leading her to the console room again

Carmilla Story 74 Excerpt

Since you’re all such wonderful cupcakes, here’s a sneak peak of my @carmillabigbang story. It’s nearly 10k (still incomplete) and whatever may happen with this highly experimental structure, I love the setting/world and will probably use it again one day. 

Four to stop infinity. Four to free the night.

The Word where fate is written down, the Heart of ancient’s fright.

The Sword that cleaves no flesh or blood but still can take its bite,

And when the stars come home again, the Love that’s writ in light.


The little hum that thrummed through the tiny room was enough to tell Laura that someone was flying the spaceship. Unbidden, her mind flashed an image of Carmilla swearing at the steering console. For a moment, it was almost comforting.

Laura pushed the feeling away.

Carmilla wasn’t allowed to be a comfort. She wasn’t Laura’s. Not anymore.

Thinking about Carmilla just lead to more pain. That was all she had left. The pain and the memories. Her hand shook even as she scrunched it tighter, the phantom feeling of a blaster in her palm. The heat as it fired. The buzz as the plasma flew. The smell of charred flesh, a hole visible straight through Guardian Vordenberg’s chest.

Days earlier, the ragged edges of a dragon’s chest, dripping silver blood until it’s gemstone heart fell to the floor with a rattle.

The gush of blood that poured from Danny’s throat, her Guardian uniform  pristine until her red  blood made a slow trail down the black fabric. The blood. The blood. Hot and acid and filling the hallways with the smell of iron as the sword in Danny’s hand fell to the ground. The black blade swallowing all.

And Carmilla. 

Reunion fic, with a twist

When Rose Tyler arrived at Torchwood that morning, the last thing she expected was to find the TARDIS sitting proudly in her office.

For a moment she couldn’t breathe and before she could rush the doors they opened of their own volition, revealing a console room she did not recognize. In fact, it didn’t even look like a room. It was more of a dark chasm with a floating walkway leading towards a single column of light that seemed to stretch infinitely in either direction. It terrified Rose.

Although she could hear the TARDIS’ soothing song in her head again, she hesitated to step within the doorway of the ship. What had happened? Where was the Doctor?

Rose felt something tug her inside the TARDIS against her will and she fought against the force, but to no avail. She was quick to grab the railing before she collapsed to the floor of the walkway. “What the hell?!”

“No need for foul language, my dear.”

Rose whipped around and found herself face to face with a man she did not recognize. “Who the hell—”

She froze as soon as she saw his eyes—they burned a brilliant gold and she could feel him inside her mind as if it was his rightful place.

It was the Doctor.

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Captain Jack's Hypervodka [Nine/Rose - Adult]

So this fic is based on this t-shirt design and the fact I’m drinking vodka right now. Sorry for any mistakes, but alcohol is not a reliable beta! And despite the name, there’s a sad lack of Jack. But still.


The first time he’d seen the shirt, it’d been in the 53rd century, in a pub after a busy day with the Slitheen. At the time, the Doctor had barely noticed it, just seen it in passing and decided a drink of hypervodka would be good.

The second time was after everybody had lived through another day of the London Blitz. And that time, he had actually paid attention. He’d let the TARDIS’ new passenger pick the destination to celebrate, they had landed back in the 38th century, four planets over from Earth, in a loud, crowded and apparently stylish club. And there, on each of the three bartenders, quickly and efficiently serving drinks, was the shirt.

It was just a t-shirt. But a t-shirt for ‘Captain Jack’s Original Hypervodka’. It featured Jack Harkness in a military greatcoat, one foot resting on a hand in a jar, standing in front of Big Ben. The Doctor didn’t like it at all. And at the sight of it, he’d turned around, quickly finding his two human companions. Catching their attention, he’d made it apparent they needed to leave. Right then. He’d muttered something about timelines and unsafe alcohol and anything would convince them they had to leave that instant. Thankfully, they’d been easily convinced and let him lead them back to the TARDIS and away from the century and planet.

At the time, the Doctor had assumed he wouldn’t see that shirt again for a while. If it was up to him, never again.

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It’s In The Family

A/N: Some Steven-centric headcanons about what might happen in the future, and headcanons about Yellow Diamond. 

For @katyfarina, a late birthday present. Hope you think this is cool!

There was warmth, all around. Not quite a dream, Steven stayed in that place for as long as he could. It was safe there, soft. His bones stitched together like spring saplings, and there was no pain, none at all.

When Steven came to, he had a splitting headache.

Waking up felt like getting zapped with a prank handshake. He shook, all over, a tingle running down his spine. He blinked, several times, afraid for a moment since he couldn’t see, but then the world came into focus and a small part of him wished it hadn’t.

A giant glass window stretched in front of him, bigger than the walls of his house.

And outside was black, endless space.

“Oh boy,” Steven said, and got to his feet.

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