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Okay, why is no one talking about the Black Mercy? Or how it could have latched on to Lena and Supergirl has to dive into Lena’s mind, only to find that Lena is happily married to Kara with two kids, and she has to convince Lena to leave reject this world for a world where Kara has no idea who she loves? I would cry if this was a thing.

That could go two ways. One, Kara would try to convince her that it’s not real and they’re just really good friends irl. Or two, Kara could say “come back to reality and maybe we’ll have this for real someday”

But honestly? Lena would never go back. With black mercy there would be no more Luthors, or the pressure of leading L-Corp and the media, and no more loneliness. Just Kara and their kids. She would for sure stay in black mercy forever if she got a chance.

4x11 Theory

Next week will be the turning point for Clarke. The writers said that this season is about Clarke letting go of the “I have to save everyone” thing and about her leaning on her friends to help save everyone. She’s still trying to save everyone by herself. She’s still trying to lead like L. Next week, when she’s got that gun shakily pointed at her best friend, her soulmate, her partner, that’s when she’s finally going to break. That is rock bottom.  And Bellamy is going to be the one who picks her back up. Bellamy is going to be the one who finally makes her see that L’s way was the wrong way. Bellamy is going to be the one to save her from herself. 

Bellamy is the key to everything. 

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Do you think Clarke had already subconsciously fallen for Bellamy when she was with Finn and Lexa? It seems like both Finn and Lexa had questioned her about this in an indirect manner.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:

The attraction has been there since season 1. That’s for sure. I mean look at her face. They were openly flirting in this scene.

And Finn saw that too.

I think she started having feelings (in a romantic sense of the word) for Bellamy in season 2. She asked specifically if Finn and Bellamy made it. Twice.  She put Bellamy on the same level as her love interest. (Did she ask for Monroe? Sterling? Octavia? No.)

She ran through the camp just to get to him and the hug… even Bellamy himself was shocked. Octavia noticed (”There’s something I thought I’d never see.” + her facial expression is also very telling) Damn just rewatch it. Pay a special attention to Clarke’s facial expressions. Compare Bellarke hug to Clarke/Octavia hug - that’s a massive difference.

Clarke still felt guilty for closing the door on Bellamy and Finn. That’s very evident in that scene by the fire in 2x05.  Bellamy offered her understanding. “It had to be done.” He made it very clear that he’s not holding it against her, that he understand why she did it. He reassured her she’d done the right thing. And that’s something Clarke needed at this moment. She was kinda on her own in the Mountain. She was suspicious and trying to get out while the other were trying to convince her they’re finally safe. Then she espaced with the knowledge she left them all behind in MW (which is not what happened but I’m pretty sure Clarke thought something like this). And then she reunited with Bellamy and suddenly she was not alone. She got her partner back. 

And then in 2x05-2x08, they were back in their co-leaders mode. They were so in sync…. Since this episode (meaning 2x05) Bellamy is the person she trusts the most. The person who understands the burden of being a leader and carries it with her. She started falling for Bellamy in these episodes. She still had feelings for Finn but she was not exactly “with Finn”. She wasn’t Finn with since the moment Raven’d landed on the Earth.

The narrative backs me up in 2x09. Clarke just killed Finn and one of the first things she said to Bellamy in this episode is “I can’t lose you too.” Again, Bellamy is put at the same level as the person she’d said “I love you” just a few hours ago.Later in the episode L/xa (sorry guys but thi will show up in the tag anyway since the anon used the correct name) and Clarke had conversation about leading their people and L/xa confided a story of her lost love to Clarke. Clarke needed to stop the pain. She wanted to become a strong stoic leader and make sure she will never have to feel this way again so she built the walls around her heart and emotionally shut herself off. “Love is weakness.” And what is the first thing Clarke did? She sent Bellamy away with the words “I was being weak. It’s worth the risk.” This is Clarke trying to be like L/xa - strong leader devoid of emotions. And what is Clarke’s last line in this episode? “Love is weakness.” Hmmm interesting. So yeah I think she started realizing she has feelings for Bellamy in 2x09 but that’s one of the reasons she sent him away. 

