leaders of color

Del Appreciation Week

Day #4 Picture Redraw (”Red Leader”)

I know It‘s not exactly the same, I added some things, forgot others but I guess It works


So Ive Been Getting Loads Of Request For Me To Make The Gym Uniform From YanSim So Here Ya Go! <3

Btw Tomorrow Is Coming The Gardening Club Leader Set!

Color Swatches

  • Red,Pink,Mint,Purple And Blue

Gym Uniform Set

Gym Shoes

Enjoy <3


blackwatch members surprise posing for selfies w/ sleepy and grumpy leaders and colorful sunglasses, Back Then and revived!overwatch blackwatch editions (guest-starring roughs for blackwatch Junk ‘n’ Hog and Not Actually Blackwatch He Just Insists On Pretending He Is Because Genji’s One of Them Zenyatta, not pictured: Gabe standing offscreen w/ a camera in case Sombra’s selfie stick doesn’t work out because what comes around goes around)

idk good night

Paul: ! TORD!

Paul: …the fucks wrong with you…..

Tord: ….

Tord: Tyler, get a room set up with edd,matt,and tom in it. its about time i reveal who their captor is.

Tyler: I cant do that sir, While i can get edd and matt, toms gone missing

Tord: ….- sighs- get who you can, ill search for tom myself. 

                                        ACT ONE: BEGIN

Tracee Ellis Ross: “Happy #InternationalDayOfTheGirl! My message to girls around the world: Know that your heart, your soul and your mind are beautiful and powerful. May you revel in being right where you are! May you explore and discover all the many choices that exist for you! The limitless possibility of womanhood will reveal itself, it awaits you. Thanks @hannahbronfman for tagging me as one of your girls 😘 #GirlPossible #IDG2015


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv