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The Road Leads Back To You

Title: The Road Leads Back To You
Author: angryspaceravenclaw
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 5068
Summary: Bitty can feel the weight of something between them and lord he’s a little terrified because Jack Zimmermann is a hundred and ten percent in everything. His motto is be better, and Bitty thought once that was just hockey, but he’s coming to realise it’s everything. Even being Eric Bittle’s boyfriend.

Most memorable line: “Yeah I think I love you too,” he manages.

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Except ya, @solivigante! You’re supposed to be working on getting the hair band back together. You’re the lead keytarist, Drift. All optics will be on ya when Drift and the Finials play at the party. ALL OPTICS. WATCHING YA PREFORM. GET. YOUR. 80S. HAIR. BAND. BACK. TOGETHER. DRIFT. GET IT TOGETHER. WITH YOUR KEYTAR.


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arm wrestled dum-e today. does it count as arm wrestling when his whole body is an arm? or is it just wrestling then

steve drew me, and then tony added dum-e to the sketch. nice to see them getting along.

this is just before the table snapped under us. that red stuff is blood from the nosebleed i got, and that white is when dum-e decided that spraying me down with the fire extinguisher would help with the nosebleed

it did not.

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     FFXV Character List              Ignis Scientia        

Let’s be frank, my vision hasn’t improved and probably wouldn’t.  A King pushes onward, accepting the consequences and never looking back. I wouldn’t ask you to slow down. If I cannot keep up, I will bow out. Yet in spite of this I would remain with you all. To the very end.

To my Valentine, I love you.
—  I shouldn’t start a love letter with an apology, but I think you’ll come to find it sincere. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the first person to kiss you, the first time someone kissed my lips I understood that to love is to be in pain– but my sister had to explain that love shouldn’t hurt, it should be painless. The light breeze while you’re outside exploring the city during spring kind of feeling. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the first person to hold you, the first person to hold my hands said that I shouldn’t regret anything or anyone because in this moment? This very second… you wanted it with every part of your being. It doesn’t matter in the end, the only thing that matters is the journey. The road that led you to me will ultimately lead you back to yourself. I’m sorry that I won’t be the first person to make you feel love. The ocean is a heart and I’ve been building a sandcastle that’s tall enough to seek you out. I’m sorry that I won’t be the one you’ll show off to your mother. I’m sorry that you’ll think about me when sleep is close to impossible. Valentine’s Day no longer holds value to me. I’ve been doing some thinking lately about who I am as a writer and what it means to say I love you. To love someone enough to let them go. To love someone enough to tell them to grow without you. To love someone enough that you’re willing to explain the reasons as to why it won’t work just yet. To love yourself enough to come to terms with it. One day someone’s going to treat you better than I ever will. One day someone’s going to ask you to marry him. One day someone’s going to have your smile. One day someone’s going to leave you love letters near the kitchen sink. One day someone’s going to pretend to spoon feed you during dinner and pull you in for a kiss. One day someone’s going to write poems for you and mean it when he says I want you to be mine forever. One day someone’s going to be right beside you. He’ll be right there. By your side, as the sun hits your curtains and you’re struggling to get out of bed– he’ll swing those curtains open and jump scare you. He’s going to sing for you while you’re in the shower. He’ll hold you while you’re having nightmares. He’ll reason with you intellectually if you’re ever in a dispute about art and poetry. He’ll walk you down that aisle and never think twice. He won’t do drugs and he’ll be healthy. He won’t smoke cigarettes and he won’t be perfect, but my god, he’ll make you forget about me. You’re stubborn and hard headed, you’re just like me. You’re smart and colorful down to the bristles of your soul. As an artist and a writer, we are compelled to chase after a love story fitting to declare war upon ourselves. You’re going to paint his life like how I’ve done for you. He’s going to squeeze your palms and ask for a dance. He’s going to hold your hips and ask for a walk. The moon will be out and you’ll enjoy your night. Love screams from a multidimensional place– I’ve seen seen love crash and burn. I’ve seen love destroy and rebuild. I’ve seen love light enough to blind us from ever seeing the truth. I’ve seen a love that’s frightening. I’ve seen terror within the night– you’re only sober if it feels right. I’ve seen who I am and I’m still lost. Some words cost us an eternity of apologies. Some feelings never leave us, even if the people do. You’re more than what I can ask for, you’re more than you know. We’ve been down this road before. Some day we’ll forget about who we are today, some day we’ll change forever. Some day you’ll understand the why, some day you’ll find the who, some day he’ll bring you to the where, some day he’ll show you what’s in his heart, and you’ll realize about the how. I’m still searching for myself– I’m falling deeper into a sea that isn’t designed for swimming. I’m stuck in a place that only has room for one person. Do you ever feel like there’s something wrong with the way that we are? Something’s always missing in the daily routine, there’s something broken inside of my head. Love letters sprinkled with heartfelt laughter– I wish I could give you that. I only want the best for you even if that person isn’t me.

