Hello out there from Rebekah, Common Ground’s social events chair, here to fill you in on the awesome and informatively fun Day 2 of Creating Change 2013 :) I’ll be using a little help from my animal friends up there, but more on that later…

But how could I talk about Day 2 without giving a little taste of Night 1. First, some of us naturally had to take the obligatory nighttime selfie: 

Cam and Lance were feeling much more intense however as they waited to start the night in the lounge:

Next, the night really got started and us Common Grounders had the pleasure of sitting in on a rockin’ drag show (and then, of course, taking pictures with this lovely dolphin statue. Can you tell we enjoy taking pictures?)

After that, we found out Garrett had singlehandedly kicked off what had turned into quite the dance party, and we grooved the night away, making lots of new friends in the process. 

The next morning started bright and early, as we were all headed to the Campus Pride institute where we spent the day learning, workshopping, and exploring several different approaches to running our on-campus groups and achieving maximum success as leaders. One of our first assignments was to find a creative way to portray what we thought made a successful leader. My group’s outcome were those adorable animals up top, each representing a different characteristic we believed make a powerful leader. Everyone had really awesome ideas, and it was definitely interesting to see what everyone’s products were. We did some scenario work where we broke down, analyzed, and solved different situations that might shake up our group; and discussed in detail different problems we might face when returning to school and helpful, respectful ways to deal with them. Oh, and we also got candy and had an intense group match of rock, paper, scissors. All in a day’s work! My favorite part was easily meeting other young group leaders who are passionate about their work on campus and in the community. From what I can tell, our future is in very good hands!

Now, Night 2 is about to kick off, but not before Lance and I grabbed some dinner from the appropriately hospitable youth hospitality suite:

What the night may hold is anyone’s guess, but on the agenda is speed-friending and karaoke. Let the games begin and have a great night!

- Rebekah