tried to spot what the threat was and after a minute, decided that there was no one lethal in the vicinity. Stood stock still, Bucky’s eyes continued to scan to try and work out what had caused the panic in him, spotting the newspapers again, his legs carried him there before he could think about why.
He was staring at them, trying to spot what had his heart rate spiking when a voice piped up “Excuse me, could you pass me the paper young man?”
Looking up, Bucky saw the elderly man holding his hand out impatiently at him. Grabbing the nearest paper Bucky made to hand it over but, then he saw it.
No, it’s Tuesday. We didn’t sleep for 24 hours, I’ve never willingly slept that long..
“Are you okay kid? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
“No. Um, is that correct? Is it really Wednesday?”
Bucky kept his head down as he asked but his hands started to shake Please no…
The old man looked suspiciously at Bucky, “You been drinking son?”
Shaking his head, Bucky attempted a smile, technically he had a good few years on this guy, but he didn’t want to be rude for no reason. “No sir. My…girlfriend has been sick. She’s been up for the last couple of days, guess I just got the days messed up.” He was still confused as to why the lost day would cause him to panic so much. Suddenly, he knew he should be back home, Alice didn’t need this medicine as much as he had thought. But she had been sick. So why am I so worried?
“That’s good, taking care of your girl like that. My wife, God rest her soul, I would’ve done anything like that for her too. I hope she gets better soon kid.”
Muttering a quick thank you Bucky grabbed a paper that was on the top shelf. The front cover announced that 4 people had gone missing over the last 2 nights.
Oh no. Alice, please don’t do what I think you’ve done.
Throwing the paper to the floor, Bucky ran out of the shop.
Running far too fast, causing people to stare, Bucky flew over the sidewalk. Thinking back over what Alice had been like, what she had said, Bucky couldn’t help but think the worst. That she already knew, and she had panicked.
Forcing himself even faster, Bucky made it back in a scarily short amount of time.
Barely winded, he ran up the stairs to the door.
Please please please please
Throwing the door wide open, Bucky ran into the apartment. Going straight to her bedroom and hoping, praying, that he was wrong, that she would still be in bed, still look ill. She would be angry, she would probably be terrified about him running that fast in public and refuse to let him back out again. Alice was strong though, she would get better without the medicine. And she would be here, she would be safe with him.
Holding onto that thought, Bucky opened the bedroom door.
And felt his heart stop.
Running over to the bed, he started throwing the covers everywhere, She’s not here, she’s not HERE!
He ran out of the room, looked in his old room, the bathroom, kitchen, living room NOTHING.
Suddenly, he spotted a piece of paper on the counter in the kitchen. Walking slowly, as if in a dream, or in a nightmare, Bucky bent to pick it up.


I am so sorry. I caused 11 more people to die, by being with you.
I love you so much, you have no idea how much you mean to me.
But I HAVE to do this on my own. I can’t let anyone else die because I was selfish and wanted some happiness of my own.
Try to understand. The fact that you are more important to me than all the innocent people that are dying scares me. This isn’t their fault, or yours. It’s mine. I need to end this.
This was my life long before you. It’s who I am. It’s the only thing I can be.
Please don’t track me down.

I love you.


What the fuck was she talking about? There was only four people missing. On a growl, Bucky launched himself towards that god forsaken laptop. Sure enough, there was that website, stating in bold goddamn letters, that there was actually 11 people who had died since Monday.
Feeling murderous, Bucky threw the laptop into the wall where it shattered. That stupid theorist had scared Alice into leaving. There was no proof. She had just assumed that the information in front of her face was accurate.
But why didn’t she wait for me? Why leave?
Bucky read the note over and over, trying to find meaning in it. Alice had left him. To do a suicide mission by herself.
Too much. Too much.
Falling to his knees, Bucky held his head in his hands.
He wanted to find her and scream in her face, shake some goddamn sense into her, but “tracking her down” wasn’t something he could do. When he had found her it was because he had followed her. Bucky had figured out pretty quickly that Alice was far too reliant on the extra abilities that she had to protect her. It was something that Bucky had wanted to teach her, to be more observant of the dangerous people that were everywhere in this dimension.
Alice didn’t even exist here, how could he find her?
I would’ve done anything for you Alice. How could you leave me like this?
Bucky shook his head. And yelled until his voice gave out.


Alice had found shelter at the docks. Holding the Scythe, she tried to draw on the power that she could usually sense from it, but…nothing.
Her chest felt empty. It’s not that her heart felt broken or even that it felt shattered. Her heart wasn’t even there anymore, she had left it in their flat.

Alice had taken the money and the orbs along with the Scythe, she would find somewhere to sell them as soon as possible.
Alice had considered leaving what was left of the cash for Bucky, but some dark calculating part of her knew that if she kept it, it would seal another nail in the coffin of their relationship. Bucky needed reasons to stay away.

Alice’s head pounded from the back of her neck all the way around her skull. A large part of her wanted to run back, beg him to forgive her, to understand why she had panicked. Alice would give anything for Bucky to turn up at any moment, scream at her and then hold her and promise that they could fix this, together.
Alice needed him to stay away.
Oh, I think he will. You betrayed him. You knew how he felt. The least you could’ve done was try and explain to him. Bucky was a master assassin, forced or not. He would know the best way to deal with this. But what does it matter? You’re never going to see him again.
The voice had changed back to the gender neutral sarcastic voice that it had been since the lab. Maggie’s furious certainty hadn’t made another appearance since Alice had fled.

Alice had been sat outside for hours, the sky had gone dark.
No one had seen her. No one had been looking.

Alice forced herself into a standing position. The being watched feeling had started to creep up on her.
Looking upward to the stars, Alice said a prayer to anyone, anything that might listen.

Please keep him safe. Please keep me safe so that I can get back to him. I will do my duty. But let me live afterwards.

Alice Winters the Vampire Slayer dusted herself off and began her patrolling for the night. Her work came first. Everything else, everyone else had to come second. Alice had a vampire named Ethan to hunt.