leads to makeup

my interpretation of white diamond from steven universe!!!

i’m excited to see if she makes an appearance in the one hour special, she’s definitely one of the most hyped characters in the show!!! OwO

i based her off of a little theory i saw online and it’s nothing really well known so i’ll explain it a bit:

-white diamond and the boss baby are THE SAME person!
-the boss baby is very busy and leads a double life
-using makeup the boss baby covers their diamond from their family as they instruct the other diamonds of what to do on homeworld
-the reason why white diamond hasn’t shown up yet is because of copyright issues, but since the 2017 BOX OFFICE HIT! The Bossy Baby (2017) has released in theaters, the creators gave the crewniverse the a-okay to show them off in action!

so ya!!! i hope u guys enjoy my design OuO

All Too Well | Pt. 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 5,848


Min Yoongi knew he was royally fucked as soon as he stepped through the doorframe into the dance studio—a time that seems so long ago, while in reality it’s barely been more than a week since the unthinkable happened.

The unthinkable, taking the form of hair he’s run his fingers through, a jacket he’s peeled off, skin he’s nipped at, shoes that led to daily departures, eyes that filled with tears, a heart that he’s broken, words that crushed his own.

It had been 2 years since he had last seen you or heard from you, and yet he responded so intensely to the mere sight of your backside that some people would have thought it had only been 2 weeks since you last saw each other. Or maybe even 2 hours, especially taking into consideration the way his heart lurched, the memories bubbling up so quickly across his consciousness as if they never truly had time to settle below the surface.

Just like the very first time he ever saw you during his street performances, the first time he talked to you to ask you out for coffee, the first date, the first kiss, the first time—they’ve all been moments in his life that made him feel like his heart had been set aflame, knocked him off his guard. Yet, they’ve all been moments in his life that consistently remained special and important to him, times that contradicted his initial belief that his existence would never matter to anyone. It was the first time someone had ever looked at him as if he had created the world and all its beauty within the confines of his own two hands. You made the time he wasn’t an idol, the time he spent longing and daydreaming and yearning for a better future, significant. You made his life mean something.

Until he abandoned you, so desperate to create a name for himself that he thought that belief would be enough to drive you out of his mind and therefore out of his life.

Yoongi has always loved you just as much as he loved his career—if not more.

And now you were back in his life, your physical presence haunting him even as you stood mere inches away from him, telling Bang Si-Hyuk that he didn’t need to worry about any sort of implication or possibility happening between the two of you, that the two of you were no longer under an qualms of being serious, that you had made the best of the life he left you behind with.

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Dolly Haas as Pat Caverley in Girls Will Be Boys [d: Marcel Varnel, 1934]

This is in no way the English version of the previous year’s German Viktor und Viktoria, (it doesn’t have the knowing sophistication of that film’s genderswapping, for a start, although the ‘reveal’ scene is not at all coy) or the following year’s American Sylvia Scarlett (how I love the mid-30s trend for women dressing as men) but it’s a lovely little comedy, has Esmond Knight at his dark-eyed thick-haired swooniest as the romantic interest, and Dolly Haas is bloody marvellous as Pat; adorable, boyish, bolshy and delivers my menswear trifecta of tweed/dressing gown/chunky knit, with bonus evening wear.   

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)

Summary: You’re nineteen when you get your first recurring acting role in season twelve of Supernatural. There’s an instant attraction between you and Jared, despite the age difference, but he won’t act on it because of Genevieve. When you meet Gen, she gives you the permission to act on your desires.

Words: 5.8k

Married!Jared x Reader

Warnings: smut (like 2.4k of this is porn), consensual infidelity, age difference, lust, teasing, the whole shebang

A/N: this is one of my fics for @loveitsallineed​‘s 1k celebration playlist challenge, this song was Cola by Lana Del Rey. It’s also a lil birthday gift for the beautiful @oriona75​. And finally, it’s part three of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr​‘s birthday! You can find the masterpost here

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“We’re called bulletproof for a reason”

Jimin X Reader

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Words: 2782

Song that plays on the radio: Ed Sheeran, Even My Dad Does Sometimes

Being one of BTS’s makeup artist had its pros and cons as every other job. On one hand, you got to be very close to 7 men you had adored for years, spending some days locked in a small room with heavy lightning and chairs, putting makeup on them all. On another hand; you spend some days locked in a small room alone with 7 beautiful, talented and kind idols.

