leaf eater

Our Leaf Eater enamel pins are here and I’m really excited about it. One went right on my jacket lapel.
Very limited run of 50, all orders places today will be shipped out tomorrow!

Find them here.

Some small prey animals from the paski homeworld, Hamari Duniyaa.

As the vast majority of predators have thermosensitive pit organs, prey animals have evolved a lot of tricks designed to throw them off.

A little insectivore, which is itself a prey animal to many species, has evolved to have a very, very small visual and heat profile by being as skinny as possible. There is very little room for organs in there, so its digestive processes are extremely streamlined, and instead of a brain it possesses multiple nodes of neural tissue clustered throughout the cranium. It possesses two ‘proper’ compound eyes and four vestigial eyes; all have low visual acuity but are highly attuned to movement.

An entire subset of very small leaf- and grass-eaters have evolved to survive periods of anaerobia, where all biological processes that require oxygen (which is a large number of them) are halted for up to a couple of minutes, which lowers their body temperature. These critters move pretty slowly and have tough outer plates to protect themselves. Most are rat-sized, though some are as large as guinea pigs, and several species have no eyes.

Another little herbivore has come up with quite the defense mechanism: Precision spitting. When agitated, chemicals in their gut react with their saliva to heat the liquid to boiling levels. The saliva is also mildly corrosive to mucous membranes. Also, they travel in groups of 10-30, and even juveniles can spit.


Halloween is fast approaching, and we decided to celebrate a little early by putting our scariest offerings together in our new “Spooky Pack!”
Only $18 for our new Leaf Eater pin, Summerween pin, and Heathen Ghost patch; 20% off of buying them separately!
We’re also throwing a random pinback or two in each pack order.


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