leaf margin


Puya Alpestris “Sapphire Tower” 

A species of bromeliad native to the Chilean Andes. It grows about two feet tall and two feet wide and has narrow, dark green leaves with large teeth surrounding the leaf margin. It has a flower spike that rises from the center of the plant and produces brilliant teal blue flowers. Likes full sun and will tolerate most soils as long as they are not too wet. Hardy down to 18F or -8C. 


Aloe grandidentata, Asphodelaceae

A South Africa native Aloe at Glasgow Botanic Gardens named after the large teeth on the leaf margin. The growth habit assumed here in Scotland under glass shows the effect of reduced light exposure compared to its habitat, with elongated leaves and an overall not-so-compact look. Part of a number of species within the genus sporting lighter spots, altogether, A. grandidentata looks rather similar to A. maculata, named after this feature, at least in my limited experience observing Aloes. 

I am currently growing two A. vera plants I bought last summer in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, and you can read their story here -which I’ll probably update this spring!