Your job required you to stand face to face with Bangtan, with only a few centimetres in between you and whoever you were putting makeup on. The boys were quite fond of you. They always asked how your day had been, complementing your outfit and always saying thank you after you were done with their makeup followed by a bow. You had also grown quite close to the members, especially Jimin with the two of you being around the same age.
Jimin had been one of the first to get to know you. Even though he was either exhausted or preparing to go on stage he always talked to you. Telling you small jokes to make you giggle or telling you about an amazing restaurant nearby. He once said, it was too bad they only stayed in a certain city for one night; otherwise, he would have taken you to an amusement park he had been in when he was younger. You weren’t sure if you understood it correctly. But it sounded like a date. But, why would a perfect idol want to ask you out? Why would he want a makeup artist that didn’t even make the half that he did?

Your long train of thoughts got interrupted by a small knock on your door.
Your manager peeked inside and saw you standing ready.
“Oh great Y/N you’re already ready, the guys have just gotten into their clothes. They’ll come any minute now” he informed you. You gave him thumbs up as he closed and disappeared behind the door again.
Tonight was the night Bangtan was performing in Anaheim and everything had to be perfect. Namjoon had been training few English phrases to the rest of Bangtan so they could introduce themselves on stage.

Outside the door, you could hear footsteps getting closer and voices talking. The first voice you could recognise was a very deep voice that could only belong to Taehyung, or V, as he was known on stage.
And right to your assumptions, his face with his big boxy smile was the first to enter the door. “Y/n!” He smiled as he waved his hands.“Hi” You giggled leading him towards the first makeup chair. He looked into the mirror and began messing with his hair. “No no no, Taehyung how many times must I tell you. Don’t touch your hair” you slapped his fingers away from his hair, smiling. “I know” he sighed and leant back in his chair. Without noticing Namjoon and Hoseok had also entered the room, sitting down in two chairs waiting for their turn.
You started applying a moisturiser and a primer to Taehyung face. That’s when you noticed the discolouring under Taehyung’s eyes. And unlike usually, he didn’t close his eyes when you started touching his face. He looked at you, studying your hair and skin. That’s when you also noticed the fact his eyes were slightly redder than usual. This was all very weird.
“Taehyung, are you okay?” You asked him slowly as you began dapping on a BB cream. He looked down onto his fingers placed in his lab. “Hm-mm” he nodded not very convincing.
“Are you tired?” you asked him once again. You started focusing on his brows filling them in with dark brown to match his hair. “Yeah, I didn’t really sleep as much tonight. Nerves, I guess” He said slowly. Not wanting to interrogate the poor man any further, you dropped the topic and just focused on his eye makeup. He didn’t require much, just a simple dark grey and brown eyeshadow and he was good to go. He looked into the mirror and gave an unsure smile. “Do I look good?” He asked looking up at you. You giggled. “Yes Tae you do, now send in another one of the guys while I begin on Namjoon okay?” you answered him giving his shoulder a quick comforting squeeze as he walked out of the door. Something was defiantly up with him.
You turned around and began working on Namjoon. He was on his phone scrolling through twitter. He had already popped in his contact lenses making his eyes light blue as the sky.
Judging by Namjoon’s silence, there was also something up with him. “You nervous as well?” You asked breaking the silence. You started with a concealer on Namjoon to make his skin as flawless as possible.
“Yeah” He began, thinking over his next words. “I don’t know, it’s the whole Jimin thing you know?”

You knew what he was talking about. Some random girl on twitter had been lashing out on Jimin, giving him death threats. And tonight was the night. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t been reading her tweets over and over, again and again. They kept on haunting you, you started dreaming about what would happen. If he did get shot, perhaps fatally, he would never know how you felt about him. How everything you saw reminded you somehow about him. You knew he would never feel the same about you, that’s why you’d been keeping your feelings secret.

“I just feel like as a leader I should be saying something, as his friend I should be saying something. But PD has told us to keep shut. But I just–, aish” He couldn’t finish his sentence. You tinted his lips while nodding slightly. “I know what you mean” You wanted to comfort Namjoon, but you could barely comfort yourself. How were you supposed to comfort another?
You finished his makeup quickly. He stood up and looked at you. Seconds passed where you both just stared at each other. “Be careful out there alright?” you said. “Security is tightened I know, but still…”
Namjoon gave you a reassuring smile. “We are called bulletproof for a reason y/n, don’t worry you’ll get to take my makeup off tonight and put on new tomorrow” and with that comment, he walked out of the room calling in Yoongi.
You switched on working on Hoseok, Yoongi, Jin and Jungkook and before you knew it you only needed to do Jimin’s makeup.

