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“If this were a perfect story, the sky would be clear, and full of stars, and cicadas and crickets would be chirping. But this is not a perfect story, and clouds cover the sky, clouds so thick not even the moon can pierce through them. It doesn’t matter, though. I can make my story as perfect as I wish.” ~ Me, in my story Villains of Sorts (will be posted later if you’re wondering)

Slytherin + Story aesthetic

William Nylander - Show and Tell

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I have to be honest here, this is one of my favorite ones I’ve done so far!

Request from @leafstrashtm :  Do you think you can do a William Nylander one where you are a kindergarten teacher and he comes to the classroom and is all cute with the kids

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Started playing Animal Crossing again, and after remembering the photo boards I just had to make this haha

Feel free to use however you like!