She realized her mistake pretty fast because basically all episode of 2b is Clarke being constantly worried about Bellamy (2x11 is a perfect example but it’s in every single episode). Yet she never stopped believing in Bellamy. She never doubted him. She always believed he’d succeed in this mission.

Even L/xa saw it and called Clarke out on her feelings for Bellamy. “You care about him.” “I care about all of them.” “Yet you worry about him more.” FUCK EVEN L/XA SAW IT.

“…besides, we lost contact with Bellamy.” she’s blinking the tears back again.

And their reunion in the tunnels in 2x16? Clarke is speechless, she’s just staring at Bellamy in wonder, blinking the tears back. She absolutely stunned and the relief is written all over her face.

Moving on…. she didn’t tell anyone else but Bellamy that she’s leaving (maybe expect for Monty). She didn’t even tell her mother. Anyways, did she kiss Monty goodbye? No, she didn’t.

Now for the second part of your question. I’d like to start by saying that Clarke probably spent plenty of time thinking about the delinquents and Bellamy in particular during those 3 months between s2 and s3. Now I’m talking about platonic Bellarke. She thought of him as her partner, friend, co-leader. Se thought of him as a person who pulled that lever with her.

And then she finally saw him again when he came to rescue her. He caressed her face and hair and she’s absolutely stunned. She just started at him with wide eyes. She begged for his life, her voice breaking and she’s do anything - even sacrificing her own life for him (don’t forget that she didn’t know Roan is taking her to Polis, she thought he’s taking her to Nia who wants to kill her). This scene kills me every damn time because it’s the least platonic shit I’ve ever seen. And Roan noticed (and as the season went on, he kept on noticing).

Then everything had changed because Roan brought her to Polis and Clarke was forced to play a role of Wanheda, She became a political figure. War was about to happen and Skaikru was in danger. She didn’t trust L/xa (for a good reason because obviously L/xa betrayed them before) so she had to stay to make sure L would keep her word AND SHE WASN’T READY TO COME BACK. NOT YET. That’s why she decided to stay in Polis in 3x03. If you watch the scene closely, you can see that the conversation with Bellamy wasn’t easy for Clarke. When he walked away, she had to take a moment to blink back the tears and take a deep breath before she was ready to turn around and play the role of wanheda again.

Since 3x04 she was falling for L/xa. But at the same time, she never stopped having feelings for Bellamy. It is possible to love two people at the same time. But I believe Clarke didn’t realize the true nature of her feelings for Bellamy.

One of my scene is definitely their argument in 3x05. I analyzed it in details so you can check that out. Clarke was stunned. She was absolutely crushed. But that scene also kinda woke her up. She was on her own for 3 months, she was isolated from her people in Polis (which is the main reason I’m always saying she was a terrible ambassador) and this argument finally showed her the reality and the consequences of what’s been going on in Arkadia in between 2x16 and 3x05. She realized she’s not the only one who’s hurting. She saw how broken Bellamy was. And she believed her they could fix it all. Together. But she said a few words that triggered Bellamy and he did what he did (again, I talked about it in detail a few months ago).

After the debacle in Arkadia, she focused on playing the role on wanheda again in order to keep her people safe. She was getting closer and closer with L/xa and eventually she fall for her…. and we all know how that played out. Clarke lost another person she loved. At that time, that was all she could think of. Everything happened so fast and then there was the flame, Titus, Murphy… she didn’t have time to think about her feelings. She was overwhelmed. Her feelings for Bellamy were still buried inside of her though without her realizing it.

The Bellarke reunion in 3x11 is interesting for many reasons. Clarke expression can be interpreted many ways but I think she’s also shocked she saw Bellamy, relieved he’s alive and relatively well (she had to blink to make sure he’s really standing there in front of her) and she was also scared. She didn’t know where they stood because the last time they saw each other he handcuffed her and she tazed him.

3b was about finding their way back to each other and Bellamy realizing his feelings for Clarke. Yes, I think that at this point Bellamy is aware of his feelings for Clarke. Clarke on the other hand is not but the feelings are definitely there and have been since season 2. Those feelings never disappeared and I hope we’ll get to see Clarke bringing these feeling back on the surface and becoming aware of her them.

Serious Note

This is aimed towards Abrahamic angels, but if you think it needs adding onto then feel free.