“Jin can you please find Jimin and send him in for me?” you asked Jin. He left you alone in the room as you started cleaning brushes. Your heart was in your throat, should you tell Jimin how you felt? What if something happens? What colour of flowers should you buy? Would you even be invited to the funeral? Your mind was filled with bad thoughts and almost didn’t hear when the door opened and closed behind you. You turned around with your eyes stinging from holding back tears. There he was. Park Jimin. He was wearing tight black jeans with holes in the knees. Black t-shirt with a blue and white striped shirt over. He looked effortlessly beautiful. He stared directly at you and you prayed he wouldn’t notice your reddening eyes. You patted the chair he should sit in, and without saying a word he sat down and looked into the mirror.
It felt like time was on double speed. No matter how slow you tried to put on his makeup, there wasn’t enough time. Someone was stealing him away from you, and you could barely hold yourself together. He followed you with his dark brown eyes. Your cheeks were a bit flushed, so was the tip of your nose. You concentrated on applying his face makeup, you didn’t even notice his staring. Did you even know how crazy he was about you? How many times he had tried asking you out, but you haven’t gotten the hint.
Not being able to stay in silence with him you turned on the radio. It was a quiet song that started to play. A soft voice was singing, a guitar and piano harmonising. You patted with your fingertips concealer under his eyes. Carefully you lined his waterlines, applied a pinkish lip tint to his bottom lip. He looked so stunning.

You swallowed and took a step back looking at him. “I think I’m done”
He looked into the mirror and chuckled. “You’ve done it again y/n, thank you so much” he stood up from the chair and gave you a bow. “It’s my job…” you sighed. You turned away from him and found yourself cleaning brushes again, not being able to look him in the eyes. His beautiful dark brown eyes. Jimin appeared behind you and you gasped as you made eye contact in the mirror. He stood silently behind you, looking at your every move. He followed your eyes when they landed on him. “Wait, aish I’m sorry y/n I forgot to put my contacts in!” He exclaimed suddenly making you jump.
“Arh Jimin! They’re so hard getting in without messing up the makeup. Be careful, do you have the lenses with you?” You asked turning around facing him. He stood quite close to you, so close you could feel his breath tickling your face.
Jimin took up a small box from the back of his pants. You moved out of the way so he was closer to the mirror. He started slowly pulling his under eye down, making you bite your lip. There wasn’t enough time to re-do his eye makeup before the stage opened. Jimin held his breath as he brought the lens closer and closer to his eye. For a moment you thought he was going to get it in, but his reflexes got the better of him and he blinked last minute making the lens falling out and smudging the lower waterline. He tried again. His finger got closer and closer to his eye, but once again last minute he blinked.

He sighed hopelessly and looked down, positioning the lens again on the tip of his finger. “I’m usually better at this… I just can’t make myself relax” he mumbled quietly.
“Here,” You said pushing his chest down so he would sit in the makeup chair. “Let me try” you suggested as you placed the lens on top of your own finger. Jimin nodded and felt electricity run through him when your fingers touched. His heart beating a bit faster and looked at you with big eyes.
You held your breath as you pulled down his eye to make room for the contact lens. You felt Jimin doing the same.
Getting your finger closer and closer to his eye you thought for a moment you were gonna make it, but last minute the lens jumped off your finger and landed on his cheeks.
You both giggled as you swept the lens away. “I just have to get the right angle” you smiled. “Try standing on my other side” Jimin suggested. Standing on his right side was even harder and this time the lens didn’t even come close to his eye.
Jimin had to get his green contacts in, he had to.
“Oh well, third time is luck’s time,” Jimin said encouraging as you stood in front of him. You bend slightly down on your knees trying to get at eye level with him. This time the lens touched his eye but as soon as he blinked it came out again.

“This is going to sound awkward but what if you sat on me? I mean, only for a short time, and just so you could get the lens in. I didn’t mean anything by it just–”

“No let’s try it, you have to wear them” You interrupted his awkward rambling chuckling at his cuteness. He looked surprised for a moment, having his eyebrows raising. But nonetheless, he spread his thighs making room for you to sit on. Hesitating, you put a hand on his shoulder and placed yourself on his lap. Jimin’s hands moved up to your thighs slowly to make sure you kept your balance. You had never been this close to him before. Not while you were alone together. He looked into your eyes for a moment. Neither of you did anything but looking deeply into each other eyes. Your heart was beating faster. Still having a hand on his shoulder you moved it to open his eye. Then you brought the green lens closer, and closer until it touched his eyes and it sank into his iris changing his eye colour an instant. You both smiled relieved. “Finally” Jimin laughed looking at you. “One to go” You smiled back. You gripped the container on the desk behind you and took out the other lens. You took a deep breath and placed it on your finger. You leant closer to him. His hands that had been placed on the top of your thighs, moved up to your waist. You stopped breathing. Was he aware of where he was keeping his hands? or was it a coincidence?
Keeping your focus, you moved the lens closer to his eye and like the last one, it fitted into his iris perfectly.

You leant back slightly looking into his green eyes. Beautifull.
Jimin kept his hands at your waist, not wanting to let you go. He wanted nothing more than to have you on his lap with his arms around you for the rest of his days. You didn’t try move away either, just enjoying the movement.

