I’ve never been scared to show my Michigan pride. We’ve had a tough era with coaches in our football program the last seven season. However a new day is dawning in Ann Arbor, with Jim Harbaugh as our new football coach, and I’m beyond excited to see where this program goes. Welcome Home, Jim Harbaugh! #Michigan #Victors #Hail #MaizeandBlue #LeadersandBest #Wolverines “Those who stay will be Champions”

#Back2BackChamps with @kwiere! Started the season together, I got injured but was still able to see her and the team pick up where I left off. I’m soo proud of her individually because I’ve seen her work her butt off every single day! Kelsey, you really earned and deserved this win and I’m glad you were able to overcome any adversity that came your way (including me!) I really do love you as a person and I know you’ll be on to great things after you graduate this year! I’ll miss you. #ForeverGoBlue #LeadersandBest #MCheer

Received an awesome gift in the mail today from UMich fhockey. This dates back to our 2009 season, my sophomore year. Some of my greatest memories are with these ladies and what we shared. On the field, on the track, in the weight room, in the locker room, at ricks, 1327 state state house, spring term. Words can’t even begin to express how amazing our experience was together. This picture says 1,000 words but the first thing I think of is Go Blue! #leadersandbest (at Ocker Hockey Complex)

Leaders and Best? You bet…

“Elizabeth spent two months in Ghana learning about sub-Saharan African health care and identifying the greatest challenges to maternal and infant health, and is currently working to design a low-cost fetal heart rate monitor with three other students for use in rural West Africa.”

Biomedical Engineering senior Elizabeth Curtiss Hyde is just one of the more than 90 Michigan Engineering students honored this weekend for their accomplishments. The annual Leaders & Honors Awards Brunch sets out to find the brightest and best, and award all those Victors…