While we’re on the subject, study Theology. I cannot stress this enough. Study Theology. Study Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  Study the Book of Enoch. Read every Abrahamic text you can find and form your own opinions. Everything has been touched by human hands so do take them with a grain of salt, but don’t rely on your mind too much either. Find a medium but do not pick and choose. If you absolutely believe 100000000% something to be true then stick by it, but if you have even a shred of doubt, find out what you can.

Please. We cannot trust other people and our deepest minds to tell us the truth, we need to be informed and understand who and what we are. Great minds think alike, but fools rarely differ.

Into the sun-Jeffmads

James was told by his therapist to write letters to himself, not exactly positive but just about his day, his thoughts. He continued to write, the teacher zoning out and when the lunch bell rang he stood up so quickly the letter was knocked to the ground.

Thomas raised an eyebrow, picking up the letter, ignoring his many friends asking him what he was doing.

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coffee date

summary: when Lin goes to see Heathers, he takes interest on the lead, Y/N Y/L/N.

a/n: this suuuuuucks booooooooi

She rushed quickly into the small changing room. Her feet tapped quickly as she pulled the blue costume from the rack along with the frumpy gray clothes. Her hands went to her hair as she yanked at it softly before she removed her clothes. Her short blue skirt went over her thighs and her shirt tucked inside the waistband.

A soft knock was heard around the empty room, her head turned to the noise as she let out a loud sigh. Her feet walked to the door as she yanked it open being met with a familiar face. Her co-star Jessica was standing in front of her, fully dressed and ready to impress. Jessicas eyes moved up and down her friends appearance.

You look like hell, was the first words from her mouth along with a laugh. Y/N let out a small giggle and nodded in agreement.

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It's funny how you Jonerys shippers all think Jon fans find Daeny a threat because she fulfills some prophecies Jon also does and this is why they don't ship them. I can say the opposite for Daeny fans because y'all are so adamant about Jon not being legitimate because if he were his claim would be better than Daeny's. Is R+L=J that big of a threat to you? Do you want her to be queen so badly that you ignore Jon might be legitimate?

Are you the same anon also sending question to @mudinyourlungs

Doesn’t matter, I’ll still answer you and hopefully you won’t have any more questions after this.

I can say the opposite for Daeny fans because y'all are so adamant about Jon not being legitimate because if he were his claim would be better than Daeny’s.

No, Jon does not actually have a better claim than Dany’s. You see when The World of Ice and Fire was published we learned a piece of information that might not have seemed that important at first glance but it was. We learned that King Aerys upon the death of his son and heir Rhaegar named his second son Viserys his heir, skipping over Rhaegar’s line. 

What does this mean? Well, it means that the Targaryen line of succession now runs through VIserys, not Rhaegar. From the main series we know that when Aerys died Queen Rhaella crowned Visery’s King at Dragsotne, making him the Head of House Targaryen. Visery’s in turn named Daenerys’ his heir, in fact that’s how she’s first introduced to us as the Princess of Dragonstone (the title given to the heir). The last Targaryen King named her his heir and therefore upon his death she became both Queen and Head of House Targaruen. Period. 

So, even if Jon was legitimate he would come second to her because he comes from a line that was skipped over and frankly he was never names as a Targaryen or was ever heir to a King. Finally, although precedent has not allowed a female Targaryen to rule, there is no law saying they can’t rule. 

Is R+L=J that big of a threat to you?

Not at all actually. It’s a tragedy that caused an entire country to be ripped apart, thousands died and Rhaegar’s entire family almost dying with him because of his and his father’s recklessness. 

Do you want her to be queen so badly that you ignore Jon might be legitimate?

To the first part of this question, Dany is already Queen. So there is no need for me to want her to be Queen. She is Queen in her own right as conqueror, by marriage as khaleesi and by heritage as a Targaryen. Queen three times over, Jon being legitimate doesn’t take that away from her. 

Now to the second part of your question. If you are a book reader, did you ever wonder why the character of Young Griff, i.e. Aegon was introduce? Of course he’s there to be an obstacle for Dany but he’s serving another purpose. You have a young man, who is coming out of nowhere claiming to be the dead son of Rhaegar Targayen. He has the Valyrian look and the education to potentially fool people into believing it.  Dany as the “Slayer of Lies” is obviously going to unmask this imposter. 