Silence filled the room again, as you looked down on your hands nervously.
“Yeah?” you looked at him again. His body was warm against yours. He smelled cleaned, of new laundry and his perfume.
His light pink hair fitted him so perfect, his outfit was perfect and his voice was warming something deeply inside of you. That’s when you felt it. Something cold running slowly down your cheek. A tear. No. Many tears.
“Y/n, y/n hey - what’s wrong why are you crying? hey - come here” Jimin said worryingly as he pulled you into his chest. You sobbed into his chest uncontrollably. He held one hand around your waist, the other on at you shoulder holding you close.
“Jimin, why aren’t you nervous? How can you go on stage tonight?” You cried into him, shaking.

“Y/n, nothing is going to happen. You know this deeply inside. People write a lot on the internet - okay? Why do you worry about me?” He asked as he pulled you away slightly so he could look into your eyes. He wasn’t worth crying over, it could defiantly not be him you were crying over. “Because, I, I like you Jimin. And - I’m so scared something is going to happen to you” You sniffled trying to pull yourself together, failing miserably. Jimin couldn’t believe his own ears. Were you confessing to him?
“You like me?”
“YES! Jimin! I love you, and I know you will never love me. I would never forgive myself if I never confessed to you and you died”

Jimin placed quickly his hands on either side of your face and pulled your lips against his own. He kissed you with so much passion you stopped crying immediately. You kissed him back.

“I. love. you. too.” Jimin said in between kissing you. “I love you so much, you have no idea how much I love you,” He said resting his forehead against yours. He ran his hands up and down your thighs.
“Y/n, I promise you nothing is going to happen. I promise” He whispered. You nodded slightly. “I have to go, they’re starting up. I love you. Let me prove how much after the concert. Okay?” He said giving you a kiss. Once again you nodded as you stood up from his lap. He walked towards the door and opened it. But before he stepped out he kissed you on the lips, longer than the kiss before. And then he stepped out of the door, closing it behind him.

               This concert was gonna be 2 hours of living hell for you. 

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NCT Reactions: When he comes home to see you cried yourself to sleep

Request: Will you do a NCT reaction to coming home late to find their gf had such a bad day that she wanted to cry to them, but instead cried herself to sleep, hugging their pillow? 💕

A/N: Thank you for the request! This was so fun to write!! (Although it made me sad bc I’m not dating an NCT member lol) Also I know there’s a lot of uncertainty with Hansol, but I’m going to include him mostly because I don’t want to face reality :’((

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Taeil: Taeil would be so worried about you, seeing your tear-stained cheeks after he entered the bedroom. He would immediately rush over to you, only to hesitate, remembering that you probably need your rest. He would promise to apologize repeatedly to you in the morning and wouldn’t be able to get much sleep considering how his girlfriend felt.

Originally posted by y-ta

Johnny: He would feel so awful that he wasn’t there for you when you needed him most, he would legit start crying, accidentally waking you up in the process. Somehow you end up being the comforter in this situation, holding him and reassuring him that you don’t blame him at all. This of course wouldn’t be enough for him so he would promise a whole day dedicated to you tomorrow.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

Hansol: Hansol would be so confused at first, not understanding why you were crying by yourself. He would immediately wake you up to ask what’s wrong, only then realizing his mistake. After realizing that he left you with no one in your time of need, he would hold you and sing to you until you fell back asleep.

Originally posted by dxngsichxng

Kun: He would know exactly what’s wrong, seeing the missed calls on his phone on the way home. He would decide to just let you sleep and would make you a MASSIVE breakfast the next morning. One you kissed him on the cheek as thanks, he would know that all is forgiven.

Originally posted by nct127

Taeyong: He knows you so well that he knew you would be upset when he got home from practice, so he would arrive with flowers and chocolates already in hand. Just hearing him come through the door would be so comforting because you knew there were no need for words. He would just lay the gifts down, climb into bed, and take you in his arms, whispering to you how much he loves you.

Originally posted by trainingpanda

Doyoung: I think he would try to put up a front for a bit, pretending it didn’t get to him seeing you curled up with his pillow with tear trails down your cheeks, but as soon as you stir a bit and sit up to look at him with those big puppy eyes, he loses it. I mean, he’d literally get on his knees with your hands in his as he begs for forgiveness. Little does he know, just seeing him was enough for you.

Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose

Ten: He would, of course, feel terrible about not being there for you. He would be at a loss at first seeing you like that, but he would then decide to make it his mission to make you the happiest girl in the world in that moment because you didn’t deserve to ever be sad. He would wake you up and tickle you/make bad jokes/pout like a puppy/etc. until you’re smiling so much you can’t even remember what it’s like to be sad.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Jaehyun: This softie would be a lot like Johnny because it would be absolutely devastating to him that you ever felt like this to begin with. But instead of breaking down, he would go out to buy you a ton of your favorite foods and plushies of your favorite cartoon characters, no matter how late it is. He would start cooking before you woke up the next day so you would be treated to all of his surprises as soon as you got out of bed.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Yuta: AWWWW ok Yuta would be so loving because skinship is his middle name tbh. He would drop everything as soon as he saw you and take you into his arms, kissing you before you even had a chance to wake up. Of course, knowing Yuta, that would lead to other things like makeup sex (what who said that not me)

Originally posted by the95s

WinWin: SIcheng would be at a complete loss at what to do when he saw you like that. He wouldn’t want you to be tired tomorrow so he would let you sleep, but he would toss and turn until morning when he could apologize to you.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Mark: This big ol softie would know he screwed up right away and do something ridiculously kdrama-esque like write you a super long apology letter while you slept, tape it closed with a heart shaped sticker, prop it up on your bedside table, and then crawl into bed next to you and caress your cheek while you slept as a silent apology.

Originally posted by neotechs

Haechan: Donghyuck would see you asleep on the couch, curled up with his pillow, and immediately go into ultimate bf mode. Not only would he carry you to bed, but he would also sing you a lullaby after apologizing to you. After you drifted off, he’d place a soft kiss on your cheek and lay back down next to you for the rest of the night.

Originally posted by haecha

Renjun: Renjun would be so upset after seeing you like that, it’d probably make him upset at himself like Johnny, but instead of crying, he would get super mad. You’d wake up to see him sitting in the rocking chair across from you with his eyes closed, rubbing his temples in frustration. Once he saw you wake up, he’d apologize and promise you that he would never let it happen again.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Jeno: After seeing you all alone, he’d run over to the kitchen and slave over your favorite homemade dishes for hours. You’d wake up to see his smiling face next to several plates of delicious food, one of them spelling out “sorry” in noodles.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

(I legit could NOT find a relatively sad gif of Chenle. He smiles too much. Someone come collect this kid.)

Chenle: This little rascal would act a lot like Ten, just wanting to see you smile again. He’d wake you up with his signature aegyo and wouldn’t stop until you’re both cackling, including his dolphin scream of a laugh.

Originally posted by jaehyunsleatherpants

Jaemin: He’d be so worried about your health that he’d just let you sleep, but he’d hate the idea of you being so sad when he wasn’t there to help. He’d promise himself that he’d stay home all day tomorrow to have a cartoon marathon with you just to cheer you up.

Originally posted by haechannie

Jisung: Jisung would be a startled by how upset you appeared, a little confused as to what was wrong. Once he woke you up to ask and you began crying, he’d immediately hold you close, sharing a quiet moment before he apologized.

Tyler Seguin #11

Requested by Anon:  I was wondering if I could have a Tyler Seguin imagine where Y/N and him get into a fight and its there first fight and Y/N leaves and he doesn’t know and he gets scared and when he finds her he’s like crying and is all fluffy. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense

*Hiii! I hope you like this one. Enjoy!! ALSO IT’S THE BIRTHDAY OF THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. <3*

Word count: 1, 085

Originally posted by brosillustrated

The scene from this morning played on your head like a bad DVD on repeat. You can’t remember everything but you can hear the yelling, you can hear the accusatory tone of your voice and you can hear the frustrated tone of his. Somehow, at the back of your mind, you wish that the saying is true: massive fights lead to massive makeup sex or whatever because if this is how your first fight with Tyler Seguin went, you’re in for a good ride.

Someone grabbed your hand and pulled it out of your mouth. You looked up to see your best friend holding a mug of hot chocolate. She placed it on the table in front of you before staring at you again, “stop biting your nails, it’s a bad habit.”

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Harry Hook (Gil’s bf) headcanons!!!

•middle child (canon) syndrome
•takes orders very well but can lead when necessary
•started wearing makeup to draw attention to himself
•used to practice sword fighting w/ his siblings
•was a vry quiet child now all he does is talk
•likes the dark
•spends all of his time w/ Uma or gil or both
•ripped the sleeves off of at least three of his jackets
•bad at pranks good at just being a jerk
•don’t let him smile you’ll fall for him
•won’t admit it but enjoys children
•tried to grow his hair like his dad but he hated it and chopped it before it even got to his shoulders
•knew about cj escaping to auradon and said if she went soft he’d never speak to her again
•heights are a no no unless he’s on a ship then it’s fine
•his hook is his comfort item and will Not Be Okay without it

Almost Too Late

Originally posted by dailytwd

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 1,047
Warnings: Swearing. A whole lot of it XD
Request: @harlejokerx Could I requests a Imagine where you’ve had a fight with Negan. He’s pissed at you so you take off and get attacked by walkers. He’s makes it just in time. Just lots of fluff maybe smut? You can make it anyway you want :) Love you guys <3!

