[Sometimes I think about how Ozymandias was going to literally incinerate Tokyo to kill his main challengers in the Holy Grail War and win so he could make his wish. Because “10 million deaths” was a necessary evil for saving the world—i.e him making his wish to be reborn and becoming universal leader of the entire world. Selfish, but he honestly thinks that he’s the only one who can save the modern era from well, itself. It’s a hot mess and he wants to make it better in his own way even if his….way leaves much to be desired overall. He’s so interesting??? Like he doesn’t want to kill all those people he’s not bloodthirsty to that extent though he does love a good battle, but at the same time, he’s like, “this has to be done because sacrifices happen in war” since in his mind, it is truly necessary for the greater good.]

Honestly, comic book writers have gotta start using their characters for more current events commentary. 

Tell me about Superman’s experience as a refugee and what he feels or does when the US tries to close its borders. 

Tell me about Batman’s gun control agenda and how Bruce Wayne goes to rallies to tell the masses how he had to see his own parents murdered. 

Tell me about Wonder Woman being a proficient diplomat, talking to leaders all over the world, stopping wars and taking no shit. 

Tell me about Tony Stark hating politics and trying to save the world and environment and protecting those more vulnerable and being an anti-trump figure. 

Tell me about Steve Rogers taking no shit from facists, racists and homophobes because he didn’t fight the goddam nazis so that some biggots could try to repeat history’s mistakes all over again. 

Tell me about Natasha Romanoff strongly advocating against child soldiers and human traffic and senseless cold wars.


World leaders reaffirm their commitment to the Paris agreement

  • On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the historic Paris climate agreement.
  • As Trump spoke, political leaders around the globe took to social media to share their dismay at his decision and to reaffirm their own commitment to the accord. Read more (6/1/17)
  • Paris also illuminated City Hall in green light in defiance of US pulling out of Paris climate agreement. Read more (6/1/17)

The Climate Mayors have a message for Trump following Paris agreement withdrawal

  • In response to Trump’s announcement, a group of 61 mayors representing 36 million Americans who call themselves the “Climate Mayors” released a statement condemning the president’s actions.
  • They’re promising to continue with the spirit of the accord, with or without Trump. Read more (6/1/17)

Democrats slam Trump’s plan to leave Paris agreement: “One of the worst foreign policy blunders”

  • Democrats on Capital Hill responded to President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will leave the Paris climate agreement with dire warnings about the future of the globe.
  • In a statement, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said the decision “could go down as one of the worst foreign policy blunders in our nation’s history.” Read more (6/1/17)
The 5th House and Your “Type”

The 5th house rules creativity/creative expression, sex, children, fun and how you approach it, romance and relationships (note: this is different from the 7th house. The 5th house is fun partnerships and people who are enjoyable to be around. 7th house partnerships are more about learning a complementary piece of yourself and aren’t always as lighthearted). I’ve found it also tends to rule the type of person you always seem to find yourself attracted to or crushing on. The traits your type could have depend on the sign on and/or planets in your 5th house.

I also recommend looking at both the sign and the planet that construct your 5th house (if your 5th house is empty don’t worry about this). For example, I have a Sagittarius Mars in the 5th house so I would read both the Mars in 5th and Sagittarius 5th house. I’d then put both descriptions together like my type could be someone who is a leader, has a broad world view, is playful with and inspiring to kids, and has a drive to do something in life. You could further synthesize this down to archetypes, like mine might be a camp counselor, a teacher/professor, or a humanitarian. 

Aries 5th house / Mars in 5th - Leaders, people who take initiative, active, someone with a strong drive, energetic, chasers, risk takers, someone athletic, someone who is a go-getter, bold, possibly aggressive, loud, playful with kids, spontaneous, exciting, expressive

Taurus 5th house / Venus in 5th - Professional aesthetes, artists and musicians, wealthy, people who live a life of luxury, creative, relaxed, charming, physically attractive, sensual, affectionate, might be lazy, spoils children

Gemini 5th house / Mercury in 5th - Inventors, creative minds, thinkers, talkative, people who could talk all day about their interests, engineers, bright, people who can’t sit still, quick witted, funny, always inspiring children to learn

Cancer 5th house / Moon in 5th - Homebodies, nurturers, caring, calming, protective, emotionally expressive/available, people who don’t mind taking care of others, sensitive, warm, safe, supportive, a true caretaker of children

Leo 5th house / Sun in 5th - Actors/Actresses, vibrant, dramatic, melodramatic, fun loving, expressive, confident, encouraging, people who live life to the fullest, glamorous, enthusiastic, someone always ready to go out and have fun, lively, encourages children to express themselves

Virgo 5th house / Mercury in 5th - Organizers, quick thinkers, logical, sensible, smart, someone who always has a plan, people who know what’s best, practical, knowledgeable, people who know how to throw the perfect surprise, ensures a stable environment for children

Libra 5th house / Venus in 5th - Charmers, flirty, kind, sophisticated, polite, well mannered, someone who can charm your pants off, fair, people who have a way with words, people who know how to get what they want, pretty, does what they can to keep children happy