So, what does this have to do with Jon’s potential legitimacy? A lot actually. After the unmasking of fAegon how do you think the Westerosi noble will react to yet another young man coming out of nowhere claiming to be the unknown son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark? However, unlike fAegon he does look Valyrian and is the known bastard of the very honorable Ned Stark. Do you think they’ll be like, “OMG of course this is the REAL son of Rhaegar not that other guy who totally sort of looked like him, no, no, this is the real one.” I don’t know about you but I don’t think that’s how they’ll react. They are going to roll their eyes at yet another pretender and a bad one at that, the honorable Ned Stark claimed him as his son, so it has to be true. 

The appearance of Young Griff/fAegon pretty much makes it impossible for Jon’s heritage to become public. I’m not saying that Jon, Dany and the Starks won’t know, they’ll know but it’ll be a family secret because no one will truly believe them. 

Finally, I’m going to briefly address something I’ve address a shit ton of times: why Jon is a bastard.

From the moment we are introduced to Jon we learn that being a bastard in Westeros is an awful stigma, they are mistrusted and seen in the most negative light, like being a bastard makes them naturally bad or something. 

So then we have Jon, a known bastard, helping to gather the forces of Westeros to defeat a threat that would destroy them all if not stopped, helping to lead the living against the dead, fighting alongside his men, and kicking all kinds of ass. All the heroism, all the sacrifice, all the awesomeness, and he’s his a BASTARD!? You don’t fucking say!

Yes! I do say. All you people distrusting a bastard and look who’s saving your ass. Proving to the not-so-good people of Westeros that you don’t need a name to be a good man and to be a hero. 

So, if Jon were to be legitimate and everyone finds out, what does that say? Well it proves them right, because this hero was never truly a bastard he was a prince all along. Of course he was, a bastard could never do that, they can’t be trusted.

I say, fuck you Westorosis, a bastard and an exiled Queen with a bad attitude are about to save your ass.


 I still say he should get more trash cans.                                                   

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louis pretending to not want marriage so h tries to convince l marriage is good, l secretly has niall and liam running errands so one day h comes home and hears soft music coming from the backyard and when he goes out there's a candle path leading to l in a suit and theres fairy lights in the trees and h walks to l and theyre both crying and l just falls to one knee and he doesnt even have to ask the question bc h is already on the floor with l saying "yes yes yes" and kissing him repeatedly

The path has been dark for so long now,
I was beginning to lose all hope.
Searching for something from someone that I used to call home.
I didnt notice it at first-
The light, so dim and fragile.
Like a lightning bug.
Soon it got closer and stronger,
I felt a strange familiarity as it approached,
As if I’d seen it before.
This light lead me to safety.
Away from the danger that I had charged into head on.
This light lead me to a new home, one that was safe and far away from the challenges I had faced.
This light made me feel safe and not alone.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention,
The light was you.
—  You Lead Me Home;L.L.
You Just Had To Ruin The Moment.

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Warning(s):None, unless you count me shitting on Alexanders gross Bjorn beard

Note:I am still taking request! This imagine can be found on my Ao3.

Requested by an Anon: Can I ask for an alexander ludwig imagine? where Gyda DIDNT die (RIP) and YN is the actress who plays an older Gyda and her and Alex become an item and the fans love them together?

You are waiting to be called onto set, about to shoot a scene with Alex H繪gh Andersen. You play grown up Gyda, Ragnar and Lagerthas daughter. Through the seasons and episodes Gyda has became healer of a sort. Although you play a sister to Alexander, Jordan, Marco, David, and Alex, it is safe to say you are closest with Alexander. Over the years of filming and playing close siblings together, you and Alexander had also grown close. Everyone knows of you two being close, but no one knows that you two are in a relationship. You guys dont like hiding your relationship, but you both feel as though it is best as of right now.

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Back From The Dead

Word Count: 1,648

Fandom: Sherlock

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Request (s): None

Warning (s): None

A/N: The reader is female in this one, sorry. It’s a chapter from my Sherlock x OC story on Wattpad, I just changed the name to (Y/N). Whoops. Tell me if there are any mistakes! Enjoy!