–Reader’s POV–

You know how they say don’t say things in a fit of anger?

Well, they should probably add in ‘don’t do something fucking stupid’ to that.

Why? Let me tell you why… Because I did just that. I got into a huge fight with my husband, Negan. Nothing unusual about that, really. We both have big personalities that sometimes get in the way. Leads to great makeup sex, though. Silver lining, right?

Anyways, Negan is pissed as fuck at me. Surprise there. Man has one hell of a temper. What do I do? I take off. Right outside the fucking walls. Not my proudest moment, either. My feet took me further and further away from the safety of the Sanctuary, further and further from my asshole of a husband. Don’t get me wrong, I love him more than anything…I’m just fully aware he’s an asshole.

I let myself slow down, not wanting to wear myself out too fast. That would be asking to die.

It had been raining lately, so the ground was wet, and muddy. A little mud never hurt anyone, so I thought nothing of it. I moved along the edge of the trees, hearing the water off to my right somewhere. Likely not that far if I could hear it.

Looking up, I groaned when I realized it was going to rain again. “Why me?” I sighed. Without many options, I moved on. Turning back and walking through those gates like a scared puppy wasn’t on my ‘to do list’.

My foot slipped on a small rock, taking my feet out from under me. Hitting the ground with an odd noise from the ground being wet, I was breathing heavy, thankful I wasn’t hurt. I moved to stand up, and didn’t choose my footing carefully. “Fuck!” I gasped, sliding down the hill that seemed to get steeper and steeper.

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Dating Kol Mikaelson would include…
* Him risking his life for you.
* Lots of sex.
* All the time.
* Everywhere.
* Bickering with him.
* Him kissing you from behind.
* Him being very protective of you.
* Being his weakness.
* Partners in crime.
* Being each other’s best friends.
* Telling each other everything.
* Stealing his tops and wearing them around the house.
* Him pretending to be annoyed, but secretly loving it.
* Cuddling up to each other in bed.
* Forehead kisses.
* Getting butterflies when your eyes catch across the room, even though you’ve been dating for years.
* Because he still manages to make your heart race.
* Loud, angry fights, that lead to hot makeup sex.
* Always being terrified that you’re going to lose him again.

Jax Request,

Hi can I request a jax imagine where his wife had a baby and has a new curvier shape with hips thick thighs that she loves but he hates cuz guys are giving her more attention they fight which leads to makeup sex after he embarrasses her

tw: smut, nsfw

Baby Mama

I approached the TM, baby carrier seat on my hand and a bag of muffins in the other. I first went through Gemma’s office to comply my mission of being here, Gemma wanted to have some time with her grandchild and I couldn’t deny how excited I was of spending some time off with my old man. I hadn’t finished opening the door when Gemma was already hovering over the two months old, he was babbling at the sight of his grandmother and I was smiling at the view of my beautiful baby looking so happy.

“How are you Thomas?” she said to the baby, holding him close to her chest and smiling big at him “And how’s the mama? You haven’t been here in a while” she said and I nodded.

“I’ve been crazy busy with the new house and getting Abel adjusted to the kinder garden” I said with a low voice and she nodded.

“Your body is looking amazing, mama.” She said and I laughed a bit, I loved the after birth figure but I didn’t think my old man appreciated it as much, at the end roughly three times in the last couple months we have had intimacy and I was craving for this day for ourselves “At what time do I have to pick up Abel?” she said taking me off my trance.

“Oh… 3.” I said and she looked at me with a knowing look “It’s nothing I swear” I said before hearing the roar of the Harley’s engines “I’ll pick him up at 8” I said while she smirked at me.

“I’ll take him to school tomorrow, don’t worry mama” she said and I just left the office to meet up with my old man.

I approached the guys and immediately put my hand around Jax’s body, he looked at me with a smile and kissed me softly in the lips. I could feel the guys looking at us and I separated from Jax to give them a clueless look, Jax tensed next to me before sending a glare to his brother and they all dispersed quickly. We both got inside the TM and I approached the guys, Jax following me close behind.

“I made muffins” I said and the guys cheered, if there was something I was great at cooking were my berry and chocolate muffins.

“This is so good lass” said Chibs before kissing me in the cheek, leaving some crumbs on me that Jax quickly took care off. Once again the weird glances just this time accompanied by a bunch on crumbs around their mouths, Jax gave them all a glare once again.

“Can y’all seriously stop” said Jax getting angrier.

“We are sorry, pres. We can’t exactly help it.” said Tig and I looked at Jax who went to poured himself a drink at the bar.

“What’s going on?” I said and they all guarded silence even Jax who had already his hands on a whisky bottle.

