BURUNDI, Bujumbura : A protester wears a mask made from a leaf in the Cibitoke neighbourhood of Bujumbura on May 5, 2015. Protesters in Burundi dismissed a constitutional court ruling that cleared President Pierre Nkurunziza to run for a controversial third term, as the government offered to release activists if deadly demonstrations stopped. AFP PHOTO / PHIL MOORE                        

Headcanon that a demon has heterochromia and when in human form, their eyes are two different colours; in demon form, their eyes turn pitch black and their horns are two different colours; when they were an angel, their wings were two different colours. They are the original source of heterochromia

Bonus: after falling, they acquired a dog with heterochromia as well (I just really want a demon with a dog omg)

things that are motivating me to study and get my shit together in the next two and half days:

  • Nicki Minaj would be so proud of me for working so hard to get into USC in the first place and I know she’d be proud of me for making dean’s list and I want to do that two semesters in a row
  • Hopefully all this hard work will result in me finally being able to write the novel I’m tinkering around with and if that novel becomes a bestseller and I become famous then I have a far better chance of being friends with Taylor Swift
  • My grades on these exams are going to be the difference between whether or not I can keep my double major
  • The fact that once I am done with this paper (which I’ve already written a page of out of five) and these three exams, that I get to go home to The Boyfriend and to my poetry family and my real family and I get to go to LEAF and I know it’s going to be the best most cleansing experience I could ask for after this crazy semester
  • Also if I fucking fail Chinese I have to take it again and that may actually drive me to gouging my own eyes out