“It was the wife, you know. It had to be,” a woman’s voice came from behind him, pulling him out of his thoughts. She leant up against the bench but he didn’t turn to look. He would recognise that voice anywhere. He closed his eyes and listened to her speak, only letting out a soft sigh.

“Go on,” he encouraged quietly.

“Well, let’s go over the facts. The wife and the two kids were away at their grandparent’s house, leaving the husband. That alone shows that the relationship between them was weak and brittle. They’d been fighting. Next, the man’s ring was clean on the inside but filthy on the outside. He removed it often. He was having an affair. And with the wife and kids gone, it was the perfect time to have the mistress over for … dinner,” the woman said. Sherlock could hear the smile on her face as she spoke as if this was her favourite thing to do.

“That doesn’t explain the murder,” he said.

“I wasn’t finished,” she explained. “As I was saying, the man had over his mistress. Little did the two of them know, the wife, Mrs Lander, was on her way home to see her husband. She walked in to see the neighbour and her husband in a very compromising ordeal and, in a jealous rage, bludgeoned them with an axe. She then went back to the parent’s house after disposing of her clothes somewhere in the fine city of London and arrived back home to call the authorities, saying someone had murdered her husband and neighbour.”

“You’re saying -”

“Yes, Mrs Lander brutally murdered her husband for something as trivial as adultery. Arrest the wife,” the lady pushed herself off the bench and walked around to face the man sitting down behind her. His breath, unintentionally, hitched in his throat as he saw who it was. Just as he had suspected, the girl had had once loved stood just half a metre in front of him.

“And here she is, (Y/N) (L/N), back from the dead. It’s a miracle,” he said, dryly.

“I had to do it,” (Y/N) tried to explain.

“Please, enlighten me,” Sherlock said, not amused. She took a seat next to him, her shoulder brushing his.

“I had to make Moriarty think I was dead, otherwise he would have had his snipers kill everyone else. Mrs Huson, John, you. He also would have leaked that flash drive, the one saying you made everything up. I couldn’t let that happen. Your reputation would’ve been ruined forever,” she said.

“You could have told me,” he countered, refusing to look over at her, keeping his gaze forward.

“You would have been in more danger,” she said.

“You died, I know you did. I held you. You had no pulse,” Sherlock said.

“I’m sorry,” (Y/N) replied.

“You let me mourn you, for two years. Two bloody years,” he snapped, venomous.

“I’m really sorry,” she said. He nodded slowly, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Who else knows of your sprightliness?”

“I’ve gone to see Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, John, and now I’ve come to you,” she said.

“Let me guess, Lestrade hugged you, Mrs Hudson screamed, and John yelled at you.”

“Spot on, Sher. Except, you missed the part where Mrs Hudson slapped me across the face,” (Y/N) laughed, quietly.

“There’s always one thing,” he muttered, shaking his head.

(Y/N) giggled at his frustration. There was always one thing that he missed. It was part of the reason he used to love bringing (Y/N) along with him on cases, even if it did put her in danger. He found a second opinion, a smart one, very helpful.

One word,” he stated angrily. “Just one word indicate you were alive. It’s all I needed.”

“You would have come after me, and we couldn’t have that now could we?”

“Faking a death is a lot of work. Who helped you?”

“Mycroft and Molly Hooper,” (Y/N) spoke.

“I’m still confused about how you did it. I watched you die,” Sherlock said.

“Some secrets should remain secret,” (Y/N) sighed.

“You just don’t want to damage my ego,” he said.

“Don’t want the great Sherlock Holmes feeling dumb, do we?” She joked. He cracked a minuscule smile.

“I missed you,” she said.

“Really? That’s why you waited so long to contact me?” He threw back, spiteful.

“I had to … take care of some things,” (Y/N) said.

“Very secret things?”


“I see,” he said. The two of them fell into a short-lived awkward silence.

“I know you hate me right now, you have every right to,” (Y/N) admitted, looking down and twiddling her thumbs together. Sherlock looked over at her, giving him the perfect chance to admire her complexion.

