Queen of procrastination. I have many photographs to sort out, to upload, to deal with, to clean. I have LOTS. But whatever is wrong with me means that I am not getting anything done. All this to say that I will post some new pictures soon. On my website too hopefully.

I miss the states so will post a few snaps i took from the car that I like. soupir I want to go back.


I have to upload the images from NY! And make a new website as my last one has died slowly and I did not do much to have him survive. gah. I will try to do something cool with Indexhibit but it might take me weeks to actually make it happen. As I am not a proper geek yet. Hopefully soon.

Might post a few snaps I like in a bit. And change my theme too. Soz for being a bit lame! x

About to post my favourite photographs from Istanbul. It’s only been three weeks. Slowwwwwww. Much loving Lea x

ps : for the anon that asked. mostly it’s soft focus. or one of my mother’s old lenses that is crappy and makes digital looks like film woo. or it’s a little japanese software called Toycamera Analogcolor - i only add a filter that add soft focus as if i had used Zuiko lens, i use it when my images are too sharp (!) and I don’t like it. hope that helps!

Gah doing fuck all! I am really the biggest procrastinator everrrr. There are days when I decide ok today I am going to sort out all the photographs that are packing up on my hard-drive. sorting out my website and blog. And I end up doing NOTHING.

Eventually it will happen. eventually. At least the pictures of the States. Still need to develop my films……… Eeek.

I did take a few photographs lately for the band of my lovely friend Nari - Run Jack Run. Was a bit rusty but the shoot was lot of fun and I want to do more now! 

Check them boys out! They will go big. Their first video is amazing too.

Anyway eventuallyyyyyyy x