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Jason’s interview confirms further to me that Bellamy will likely end the series as the endgame chancellor/leader of his people (which will include grounders and arkers, I assume). 

So… it’s cool, y’all. Bellamy Blake is going to start reaching his true potential as a leader this season. I’m fucking ecstatic about seeing him coming into his own, and I hope others are, too. We’re going to glimpse the true awesomeness of the future leader of the human race, peeps. 

In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them – those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.
—  Robert Greene, Mastery
Eight years ago today,
I walked into my second grade classroom
and didn’t know what my teacher was showing on the projector.
I didn’t know what the word “inauguration” meant,
or what the words our new president spoke really meant.
I’d heard the words liberty and justice for all.
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
All men are created equal.
And that is what I learned to associate with America.
Today, I know what is happening.
I know what an inauguration is,
and I know what those words really mean.
I know that they don’t mean what our reality currently is.
And I am scared for the second graders of today.
The second graders of today who are learning
that liberty and justice for all doesn’t mean much
to our new leader.
Who are learning that maybe all men all created equal,
but all women and all immigrants and all
people of color and all disabled people and
all religions and so many others
are not given the same chances.
When you have to sit down and tell a bunch of
nine year old children that they have to be
bigger and stronger inside than
the leader of the free word-
that’s a problem.
And I’m scared for all the second graders of today.
—  of life and liberty // c.r.h.

Creativity and imagination are important.  I often remember back to my days in college, when earning my history degree, and later MBA, reading took my mind off the stresses of studying.  All throughout my professional career, reading has always been a creative endeavor. 

It’s always important to read meaty subjects that will challenge your mind, or teach you how to be a leader, learn new professional things, or to learn how to manage and work with people.  Do not forget to read relaxing and engaging stories.  I love science fiction and fantasy, and often find myself very refreshed and engaging when at work.  Sometimes a new idea of born out of reading something completely unrelated. 

Read a variety of subjects, and read as often as you can.  Keep your mind engaged and the ideas will flow.

Art by Christine Ellger.

Tonight the Destiny Friends tried to steal a baby.

Let me give you all a break down of how this happened.

(Bug is played by @shoelesscosmonaut, Ferari by @jetsamjunk, Rhogar by @dangerous-john, Spotswood by @saltpix and idk if Titan’s player has a tumblr but I will edit this later if he does)

  • They’re currently stuck in a cursed town and no one can leave or they get pecked to death by crows (day) or eaten by the earth (night) 
  • They find out the current village leader was supposed to learn the oral history of the town but his father died in a logging accident before he could pass it on.
  • They exhume his father’s body, cast speak with dead on it, find out the town had a druid visit every 50 years to do a ritual of some kind for the village.
  • Exhumed the very first Aylesbury buried there, find out the ritual requires blood from an Aylesbury and the druid doing the ritual
  • Players ask innkeeper they are secretly feeding about the druid, he knows nothing except an elven woman visited 30-ish yrs ago (he was a kid when she visited)
  • Ferari (rogue) saw Bevan (village leader) has an elven/half-elven woman in his house during an earlier visit. Assumes it’s the druid. They go to the house to inquire.
  • Ferari invites himself into Bevan’s house using door-to-door salesman tactics and Bevan takes it as an aggressive move since Ferari is now babbling about needing blood and about a druid he and his wife know NOTHING about. He’s confused & scared for his family and proceeds to block the door.
  • Bevan doesn’t know anything about a druid, neither does Shalana (wife). Ferari says they need their baby for her mixed blood because it might have to do with the curse.
  • Rhogar (bard) casts suggestion and tells Bevan to retrieve the baby from his wife. Shalana runs upstairs with the baby.
  • Bug (monk) FLIPS OUT, runs to get innkeeper (Kason). Shalana locks the door behind her upstairs. Spotswood (cleric) casts calm emotions on Shalana as she runs (fails).
  • Ferari goes around to look at window of room Shalana is in. Everyone is confused as to WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL A BABY.
  • Rhogar doesn’t want to dispel suggestion on Bevan because now they’re criminals. Shalana is lowering a makeshift rope to escape out the window.
  • Ferari climbs the rope. Bug drags Kason to the house, Titan (fighter) looks for Ferari. Shalana pulls a knife out when she sees Ferari enter via the window.
  • Ferari explains they want some blood from the baby to break the curse on the town. Shalana is pointing the knife at him trying to protect her child from the stranger that is breaking in via the window.
  • Titan sees the rope, climbs it. Ferari disarms Shalana and throws the knife out the window, narrowly missing Titan.
  • Spotswood takes blood from Bevan with a numbing poultice to not break suggestion. He also tries to break down Shalana’s door after this.
  • Titan yells at Ferari, Ferari yells at Titan, Shalana shields the baby & cries, Spotswood breaks the door, Kason arrives.  
  • Spotswood successfully casts calm emotions, Kason is unaffected, shields Shalana, they ask her for some of her blood. She refuses and Kason tells them that he believes they are PROBABLY good people (they have been providing him food) but he doesn't’t know what the fuck is going on 
  • Ferari storms out, Rhogar breaks suggestion, Spotswood casts calm emotions again, Bevan tells them to leave (calmly)
  • Now the town leader and his wife don’t trust them AT ALL, but they cast create food and water twice and so it’s a complicated relationship between the Destiny Friends and the town.
  • Ferari wraps himself in an oil-soaked cloak, lights himself on fire, runs through the field and makes it past the murder crows and puts himself out.
  • Ferari is now outside of town and looking for the druid BY HIMSELF. Rhogar casts sending, finds out he’s alive, they wait at the inn for him.