This is the season where you recall all the things that you have done for the whole year. All the things that made you smile. All of the unforgettable things that made you cry. All of the relationships you had with other people. All of the broken friendships that you can no longer retrieve and save. This is the time of the year when you have to decide which of those things are needed to be treasured and which ones should you left behind. And this time, let us do it together. Remember all the memories that you made this year. Whether it’s good or it’s bad. We should care if it had made us happy or sad. No matter how many they are, they all played an important role in our life. You may not notice it back then, but they will lead you somewhere, that we both hope is a place you always wanted to be in.

This time, catch all of those happy moments you remembered. Close them inside your hands and put them beneath your heart where no one can steal them away from you. Hold them like your own precious stars so every time your night became sad and gloomy, you can always bring them out. The most important thing you should recall this year is the thing that made you happy. Because that is the only thing that will keep your soul shining and smiling. Keep them as if when you bring them together they will be the air that you’re breathing.

This time, let go. Let go of the things that broke your heart. Take a deep breath and open you heart, find all the things that hurt you like they are knives, that made your heart bleeds too much. Remove them one at a time. And when you’re done, throw them away where your eyes can never reach them again. If you need to do it for too many times, be brave, and be courageous enough to heal your own heart. You must do it for yourself—not for anyone else. This time of the year, remove all the negativities that still surround you, and replace them with the happiest vibes that you could spread around you.

This time, accept yourself even if this year had changed you into someone you thought you would never know. Welcome the approaching year with a strong heart and a smile on your face. And this time I hope, that we will all have a happy, fruitful and healthy new year.

—  ma.c.a // Remember, Accept and Let Go

February 10, 2017

Which path leads back to you? I think life is strange. We know each other. It has only been for a few months, but I know who you are. Some day I won’t be the same. The same thing goes for you. Isn’t it a little scary? The person that I am today… I won’t laugh the same after hearing the joke for a second time. My thoughts will be altered. New feelings will smother old feelings. What if my passion for writing burns out? I’ve been doing some thinking about what is in my heart. When was the last time I picked myself? When did I lose my way? The choices I have made… my regrets and mistakes… when will I forgive myself? I can drop it all and say fuck it. I can smile and laugh it off, but am I being honest to myself for myself? Maybe the life quotes are right… everything happens for a reason. There you go again. Lost. Which path will lead you back to me? The things you felt last week, the kiss you blew to me, your voice over the phone, your heart and my heart clings to one another– we may change one day, but today we’re still us. Do you ever think about where your next passion will come from? I heard that from within ourselves we’ll find a perfect balance between selfish and selfless. How can I say that I love you if I can’t even say it to myself? How can I expect you to respect me if I don’t even respect me? It’s all internal. There’s a grey cloud in every poem. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I just want to better– a better me to come home to.

Josh Hutcherson Joins '#PeacefulProtest' Against President-Elect Donald Trump, Asks Fans To Join ‘#NotMyPresident’ Rally
Actor Josh Hutcherson is engaging in a revolution that's outside of the "Hunger Games" movies, and he has since asked his fans to join him in protesting against President-elect Donald Trump.

