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I figured since I haven’t been as active with college and what not, my followers who stuck around with me all these years truly deserve this! This is my way of saying thanks for putting up with my craziness and providing so much support to me over the years.


  1. A wrapped stone pendant necklace
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  4. A star and moon ring

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I swear to god.

I swear to god, I will do everything in my power to make sure my children know they are loved in every single possible way. I will try my hardest to let them know to stand independently, to not be afraid to be different, to have some fun, dont worry so much, dont expect perfection, follow what your heart tells you and if you’re ever feeling lonely that I will be there for them…

I swear, I would give my entire life to make sure my children wont have to look into the mirror and think “I hate the way I look” or ever let the thought of “I want to kill myself” cross their minds. I will give my soul to hope they never have to know the pain that is Depression or Anxiety or any other mental illness there is. I dont want my children to let the world bring them down. I want to raise them to know that they can be whatever gender, sexuality, religion, etc. they want and that they dont ever EVER for one second have the right to think its something to feel bad about. 

I swear to god, I dont want my future children to ever feel as much pain in life as I did, but I know I can’t stop life from happening. So if one day my child comes crying to me saying, “Mommy, I’m gay.”, “Mommy, I dont like the way I look.”, “Mommy, I’m lonely.”, “Mommy, I dont want to live anymore.” I will stop my entire life to hold them in my arms; willing and coaxing every piece of them back together. Teaching them that its okay to be who you are, but it’s never okay to feel you must be something everyone else wants you to be. 

I swear to god, I’m making sure my children grow up knowing independence, acceptance, and true love.

-Sami Mowen (leading-blind-bats)


Hey everyone, I dont want to bother you but it would meant the world if you could stop for a second and read this. Honestly it would.

This is my grandmother. The left photo is her when she was in her early 30’s and the right is her recently. My grandmother turns 83 years old tomorrow as of (July 31st), I’m making this post just because I want to share the amazing journey my grandma has been through and to wish her the happiest birthday she could ever have. 

Let me introduce her, my grandmothers name is Joyce. She grew up in a small town in Tennesee, southern as can be, and grew up in a very poor home and family. I remember how my grandmother told me that when she was younger they actually dumpster dived for food at times when there wasn’t enough money for food. My grandma was a tough little cookie too. She stood up for herself in school and was a rousy kid, getting in fist fights with boys. She didn’t care about being ladylike, she believed in standing up for herself, always. Eventually her family moved up to Ohio where she met the love of her life. My grandfather, Art. My grandmother said there was a popular skating rink that every young adult went to, so one day she went with a friend. As she was skating she saw a very handsome man looking at her as if she were an Angel. The cutest thing I remember about this story is how before my Grandfather ever muttered a word to my Grandmother, he told his friend, “I’m going to marry that girl someday.” It was love at first site. They were pure soul mates and they spent everyday of their lives together, madly in love. Eventually my Grandmother had a son. My dad. He grew up to be quite the ladies man during high school and his 20’s but during his early 30’s he met and married my mom and finally had me and my sister. By the time I was 2 years old my parents divorced. Life was hard, but my grandmother was more like my second mom. She raised us and took care of my sister and I through the divorce and even through the constant hatred between my parents. Soon enough my Grandma’s healthy started to waver. She had to have heart surgery, she got cancer, she’d been in an awful car wreck that caused permanent damage in her leg and soon turned into arthris, and had two strokes. In 2002 on Valentine’s Day my grandma went to bed. Halfway through the night her life changed forever when she realized and called for help that my grandpa had passed away from a heart attack in his sleep. He was only 64 years old. I was 4 at the time, but I remember vividly still all about my amazing grandpa. He had diabetes, heart problems, and had a leg amputated causing him to become permanently crippled and always in a wheel chair. This however didn’t stop any of my Grandma or Grandpa, Like I said they were soulmates, they stuck together through everything and when the worse came, they pushed it aside and moved on for better times. And they never looked back. So when my grandpa died, my grandma eventually strengthened herself back up and kept going. She hasn’t, doesn’t, and won’t let anything stop her. 

I want to dedicate this post to my grandmother and share with all of you her amazing story. I want to say, Happy 83rd Birthday Grandma. You’re an amazing, beautiful, and strong role model for me, and I’ll never be able to express how much gratitude and love I give to this woman. 

P.S.– please reblog this, I really want my grandmother’s story to live on, and to be a reminder to everyone to strong even when things are hard. 

A note to my future self and children,

If when Im older my kids ever are gay, lesbian, queer, agender, and/or all the the other sexualites and identifiers. I really hope that my children would never have to come out to me. Because that would mean that they closeted their feelings from me and I want to make sure I’m the parent that my children will always be comfortable with. I want to make it seem like they live in a world where they can experience the thrills of falling for a boy or girl and feeling normal about it without having to feel like it would be something they have to hide from me or anyone. I want my children to feel normal because even if they were anything besides “heterosexual” they would still be exactly the same. There’s no reason that falling in love with the same gender or not feeling like themselves with their assigned gender makes them any more or less different to anyone else in the world. I promise my future children, that I as their mother, will never let them feel different for simply being who they are.

-Sami Mowen [x]