Scorpio 5th house / Pluto in 5th - The Mysterious, dark, possibly secretive, people who are more than they seem, someone in tune with themselves and others, possessive, clingy, someone who finds catharsis in fun, holds children dear to them and always keeps them as close as they can

Sagittarius 5th house / Jupiter in 5th - Intellectuals, philosophers, the enlightened, world travelers, someone who can broaden your perspective, lighthearted, respectful and respectable, people always looking for new experiences, adventurous, tries to show children the wonders of life

Capricorn 5th house / Saturn in 5th - The Dedicated, hard workers, mature, people who take their time, people who take a bit of warming up but end up being the most fun, someone strict but with good intentions, committed, wants what is best for children even if it means being a bit controlling 

Aquarius 5th house / Uranus in 5th - The Unusual, rebels, someone who can be relatively transitory, someone who challenges who you are and your beliefs, someone who always brings something new, original, experimenters, independent, a friend, encourages children to explore and learn through experience

Pisces 5th house / Neptune in 5th - The Ingenue, healers, imaginative, elusive, people you think you can save or can save you, dreamers, someone who seems like all your dreams come true, confusing, lost, people whose love is pure, will do anything they can for the sake of a child

The year is 2025, major leaders across the world agree that sending young people to war is unethical, and sign up to mandatory service of people over the age of 55. Skip forward 5 years, WW3 has just broken out.

  • predictions for trump:
  • #1: he is assassinated ~ mars (violent, sudden death) 26* on the ascendant sitting in the 12th house of endings
  • #2: he just gets bored and quits (sun conjunct uranus in gemini)
  • #3: he will start conflict due to ego (leo rising/mars in leo) with too many world leaders & diplomats (trine Moon in Sagittarius) and cop a huge ego bruising that breaks him (sun/leo ruling the chart)
  • he has venus conjunct saturn in the 11th house he just wants to be liked (venus) and connect (11th house)! he wants to be one of us! he just doesnt know how (saturn)!! 'maybe if i become the leader of the 'free' world they will love me'. just out of control the whole thing
  • psychic cherry out ~
  • he is a joke and so is this

Here’s how the world is reacting to Trump’s immigration ban on Muslim countries

  • On Jan. 27, Trump signed a wide-reaching executive order banning immigration and travel for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. 
  • And, for the most part, the rest of the world is not happy about it.
  • In the days following the announcement of the new immigration policy, leaders from countries around the world have spoken out against Trump’s “Muslim ban” and its Islamophobic intentions. 
  • The United Nations also condemned the decision in a joint statement with the International Organization for Migration. 
  • The agencies said they hope “the U.S. will continue its strong leadership role and long tradition of protecting those who are fleeing conflict and persecution.” Read more
that seems about right

give me langst where a leader of a world they saved goes up to the team and says something like, “you were all incredible in that battle, voltron is in quite good hands.” 

and Lance will respond with something like “well thank you very much” and flashing them a smile. Although he seems like he’s being cocky, he is really just flattered that for once, someone thought he did a good job. 

until the leader says, “Except you blue paladin. You didn’t really seem to do anything during today’s. Do you have any specialties?  Are you the blue paladin? Or are you just substituting for them today?” 

and all of them are shocked and furious. Hunk looks like he’s going to tear someone’s arm off and Pidge is giving them the death stare and god, Keith is trying his hardest not to stab this frickin ass in the chest because how dare they.

but lance just says, “yeah, that seems about right.” and turns around and walks off. 

They’re seemingly unavoidable on Instagram these days: photos of bright yellow egg yolks nestled in a fluffy bed of egg whites, like the sun framed by billowy clouds. They’re called cloud eggs, and they’re pretty enough to look like a taste of heaven … which is probably why people are obsessively whipping them up and sharing their pictures on social media.

Yet the latest food fad du jour is actually a modern spin on a nearly 400-year-old recipe.

“They are basically a very, very old dish. It’s essentially something called Eggs in Snow, which the French have been making for centuries. And it’s suddenly taking off on Instagram,” says Daniel Gritzer, the culinary director at Serious Eats.

He points to a recipe for Oeufs à la Neige (eggs in snow), in Le Cuisinier François, a seminal cookbook published in 1651, just as France was beginning a revolution in cookery that would make it the culinary leader of the world for centuries.

Cloud Eggs: The Latest Instagram Food Fad Is Actually Centuries Old

Photo: Maria Godoy/NPR

[Trump] is uncomfortable sleeping outside of his own bed, which I know sounds strange to say about a 70-year-old leader of the free world, but you’re talking about somebody who during the campaign, most nights — not every night and there were times when it was not feasible — but he would fly home from pretty far distances. … He would fly home to sleep in his own bed. He is a homebody, and he’s incredibly provincial and he is approaching the job in that way.
—  Maggie Haberman, White House correspondent for the New York Times, on the leakiness and loneliness of Trump’s White House