Josh Hutcherson may not have been very vocal about his support for Hillary Clinton in the days leading to the election, but he is now making up for it by asking his fans to join him in protesting against President-elect Donald Trump. The 24-year-old actor has been taking to social media to call on to people to join the “#NotMyPresident” revolution.

Just this early Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence’s  “Hunger Games” co-star took to Twitter to point out why people should join the revolution against Trump. “#PeacefulProtest #NotMyPresident #LoveTrumpsHate REVOLUTION! Follow our president elects (sic) own words!” he wrote alongside a retweet of a circulating post showing Trump’s statements when he thought that Romney won the 2012 presidential election.

parts of you have become parts of me. I hope you always lift your feet when you go over railroad tracks. and I hope you always touch the roof when you rush through a yellow light. I hope you knock on your head three times and kiss your knuckles with the same excitement I kissed your cheek. I hope sunflowers always remind you to stand tall and strong. I hope when you drive you sing at the top of your lungs even if no ones there to listen. your laugh is contagious. hope you laugh, not that fake laugh you did sometimes but the one that starts in your belly and explodes from your soul. i hope you reach into your pockets, backpack, and glove box and find Chapstick strategically placed everywhere. i hope you flip the coin, take a drive, and maybe one day it will lead you back to me.
—  but until then, I hope parts of me have become parts of you too.

which road leads back to you? i’ll walk barefoot through thorns if only i could reach the beginning again. i’ll dig up the grave. i’ll shake the death off. i’ll decorate the abandoned house. i’ll give it cpr until it comes back gasping for air. i like when things aren’t perfect, anyway. we can cover up the bleeding parts with band-aids and kiss each others’ fault lines. this time will be better, i swear. i know you’re saying goodbye but i’m still trying to figure out ways to make this work. you’re saying our story’s over but i don’t believe you. i still think we’re going to find our way back to each other in the end. this isn’t over if i keep pretending. this isn’t over. this cannot be dead.

Cassian/Jyn AU fic recs

Because I’ve spent so much time on AO3 it would be a waste not to share, here are a bunch of Rebelcaptain AU fics you should all check out. (Excludes post-Scarif AUs, because that would be a post in itself).


World War II AUs
Resistance is Built on Hope by ChronicOlicity. 49K words, WIP.
until we win… by guineapiggie. 1.5K words, oneshot.

Imperial Jyn/Cassian AUs
every star leads me back to you by winterbones. 7.7K words, WIP.
Under the Cover of Darkness by plumdarling
. 30K words, WIP.
Death Trooper One by LiteralTrashHeap_Sry.
13K words, WIP
to treat everything as if it were a nail by thingswithteeth. 12K words, WIP
Untitled by @kylorenvevo
. 1K words, oneshot

Canon Divergence AUs
something always brings me back to you by tryalittlejoytomorrow. 11k words, oneshot.
A Thousand Shards of Light by Linay1. 5K words, WIP
cut out in little stars by nymja. 3K words, WIP
turn down the lights by ginnyweasleys
. 2K words, oneshot
The Words Would Only Rhyme by betweentheheavesofstorm
. 17K words, WIP
Always Together by SockFightChampion01
. 13K words, WIP

Crime/FBI AUs
In the Shadows by StormDancer. 20K words, oneshot
Kill Your Demons by Copper_Nails (Her_Madjesty)
. 2.7K words, oneshot
Against Better Judgement (series) by guineapiggie. 5.5K words, 2 oneshots

Soulmates AUs
this is the fate you’ve carved on me by Selkit. 8K words, WIP
Pleasure With The Pain by lannisterslioness. 2.5K words, WIP
Sic Itur Ad Astra by ClockworkCourier. 2.5K words, oneshot

Birthright by canardroublard
. 4.5K words, WIP. Pacific Rim AU
we were born to make history (series)
by chaos_harmony. 7K words, two oneshots. Yuri On Ice! AU

Modern AUs
Her Red, Red Lipstick (The Imprint It Leaves On His Cheek) by 13letters
. 50K words, WIP

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