Now I get to do a one-shot with Ferari to RP what happens and the next session is the 13th session… and it’s on friday the 13th.

This is gonna get WILD.

I can’t believe (yeah I can) some people still underestimate just how many signs Jasper checks off when it comes to showing the affects of being a child soldier; while Gems do not have literal childhoods, and are made with innate skills, they are born impressionable - they look to their peers and especially their leaders (their Diamonds) to learn how to act. And we have seen that all of the characters that fought during or were affected by the War (Garnet, Pearl, Lapis, and especially Bismuth) show signs of PTSD in some form or another. And there are special reasons most people have agreed using children as soldiers is wrong, not the least of which is due to the long-term psychological affects that that kind of stress would have on their development.

Jasper like all Quartzes was made for the purpose of fighting, but unlike the first batches of Prime Quartzes - or Rose Quartz and the CG - she never knew a time of stability (“I’ve been fighting from the second I broke free of the Earth’s crust”). The first 500 years of her life was chaos and disorder, under the constant threat of attack and loss. In the instability of war, child soldiers develop strong ideological commitment and nationalistic world views (“Every Gem is made for a purpose. Those who cannot fit inside this order must be purged!”) and strong ties to their own groups (“Jaspers don’t give up! Jaspers keep going… until we get what we want.”). And the longer a child soldier remains in that environment, the more they’re going to align with that identity. Jasper has embraced Homeworld - which she was only able to escape to after proving her worth by being the biggest and baddest Quartz around - and she has come to absolutely loathe her home Earth, constantly associating it with negative things (“This planet ruins everything!”/“Why protect this useless shell of a planet?”/“Earth is a prison.”).

Because of their PTSD, child soldiers have difficulty learning to control what is to them now impulsive aggression. Quartzes are already bred to be violent in the first place (Jasper and Amethyst both show it, and we’ve even seen signs of it from Rose too) but unlike Amethyst who has found healthy outlets for her aggression, Jasper was taken back to Homeworld where of course the caste system meant she continued to serve her purpose as a Quartz, where she wouldn’t have been encouraged to find non-violent alternatives. (“Fighting is my life! It’s what I was made for!”) And that inability to get help and learn to move on has led to Jasper harboring 5000 years’ worth of revenge fantasies (“And neither of you saw Rose Quartz? Oh, what a shame. I’d hoped to meet her. I was looking forward to beating her into the ground!”/ “I only came back to finish you off.”). It’s surprising how much restraint Jasper is actually capable of, considering this. She’s not the mindless brute she’s made out to be or even thinks herself to be - usually her first instinct is to question something, and when she first showed up she reacted with tactics (knocking out Garnet with the destabilizer) instead of relying on just strength alone.

Traumatic experiences like war bring about social withdrawal even in the face of idolizing (the Ruby Squad’s excitement over meeting Jasper has been mistaken for love when it’s in actuality hero worship, and that kind of “inspiration porn” can be isolating); survivor’s guilt (having killed and watched those around her be killed) and shame (losing her colony, her planet, and her Diamond).