Her eyes, so brown they were virtually black, other than the flecks of gold that lined the rim, captivated him. They seemed to hold entire galaxies, compelling him to learn every constellation. The rings of lighter coffee colour in those deep irises seemed to tell a million stories. Her lips, so naturally pink, people would have assumed she was wearing make-up. Her hair, so silky and dark, practically matching the colour of her eyes, falling in smooth waterfalls around her pale face. She looked like a goddess.

But it wasn’t the physical beauty he had longed to see. Behind all the exterior of the brilliant woman was a brilliant mind. She seemed to carry all the knowledge in the world on those small shoulders. It was because of that lone fact that he could truly say that he had loved her - still loved her. He wouldn’t say it aloud, but he was completely infatuated with her. Everything she did, every tiny movement, entranced him enough that it almost became difficult to focus on anything when she was around.

“So, why now?” He asked, tearing his gaze away from her.

“Why not now? I guess I figured it’s been long enough, yes? A lot has changed,” (Y/N) replied.

“John’s moved out. Said he can’t stand being there knowing you wouldn’t ever come through that door ever again. I can’t blame him, everything reminds me of you,”  Sherlock explained, twiddling his thumbs in his lap.

“How’s that been?” (Y/N) asked.

“I’m more alone than Anderson’s single brain cell,” he chuckled. (Y/N) laughed.

“How’s the flat? Is it a mess?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I try not to spend too much time at Baker Street anymore. It’s rather boring there,” Sherlock said, blatantly lying. (Y/N) knew it was just because he didn’t want to be around her things, but she let him have this one lie.

“There is no such thing as boring when you’re around William Sherlock Scott Holmes,” she said, putting extra emphasis on his full name. He cringed.

“Oh please, don’t call me that,” he sighed.

William,” she teased. He just shook his head, laughing to himself.

“God no,” he mumbled. He dipped his head down low.


“You’ve got me doing it again,” he said, looking over at her through his unruly mop of hair.

“Doing what?” She asked, smugly.

“Falling apart like wet sand in your hands,” he said. She blushed. “Only you could do that, you know? You could always see right through me. It’s almost infuriating.”

“I know,” she said, reaching over and grabbing his twitching hand. “But you have to admit, you love it.”

“I love you,” he said.

“Still? After everything I’ve put you through?”

“There’s nothing you could do to stop me. You’re like a drug and I’m the pleading addict. Begging for another fix.”

“I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but I’m going to take it as one,” (Y/N) laughed, scooting closer to him, intertwining her fingers with his. He made no move to stop her.

“I love you too, Sher. And I would really like to come home if you’d have me,” she said, squeezing his hand.

“I didn’t think you would have to ask. Your room hasn’t been touched since … you know, so it’s all yours,” he said, looking up.

“Fantastic. Next thing you know, we’ll be solving crimes just like we used to,” she smiled. Without even thinking, she sat up straight so she could reach, and placed a peck on his lips. He was startled for a second afterwards, not expecting the kiss, but his body relaxed once again as if remembering the habits of being in a relationship. He leant down to her level for another, this time making it last longer.

“Well then, Miss (L/N). Lead the way,” he said pulling away and standing from the bench. She did as well, latching her hand onto his arm.

“Of course, Mister Holmes. Right this way,” she smiled and started walking back to 221B Baker Street with him. With (Y/N) by his side once more, Sherlock finally felt like himself again.

He was the kind of man that authors spend years writing books about, and she was the type of girl that people have been singing songs about for generations, and the combination of the two of them created nothing less than a masterpiece.

Dirtbag || Travis & Johnny

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“ Ayo, buddy.   No more introduction than that, just a shout over the drumming buzz of the bar and a nudge to the other man’s arm. He jutted a finger out and motioned to a leggy blonde a few paces away, a woman who only happened to simply say excuse me to Travis and that was it. Johnny had mistaken their exchange of politeness for something more.

“ That y’rs? I don’t really care either way, truth b’told; still gonna try t’fuck ‘er, but I gotta know if I gotta fight first. 

Main complaints about yuri// on ice:
- the fact that Yuri couldn’t stay fat and ice skate
- the notion that you have to be thin to be a good ice skater
- all the fat jokes
- the fact that he’s somehow more attractive thin than he was fat???