‘Course I was worried about ‘em, are you kiddin’?  Half the town was on fire and a giant goat was rampagin’ right outside!

And yeah, I was out lookin’ for ‘em when I found th’ first few stragglers.  The whole town was a minefield, y’know?  Mabel’s friends, that Northwest girl…I—I couldn’t just leave ‘em out there.  Besides, even if you’ve got a cold, rock-solid soul like me, it still tugs at your heartstrings t’see a kid—and an eight-headed, uh, bear-thing—all injured and cryin’ like that.

Anyway, I’d bring ‘em back to the shack, which is a pretty decent safe haven right now.  Heh, wouldn’t you know it?  You can protect tons’f people n’ property with just a simple combination of—

Eh. Hold on. Better keep things quiet…Don’t want word gettin’ around to that triangle freak.

Anyway, every day I’d have my daily searches for Dipper and Mabel, and every day I’d end up bringin’ back more an’ more survivors.  Heh, guess that’s how the shack got so full so quickly.

Still…Still felt pretty empty without those two, though.

Whoa, whoa, hey, you all are actin’ like I was made for this or somethin’, no, trust me.  If anybody’s destined for greatness, it…it ain’t me. 

Heh, it’s kinda funny; back when I was runnin’ for mayor, I was just lookin’ for a little respect from the townsfolk, y’know? Now I got all the respect I could ever ask for, and it’s under the worst circumstances.  It’s more of a responsibility, at this point.  I never “expected” t’be chief of all this…heck, I never expected t’be anythin’!

…If you wanna know what it feels like, it’s basically like bein’ mistaken for “the mysterious science guy who lives in th’ woods” all over again.

I’m no genius…but hey, uh, s-sometimes y’gotta do what y’gotta do!

Look, I—I’m tellin’ ya! It’s not like I did anythin’ special!  I just happened t’be at the right place at the right time with th’ right resources.  Like, y’know, shelter, a baseball bat, an’ three cabinets worth of brown meat!  

Well, two cabinets now.  Them manotaurs eat like there’s no tomorrow.

And speakin’ of “no tomorrow,” that’s the other thing—you don’t go around tellin’ kids that they’re never gonna see their families again, or that we’re all gonna turn out as stone or…or worse.  You just don’t go around paradin’ that!  Besides, none’f that’s gonna happen—and that’s not even me sugar-coatin’ it.  I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen.

You said it, kid—I’m responsible for everyone in th’ shack, and that means it’s my responsibility to kick some triangle a—er, butt.

Look…Ford’s gone.  Most’ve the town is gone.  And for th’ longest time, I thought Dipper and Mabel were too.  But if there’s anythin’ I have experience with, it’s pushin’ through, even when it seems completely hopeless.  Whether that’s—I dunno—shadowboxin’ light-heartedly in front of the kids to make ‘em feel safer, goin’ out scoutin’ for food when no one else is feelin’ up to it, and yes, even stickin’ by that McGucket guy when he’s havin’ one’f those breakdowns of his.  

It’s no walk in the park, but how else are we gonna take down this Bill guy, eh? We gonna let him step all over us?

I dunno about you, but I’m not gonna let some triangle make a fool outta me. I’ve got a whole army’f fighters at my side, and I don’t think any’f us are willin’ to take “no” for an answer.  We aren’t goin’ down without a fight—heck, we aren’t goin’ down at all, got that?!  No matter how we all got here, this place is our home, these people are our families, and, well, it’s time t’take it all back!

So yeah, this whole “chief” thing was never th’ plan, and I still don’t think I’m some hero for it…But dang it, you can bet every cent I’ve ever invested in this shack—I’m gonna be the best leader I can be.

Either that, or die tryin’.


P.S. To the anon that made that “joke” about my brother: After we bash this triangle to a pulp, I’m comin’ after you.

The Punisher: A Simple Test To Protect You! - Law Officer
The Punisher originated as a Marvel Comic book character created during my adolescent years in the 1970’s. Having read many of the comics in my youth, and I think I’ve seen all the versions of the movie, the character has always had one constant, recurring motivation: dishing out “justice” as he sees fit. While serving …

This is a great test meant for LEOs but it is also applicable to CCW holders as well. 

Budget Cuts May Force Kentucky State to Close, Says President
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Kentucky State University President Raymond Burse told students and faculty this week that budget cuts in the state may force the school to close, becoming the second HBCU president in less than a month to warn of a doomsday scenario stemming from state appropriations changes. 

In a letter to the campus community, Burse said that an emphasis on collecting outstanding balances from students has dropped the school’s enrollment and tuition revenues. This reduction, paired with a proposed nine percent cut over the next two years to higher education, and a 4.5 percent request before June 30, would force the university into financial exigency, the higher education version of bankruptcy, or closure. 

Kentucky State cannot withstand what is being proposed in the budget. If the budget as proposed is enacted, our options would be to declare financial exigency and/or prepare a closure plan. I do not like either one of those options and I am working hard to make certain we can do our work smarter, logically and effectively to ensure that Kentucky State University is here for another 130 years

In late January, Southern University System President Ray Belton told stakeholders that proposed state cuts in Louisiana would force the cancellation of programs, layoffs, and would disrupt operations to the point of closure. System officials recanted that analysis.

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11 Leadership Attributes

I’m adding this to my blog so I can have frequent looks at it; I’m going up for the NCOPD for the potential of a rank-up and need to know at least three of these attributes by memory. More required information for the NCOPD will meet my blog fairly frequently through February.