“Don’t act all clueless about it, sunshine. You know what you’re doing when you get out of the house dressed like that.” He said and I felt my blood boiling, I was wearing some jeans and a loose blue tank top, nothing revealing but even if I was he didn’t have the right to speak at me that way. I looked at all of them and nodded at Jackson before storming off the TM.

I got home in no time, and poured myself a glass of water to try and calm myself down. I heard the familiar sound of Jackson’s motorcycle arriving at the house and I expected him to come to the kitchen in no time but he took his time probably collecting his idiotic thoughts. I heard the door open and I knew he could see me from his spot on the living room, it wasn’t long before I felt his presence embracing me but I took a few steps further away from him.

“Darlin’” he said taking a step to get to me, he gently pulled my arm to make me look at him but I just moved my head to the side “I’m sorry, YN” he said but I still was still tensing at his touch. “I didn’t mean that”

“You talked to me like if I dressed like one of the CaraCara girls.” I said lowering my head but he moved it to make me look at him.

“I’m a jealous prick, darlin’. I’m sorry” he said and I nodded slowly, lowering my guard.

“You have nothing to be jealous about, Jax. You won’t even touch me why would anyone else do it?” I said in a whisper and I saw him lose his breath, he put his hand next to my head putting our foreheads together.

“Why would you even think that, baby? I love you so much, I love you so much I’m afraid of losing you” he said before kissing me softly, tears threating to spill from my eyes. “I’ve been distant but it’s not because of you, the club is going through some shit and I’m scared of losing you or Abel or Thomas.” He said “And now I have to add the fact that in any minute my own brothers will try to make a move on my beautiful wife”

“They’re your brothers, Jackson. They love you and respect you, plus it’s been already two years since the first time they met me and they haven’t made a move since that first night” I said and he smiled nodding at me.

“But now they see the wonders the pregnancy did to your body” he said before grabbing my lower half, lifting me to put me over the counter to start kissing my collarbone “Knocking you up seriously was a blessing” he said and I laughed “Giving me a beautiful baby and all this” he said grabbing my ass on his hands. He quickly took my pants off, kneeling in front of me before start kissing my inner thighs. “So beautiful” he said taking my panties off, he started kissing closer and closer before looking up to me smirking. I was in heaven right that moment.

“Oh, Jax” I said when I felt my orgasm built up.

“Let go for me baby girl” he said going even faster in between my thighs while I kept my hand buried in his blonde hair. “Let go baby” he said before licking me through my orgasm. I was panting heavily when I heard his buckle fall to the ground followed by his blue jeans that smirk still on his face, he pushed my legs open one more time and put himself in between them before sliding quickly into me, thrusting into me. “Oh fuck, babe” he said biting on my neck before burying his head in the curve of my neck before he came and I followed him closely after.

I took a few minutes to compose myself and reached out to grab my shirt and my underwear. “Done so fast?” he said and I raised my eyebrows at him “I thought I needed to make it up for all the time I was an asshole to my old lady” he said and I smiled at him.

“I wished baby but I have to pick up the kids from your mother’s” I said, he hummed before looking for his phone in his pants.

“Mama” he said biting his lips looking at me “Can you take care of the kids for tonight?” he said and I smiled at him “Thank you mama, love ya” he said and I crossed my arms at him “C’mon Mrs. Teller, you are in for the night of your life.”

iamdeltas  asked:

I saw a fic for one of my other favorite pairings with a prompt that I thought would be perfect for Sanvers. Basically, person A is irritated by person B constantly correcting them in history class. So one day when person A questions person B's correction, B retorts, "Because I was there!" Because person B is a vampire. I just like the idea of Alex as a know-it-all vampire.

quick fic for funsies, hope you enjoy XD

After all, she wasn’t her student.

Maggie hated filling in for Kate. Hated it. She taught Chem 101 and 102 for a reason, the kids shut up and listened and followed directions or things blew up in their faces and they learned. But no, Kate, Kate taught history, and aside from the whole-white-washed-male-superiority nonsense of most history textbooks, these kids had questions she couldn’t answer unless Kate thought ahead.

Kate never thought ahead.

And maybe Maggie shouldn’t be calling them “kids,” she wasn’t much older than the freshmen in her classes, but she was working through her MS in forensics and she really did not have time to be doing favors for hungover ex-girlfriends. Asking detailed questions about the motivation of white men to destroy the world since Julius Caesar was not her cup of tea, and Kate, who knew all of this off the top of her head, never bothered to have notes beyond the powerpoint for “emergencies.”

As the redhead in the third row corrected her for the third time this morning, Maggie pinched her nose. She looked up at the tiled ceiling, in so much more disrepair than the science building, and let out a breathy sigh.

“Look, kid, I’m a science professor filling in. I don’t know why Kate doesn’t just cancel class. If you’ve done your reading, I’ve taken roll, just go if I’m so wrong.”

“What, and let these idiots learn alternative facts about history?”

