Can we talk about Barold Frost? Can we just take a moment to discuss of how underrated he is? I read fics and even the fics underrate Frost. He’s so kind and sweet and funny. He’s handsome. He’s an amazing character and yet so many people underrate him. I mean, this guy doesn’t have the ability to stare at a dead body without puking but he still goes to crime scenes and loves his job. He accepted Maura as a friend without question. He genuinely cares about her. He endures Jane’s crudeness because he knows that deep down she cares about him. Have you seen him dance? And his arms. AND THOSE EYES. LOOK AT THOSE EYES. HE IS SO CUTE. Let’s all show some love for Barry Frost, please.

Can we? Can we just talk for a second? Maura. She looks so adorable here. She has this weird thing attached to her pants and to anyone else it’d be really weird, and even Jane doesn’t understand it but Maura loves it. She looks like a kid trying out their new Christmas present from their parents. They’re pants that make it easier for you to have a picnic. Yes, they look weird. But, Maura doesn’t care because it makes picnicking so much more convenient and she’s so happy about it. She’s happy because their innovation and she gets to demonstrate how freaking awesome her pants are to Jane. It almost seems like she’s hinting to Jane; hey you know if you ever wanna take me on a date to the park spontaneously, I’m prepared. Maura just looks so adorable. She’s not seeking approval for the pants because she knows that she doesn’t have to get Jane to approve or even understand it at all. She just knows that she has some really cool pants now and she loves them and it’s little quirks like that that makes me absolutely love Maura Isles. 

I think we can all agree this is one of the most romanticized gif of them, and I’d be inclined to agree. But, don’t all OTPs have that moment where if we didn’t know before, we knew in that moment? I think this was that moment for me. I shipped them before this scene, of course. I mean, the writers don’t make it very hard considering the very first episode Jane mentions being attracted to each other. But, this scene was the moment I realized that it wasn’t just some fantasy for me. It wasn’t just something I wished could happen but accepted it never could. No, this was the moment I truly needed Rizzles to be canon because do you even realize what a show like this could do for the LGBTQ community? Imagine if they’d been best friends for six seasons and everyone just loved them. Imagine that all the bigot men and women who believe gay marriage shouldn’t be legal, imagine they fell in love with these characters. They trusted these two strong women to do their jobs and they thought they were funny and brilliant. Imagine them falling in love with these characters, then suddenly Jane and Maura kiss. Jane and Maura date. Jane and Maura get married. See, they’d be the same women. No different than the two women we loved before, the only difference is that they’d openly hold hands and kiss each other. But, honestly nothing would really change. And I could only hope those bigots from before could see that. They could see “wow these two women aren’t flamboyantly gay like I thought gays would be, and if they are they still manage to get their jobs done, pay their taxes, give to the homeless. They’ve saved lives. Wow, I guess I was wrong. Gays are just like me.” And that’s why I need Rizzles to be canon. I need them to be normal women to get bigots to fall in love with the seemingly normality of their characters. To trust their characters as “regular” women then suddenly it’s revealed that they’re in fact gay. I need a J.K. Rowling with Dumbledore moment.