In the high mountain ranges of the Montana-Idaho border, you’ll find Bannock Pass. The pass is approximately 7,684 feet above sea level near Leadore, Idaho.  The captivating Continental Divide Trail bisects this important pass as it continues to head north.

The rugged and weathered markers play an important role in helping people navigate the 3,100 mile course. As the Continental Divide Trail Organization writes: “The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail is much more than just a line on a map; it is a living museum of the American West, a place to reconnect with nature, and a unifying force bringing people of all walks of life together.”

BLM Idaho’s Salmon Field Office hosts a small portion of the Continental Divide Trail. Wildflowers offer beautiful color to this already amazing landscape.

Photos and post by Sarah Wheeler, BLM Idaho.


Im a black girl

For someone reason

The world wants me to hate myself

Everything that applies to being a women

Does not apply to me

Feminism has excluded me

So has beauty

So has the concept of love

Media recognizes me


I can not be a lead

Or an object of affection

Im to be lusted after

Or ignored

Black woman are innocent in this world

We did not steal land

We did not leave a trail of tears

Did not chain people to ship

And use them to profit

Yet the world hate us

They abuse and use us

Ignore our struggle  

Yet say that we are angry

So go easy on me but i wrote thispoem and i was proud of myself and wanted to share

by  jaimesha fernandez


Romance isn’t just for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated all year long on public lands. To celebrate her birthday, and as a romantic gesture, Steve Janzen, civil engineer for the BLM Idaho Falls District took his wife, Brandy Janzen, BLM natural resource specialist, hiking to Deadman Lake, Montana near Leadore, Idaho. The 14 mile hiking loop started off amazing with beautiful vistas and great fishing… until the massive torrents of rain came late in the afternoon.

-Sarah Wheeler