“I’m teaching from the textbook, Danvers, why do you think it’s alternative facts?”

“Aside from the fact that it was written by a white male academic twenty years ago?” Danvers smirks, “Because I was there.

When Danvers smirks, her canines show.

Her canines show, and every desk around her suddenly scoots as far away as they can get.

Her canines show, and Maggie suddenly wonders why she never questions Kate’s need for her evening classes to be covered due to “hangovers.” Or how the hell her ex is still hungover at 7 o’clock in the evening, the pitch black of winter setting in around 5pm, when she was perfectly fine at lunch eating garlicky breadsticks at Olive Garden.

Maggie steps back and sits on the edge of the desk because it wouldn’t do to scramble out of the room like every instinct is telling her to do. Maggie is a scientist, goddamn it, and while vampires have been “out” for decades, this Danvers was her first chance at meeting one.

“When and where were you born, Danvers?”

“Midvale, 1846.”

“Uh huh. You wanna tell the class how a youngin’ like you knows what went down in 1812? Since, clearly, you were not actually there.”

Danvers tilts her head to the side and smiles charmingly. “My… mother was a seamstress in Washington from 1790 to 1815.”

“Twenty-five years and no one noticed she’d aged?”

“Powdered wigs and lead makeup.”

Maggie pursed her lips and nodded. She glanced at the clock, and at the textbook, before returning to the smirking vampire. She glanced down at her phone, hidden in the textbook, where Kate had yet to respond to her angry list of vampire emojis.

She slipped her phone out and snapped the book closed. “Switch places with me, Danvers.”’

That seemed to startle the know-it-all. “What?”

“Switch places with me. You know this stuff better than I do. Teach me something.” Maggie’s head tilts to the side. “I think the rest of the class could stand for a woman’s perspective on history anyway. I’ll deal with Kane later.”

Danvers is slow to stand, awkwardly moving her book and notebook off the desk. The other two rows of students drag their desks out of her way, expressing their distaste for the vampire without words. Maggie makes a note of who it was for Kate to deal with later, a non-white-woman substitute was not going to have any effect on lingering bigotry that didn’t exist until the woman outed herself.

As Danvers settles herself on the desk, an idea occurs to Maggie.

As Danvers shows more passion for the subject matter than Kate probably ever had, some of the braver students pepper her with questions. Some she can answer, some she can’t. A few of them have her calling her “mom” and putting the facetimed conversation on the screen so that the senior Danvers can show off some antiques that relate.

Maggie records it all, in case Kane wants to test them on it.

Also, because the flash of teeth every time Danvers smiled was maybe a little attractive, as was her passion for all things that usually bored Maggie to tears.

The class, as a whole, was actually rather reluctant to leave when Maggie called time. The bravest actually lingered with their questions, and Danvers seemed quite comfortable answering, although Maggie was certain she kept flashing fang on purpose just to freak people out.

Maggie waited until the last student left to ask Danvers out for coffee.

After all, Danvers wasn’t her student.

ellenahandbasket-deactivated201  asked:

I love your makeup. Maybe I made this up in my head, but I feel like I've read you comment on green/ecologically sound practices. I am reacting to something in the drugstore makeup, which is just getting worse as I get older, so it's time to be pickier about what I put on my skin. I'm learning, but it's weird to switch gears. Do you have suggestions of what to search for? Are there companies to look into? If you've posted on this, is there a phrase I could put into the search on your blog?

I don’t remember if I’ve specifically posted about it before, but yeah, I’m right there with you about skin getting more sensitive as I get older.

I have no helpful suggestions of what to search for - a lot of my makeup shopping is done by word of mouth and reading reviews. Which leads me to! Makeup Alley! It’s the first place I always head to when I am thinking of buying a new product. Also, their forums are really good for getting answers about various brands and skin care.

A in-no-way-complete list of skin care and makeup companies I use:

  • Paula’s Choice. I like their sunblock and their RESIST line. Pricey, but worth it.
  • Bee Friendly. I use their serum and their moisturizer. My skin really likes honey. 
  • Aromaleigh Cosmetics. Still the best mineral/loose powder foundation I’ve ever found.
  • Medusa Makeup. I love their loose pigments and glitters. 
  • Rituel de Fille. They make some of my favorite lipsticks (Fortune Teller and Night Wanderer), and they’re wonderful people.
  • Fyrinnae Cosmetics. The Pixie Epoxy is one of the best products to use with loose pigments, ever. Huge range of colors and products.
  • Black Moon Cosmetics. My current obsession, because sweet sainted Bowie, those Cosmic Eye Dusts are GLITTERY. 

Dear American Entertainment Industry,

Is it possible for a woman to have a successful career without having perfect hair, white teeth, a 26″ waist, and big boobs?

Dear British Entertainment Industry,

Thank you.