leaf nosed snake


Went to the IHS reptile expo in Doncaster today! Was good to meet up with the-scale-pup

Some interesting stuff about!   Orthriophis moellendorffi

Steven Bol’s displays of garter snakes and water snakes is always great. Even a puget sound garter there this time! 

On my favourite display there was a very interesting pair of legless lizards pseudopus apodus

and I was very excited to find Rein rats ! Rhadinophis frenatum

But really this guys whole table was amazing… He had croc skinks, axanthic BTS’s, white lip pythons, leaf nose snakes, barons racers and some monitors. 

There was also a gorgeous adult Boelens python.  

I got to squeel gleefully at a baby eastern indigo, guy also had unicolour and black tailed cribos.  

There was also a lot of bamboo and mandarin rat snakes about, tokay geckos and the breeder I got Vince from was there with bismaraks and Madagascar tree boas. There were blue iggy’s a caiman lizard and a frilled lizard. House snakes, radiated rat snakes…many thinggs  Not to mention loads of cute Boas, burms, retics and of course pretty  royals, leo’s, cresties and corn snakes. 

(And all I came home with was a tub full of cork bark and a book on reptile terrarium plants! ha)  


I had a great time with thesmileoctopus and spottedsharkheart (aka “Charlie’s Tortoises”) at NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences last night!

Of course I had to go to the Madagascar section to say hello to the female leaf-nosed snake (Langaha madagascariensis) and golden mantellas (Mantella aurantiaca). There were also people prepping birds, the highlight being a great blue heron (Ardea herodias).

Definitely will do this again!