In the high mountain ranges of the Montana-Idaho border, you’ll find Bannock Pass. The pass is approximately 7,684 feet above sea level near Leadore, Idaho.  The captivating Continental Divide Trail bisects this important pass as it continues to head north.

The rugged and weathered markers play an important role in helping people navigate the 3,100 mile course. As the Continental Divide Trail Organization writes: “The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail is much more than just a line on a map; it is a living museum of the American West, a place to reconnect with nature, and a unifying force bringing people of all walks of life together.”

BLM Idaho’s Salmon Field Office hosts a small portion of the Continental Divide Trail. Wildflowers offer beautiful color to this already amazing landscape.

Photos and post by Sarah Wheeler, BLM Idaho.

highlights from 8-830c
  1. majority leador mitch mcconnell: “three yrs ago the clintons camped out in my state and told anyone and everyone not to vote for me. i’m here to return the favor” 
  2. actually lol’ing because that was pretty fucking funny
  3. oh dear god the fucking emails again
  4. ‘we never hesitated to confront the president’ yeah we know you literally did nothing for eight years because you all are fucking racist assholes we know
  5. my god it’s only been fourteen minutes
  6. in the background behind the pundits talking some speaker is yelling ‘make america great again’ ugh
  7. fuck yeah paul ryan is speaking why are the pretty ones so ugly inside
  8. his metaphors are lovely tho “it’s like getting cleared for takeoff then going back to the gate” ok but if we elect trump it would be like getting cleared for takeoff and then the plane literally exploding so 
  9. did he just say ‘wages never seem to go up’ because i think it’s your fault that my minimum wage is so low
  10. i mean tbh paul ryan is a really good speech-giver, he’s very persuasive. he’s got all the pathos going on and clever little sound bites and humor. 
  11. ‘aren’t we all supposed to be one america’ omg it would be nice if you treated us all like one america instead of some of us like second class or even third class citizens kthx
  12. ‘everyone is equal’ 😂
  13. wow i was going to do a whole hours worth of highlights but there’s just too much