1.) Know yourself and seek self improvement

2 .) Be technically and tactically proficient

3.) Know your subordinates and look out for their welfare

4.) Keep subordinates informed

5.) Set the example

6.) Ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished

7.) Train your subordinates as a team

8.) Make sound and timely decisions

9.) Develop a sense of responsibility among your subordinates

10.) Employ your command in accordance with its capabilities

11.) Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions

I Miss Barack Obama
This campaign is highlighting some of the president’s better traits.
By David Brooks

As this primary season has gone along, a strange sensation has come over me: I miss Barack Obama. 

The first and most important of these is basic integrity. The Obama administration has been remarkably scandal-free. Think of the way Iran-contra or the Lewinsky scandals swallowed years from Reagan and Clinton.

We’ve had very little of that from Obama. He and his staff have generally behaved with basic rectitude. Hillary Clinton is constantly having to hold these defensive press conferences when she’s trying to explain away some vaguely shady shortcut she’s taken, or decision she has made, but Obama has not had to do that.

He and his wife have not only displayed superior integrity themselves, they have mostly attracted and hired people with high personal standards. There are all sorts of unsightly characters floating around politics, including in the Clinton camp and in Gov. Chris Christie’s administration. This sort has been blocked from team Obama.

Second, a sense of basic humanity. Donald Trump has spent much of this campaign vowing to block Muslim immigration. You can only say that if you treat Muslim Americans as an abstraction. President Obama, meanwhile, went to a mosque, looked into people’s eyes and gave a wonderful speech reasserting their place as Americans.

He’s exuded this basic care and respect for the dignity of others time and time again. Let’s put it this way: Imagine if Barack and Michelle Obama joined the board of a charity you’re involved in. You’d be happy to have such people in your community. Could you say that comfortably about Ted Cruz? The quality of a president’s humanity flows out in the unexpected but important moments.

Third, a soundness in his decision-making process. Over the years I have spoken to many members of this administration who were disappointed that the president didn’t take their advice. But those disappointed staffers almost always felt that their views had been considered in depth.

Obama’s basic approach is to promote his values as much as he can within the limits of the situation. Bernie Sanders, by contrast, has been so blinded by his values that the reality of the situation does not seem to penetrate his mind.

Take health care. Passing Obamacare was a mighty lift that led to two gigantic midterm election defeats. As Megan McArdle pointed out in her Bloomberg View column, Obamacare took coverage away from only a small minority of Americans. Sanderscare would take employer coverage away from tens of millions of satisfied customers, destroy the health insurance business and levy massive new tax hikes. This is epic social disruption.

To think you could pass Sanderscare through a polarized Washington and in a country deeply suspicious of government is to live in intellectual fairyland. President Obama may have been too cautious, especially in the Middle East, but at least he’s able to grasp the reality of the situation.

Fourth, grace under pressure. I happen to find it charming that Marco Rubio gets nervous on the big occasions — that he grabs for the bottle of water, breaks out in a sweat and went robotic in the last debate. It shows Rubio is a normal person. And I happen to think overconfidence is one of Obama’s great flaws. But a president has to maintain equipoise under enormous pressure. Obama has done that, especially amid the financial crisis. After Saturday night, this is now an open question about Rubio.

Fifth, a resilient sense of optimism. To hear Sanders or Trump, Cruz and Ben Carson campaign is to wallow in the pornography of pessimism, to conclude that this country is on the verge of complete collapse. That’s simply not true. We have problems, but they are less serious than those faced by just about any other nation on earth.

People are motivated to make wise choices more by hope and opportunity than by fear, cynicism, hatred and despair. Unlike many current candidates, Obama has not appealed to those passions.

I don’t agree with most of David Brooks’ stuff but I agree with these bits here. 

In honor of Black History Month Men Of Distinction Emory (MODE) arranged a Black Men Smile™ themed photo exhibit that celebrates the amazing young Black men at Emory we had the pleasure of photographing at our Open Photo Shoot and discussion last semester and includes positive images of historic giants who serve as inspiration for us all. We are so grateful and honored to work with these young men and to see this exhibit come together under their leadership!! BRING BLACK MEN SMILE™ to your school >> www.blackmensmile.com || #blackmensmile #blackmen #smile #emory #youngman #leadership #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth

A Serving Leader

In traditional African societies, leadership succession is a serious decision. After a king’s demise, great care is taken selecting the next ruler. Besides being from a royal family, the successor must be strong, fearless, and sensible. Candidates are questioned to determine if they will serve the people or rule with a heavy hand. The king’s successor needs to be someone who leads but also serves.

Even though Solomon made his own bad choices, he worried over his successor. “Who knows whether that person will be wise or foolish? Yet they will have control over all the fruit of my toil into which I have poured my effort and skill” (Eccl. 2:19). His son Rehoboam was that successor. He demonstrated a lack of sound judgment and ended up fulfilling his father’s worst fear.

When the people requested more humane working conditions, it was an opportunity for Rehoboam to show servant leadership. “If today you will be a servant to these people and serve them … ,” the elders advised, “they will always be your servants” (1 Kings 12:7). But he rejected their counsel. Rehoboam failed to seek God. His harsh response to the people divided the kingdom and accelerated the spiritual decline of God’s people (12:14-19).

In the family, the workplace, at church, or in our neighborhood—we need His wisdom for the humility to serve rather than be served. - Lawrence Darmani