After their ship crashed, in Jasper’s eyes she was affectively thrown back into the War against the CG which regressed her back 5000 years to what she had learned growing up those first 500, which was only made worse by her experiences as Malachite, where she was stripped of her autonomy and, for possibly the first time, made to feel weak on her own.

None of this makes her actions condonable, but can people stop acting like it doesn’t at least make them motivated?

Friendly reminder that Owen’s father abandoned him
and his mother before he was even born so that’s why
he adopts all the children. Because he knows what it’s
like to be without a father and just wants to be a good

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
—  Nelson Mandela

anonymous asked:

What is messianic judaism?

Hi anon,

Messianic “Judaism” is a branch of Christianity which preaches the New Testament in a way that claims to be Jewish.  Worshipers believe that they are Jewish followers of the teachings and miracles as attributed to Jesus in the Gospels.  For example, they celebrate typical Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot (scheduled off of a different calendar), while maintaining the typical Jesus narrative as worshiped in other Christian traditions. Leaders and many participants learn Hebrew, and refer to Jesus as “Yeshua”.  (Not to be confused with the Hebrew pronunciation of Joshua, “Yehoshua.”)

Although many messianic “Jews” are inherently good people, the movement is dangerous for the Jewish people due to its appropriative nature.  In the first century, two groups separated (the Pharisees and the Neo-Christians) and their traditions paved the way for Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity.  As you are well aware, the Christian-domination of the world was disastrous for the Jews resulting in horrific times such as the Inquisition, pogroms, the spreading of anti-Jewish slander such as the blood libel and well poisoning and the fabrication that the Jewish people killed Jesus.  The appropriation by messianic “Jews” erases and invalidates thousands of years of Jewish history and tradition.

A similar group are the “Hebrew Israelites” who similarly are ignorant to the struggle of the Jewish people and claim that they are the ‘real’ Jews, while claiming that all who do not follow Jesus are false. 

Often people ask, “what’s the difference between ‘Jews for Jesus’ and being a messianic ‘Jew’“?  It is my understanding that “Jews for Jesus” understands that they are Christians who preach the Gospels, where messianic ‘Jews’ believe that they are Jews.

I hope that this helps!


Character Development


So, let’s start out with the leader himself.

I feel as if Leonardo has truly grown in his role as the leader. He has learned how to use his and his brothers weaknesses to benefit them in their fights.
Leo is the only one fit to be the leader of his brothers. We have seen how Raph could not handle the pressure of his brother’s life in his own hands.

Leo is the only one who can think of a plan out, fully, before putting it into action. He will always think of his brothers first and keep them out of harms way.


We all know Raph for his tough outside shell and his big heart he tries to hide. Raph has grown in controlling his anger issues and actually using them to help him in battle, thus, making him stronger. 

He was upset when Spike was mutated, but he learned to move on from it. I believe Raph is so attached to Chompy because he reminds him of Spike/Slash. Raph has grown in showing his emotions and not letting it get the best of him (like we saw in season 1).


I don’t think Donnie has grown as much as his brother, but he has learned much more about the Kraang technology and with his crush on April.

In season 1, Donnie basically followed April around wherever she went, trying to spend as much time with her as possible. Example: “Monkey Brains.” He actually made a chart to try to talk to her; as most of you probably know.

I believe that he has learned to give her more space and worry about his brother more than the girl he has a crush on. He puts his mind more into fighting than his own love life. This is one thing I hope keeps improving for the genius.


Michelangelo has grown to be a much more mature turtle than more could have expected. (I don’t mean that in a bad way.)

In season 1 and 2, he would always let out his silliness when ever he felt like it. Now Mikey has learned to keep that under control for their much more serious situations, as he knows the battles that are happening now, have a lot more at stake than they used to.


April has grown so much in the show, it’s absolutely astounding. Her progress in becoming a kunoichi along her powers.

As we heard Splinter say in one of the most recent episodes, April was farther in her mental training than the turtles. I believe this just shows how dedicated she was in improving her skills. She is a powerful, independent woman who is just overall amazing in her training.

has there ever been a moment where a clan leader completely BUTCHERS the words for a ceremony? i mean, there was the time that firestar paused when he gave brightheart her new name, but that’s it.

also, when does the deputy learn these? do they make up this stuff as they go along? did bluestar spend days training firestar? then how did nightstar learn the words when he was leader? did starclan teach leafstar? who taught onestar the words?

TL;DR gimme a clan leader who messes up the ceremony and everyone dies a little inside, especially the deputy/medicine cat