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I work mornings in the old yard
digging in the ground
but I moonlight as an astronaut
mostly just sit around and howl

won’t you come to my house tonight
we could sleep on the floor
I got this window that looks out to Orion
I paid extra for

Noteable highlights of tonight’s D&D game:
  • The group defeated my begourder (beholder pumpkin creature of my creation) with it only managing to land a SINGLE ray and it was just the telekinetic one.  Spotswood (halfling cleric) got the HDYWTDT? on it and exploded it with radiant energy causing mooshy pumpkin to get smeared all over everything.
  • Spotswood also acted like a walking bug zapper as twig and needle blights kept running through the radius of his spirit guardians spell and getting vaporized on contact (I didn’t roll a single successful WIS save)
  • During this fight, Ferari (half-elf rogue) rolled a nat 1 on an attack with his bow.  He lied down prone on his back on the roof he was on “I’d like to use my bonus action to hide my shame.”
  • Bug (half-orc monk) had turned into wererat last session but was able to control it.  The party now knows he’s a furry.
  • Bug: Oh yeah it’s SOOO COOOL to hate lycanthropes UNTIL YOU MEET ONE, HUH?
  • The party waited no less than 10 seconds after the battle to foist the plans for a statues the town should build in their honor on the town leader and his UNCONCIOUS WIFE
  • Spotswood used thaumaturgy AT JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT to make his voice 3 times louder and yell “WE SAVED YOUR TOWN…. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!” after the fight
  • The party proceeds to dunk on the town leader and the town’s location, again, maybe only 10 minutes after the fight was won.  Also they improve on their town statue plans by adding a plan for a secret compartment to put the ritual scroll in.
  • We have a heated debate over pineapple on pizza during the break.
  • Ferari tries to convince Spotswood, a man who is older than him and who’s only known him about 10 days, to pose as his son.  They look nothing alike.  Spotswood points this out.  Ferari says they can workshop the idea. (Me: You basically just asked this guy to call you daddy what the HECK)
  • Ferari and Titan (human fighter) have a heated whisper-conversation about Bug’s SECRET LYCANTHROPHY IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.  Luckily everyone rolled SUPER LOW to notice.
  • The town scraped together 150 gp to thank the group and Spotswood proceeded to dump the contents out onto the table immediately after getting the pouch and right in front of the guy who gave it to him (He played it off like he was just pouring it out to split between the party but OH MY GOD)
  • Ferari got to hold the baby he attempted to steal four session ago.  He melted into a puddle of cute goo inside at this because the baby was so goshdarn cute.
  • Rhogar(copper dragonborn bard) made a bunch of “lik the bread”-like poems about the party.  It was beautiful.
  • Spotswood’s favored spell is quickly becoming calm emotions and his favored target for this spell is quickly becoming HIS OWN PARTY.
  • The group pondered whether stuffing the chicken pot (magic pot that can pull forth live chickens) full of seasoning or water would allow the live chickens to come out pre-seasoned or boiled.  They decided it was a bad idea.
  • Also all the chickens they have pulled out of the pot this day have had a bell tied to a leg.  Weird.
  • Also Ferari just nonchalantly broke all 7 chickens’ necks as they were pulled from the pot.
  • Spotswood being asked to burn a 3rd level create food and water spell to make food seasoning.  (this spell created 45 lbs of food and 30 gallons of water).  They ended up creating 5 lbs of spices and the rest was bread and cheese and the water turned to weak-ass ale because Ferari kept changing his mind on what Spotswood should make as he’s casting it.
  • Spotswood (about the weak ale): My goddess said no to the alcohol.
  • Ferari attempting to attach small bells to a creepy undead hand he named Wizard he’s trying to keep as a pet.  The hand attacked him and they almost had a fight.
  • The group trying to coax Mary into talking about her gf.  Mary is SUPER flustered by this.
  • Spotswood contemplates using thaumaturgy to yell “GOODBYE AND YOU’RE WELCOME” at the town before they leave… only to walk outside to the village all waiting to say goodbye to them already.
  • After the party does a quick check-in to tie up some loose plot ends with sending just outside the town, Spotswood DOES used thaumaturgy to yell “THANKYOUBYEEEEE
  • Mary the barmaid rolls a nat 20 survival check to help lead the group to the next big town.  She basically becomes GPS.
  • Rhogar’s past comes up as they approach the next town and everyone notices, but only Spotswood rolls high enough insight to try and ask Rhogar about it.  They play go fish instead because Rhogar keeps deflecting.  We find out Spotswood doesn’t have a super detailed backstory he was just super unlikable and ended up wandering around on his own when his church kicked him out.
  • Ferari and Titan go to see a smith to get some manacles silvered.  My players are only mildly impressed that I spent time researching how to silver something without electricity.  (Me: I hope you’re happy I did a bunch of research on silvering– @saltpix : Oh wow that must have taken you 20 minutes!  Me: Hey, it took a LONG TIME to find stuff on silvering that WASN’T electroplating!  @saltpix : So 30 minutes?  Me: A bird poops on Spotswood)
  • Ferari is accidentally racist for the second time this campaign.
  • Titan buys 2 daggers, 5 hand axes and a glaive.  The party is worried.
  • Bug and Mary find a mapmaker who tries to sell them some Very Fine Vellum Maps~.  Bug immediately declines, buys a cheap paper print version and crushes the man’s dreams.
  • Bug impersonates Ferari when going to rent horses.  He does well on the impression but doesn’t know if he did well on the rental.
  • The group is led by a very nervous Rhogar to a cheap inn, where Mary feels unsafe and Bug makes a friend with the bartender.  There’s only one tiny two-bed room available so Spotswood sleeps in the chest at the foot of the bed.

This might seem random and that’s why I’m so pissed off right now 😡 Did you know it costs tax payers almost half a million a day in security for the cough President and his family? Up to 10s of Millions if they travel, especially out of the country. Meanwhile… There. Is. Still. No. Clean. Water. In. Flint. Michigan. Its been years. But like EVERY tragic story in America it only takes a few weeks, maybe a few months and poof the American race forgets completely. Forgetting a giant population of people in our own country have been knowingly poisoned by our own government. WHY ARE WE WAITING FOR SAID GOVERNMENT TO HELP THEM??? So here’s what I’M going to do. For the month of April (and possibly longer!) I am going to donate 20% (I wish I could afford more) of each sale of @legitables towards cases of water to be mailed to Flint Michigan. I am going to start to research and locate organization leaders in FLINT MI to whom I can send the water. Ill be buying via Amazon I think.. I am also taking straight donations as well. I will provide proof of every donation as I do with purchases and will either send cases weekly or monthly depending on what the receiver thinks is best. I really hope this makes a difference in at least one families life in Flint 😭🙏 please l comment if you think you could help in any way, from donations to purchases to linking me with the right people! Is there a better way to do this? Lmk!

ALSO PLEASE USE THE HASHTAGS #FLINT WATER CRISIS & #FLINTMICHIGAN & any others to help spread the word and get me connected with the right ppl! I have THE MOST FAITH IN YOU TUMBLR FAMILY! Lets make this happen!!!

You Abandoned Me-Part Nine (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: The team has swooped in to save (Y/N) and Bucky, thinking it wouldn’t be so hard. However they seem to be at a disadvantage as (Y/N) is kidnapped once again, hidden somewhere in the facility. Time is running out for them to get her back and not everyone is in a stable condition to do so.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Avengers x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Violence, blood, guns, swearing, arguments, distressing scenes


I felt extremely exhuasted, my eyes were aching as I tried to pry them open. That horrible ringing noise you get after a night out at a loud nightclub was ringing in my ears, making my headache spike. A huge wave of pain erupted through me and out of instinct I clutched onto my leg. It wasn’t bleeding so much anymore but the pain hadn’t subsided. Dry and wet blood surrounded the wound, seeping into my clothes and pooling around me. The shock was not as bad as before, though my mind still couldn’t process that I had been shot.

The room was dimly lit again, it was more of a corridor. It seemed that I had been left behind, lab coat wasn’t here and I couldn’t hear anything. The others were coming, I knew that, it was just the question of how long would I have to wait? How long had I been waiting? Surely it couldn’t have been long, I could have died from blood loss. I had no idea how big this place was, it could be hours until they found me. I prayed that everyone was safe, they had to find me soon.

As it seemed that I was in some sort of corridor, I could see doors at the end to my right. Could I make it all the way over there? Should I really be moving with my I injury and with people looking for me? Using what strength I had in me, I pulled my body into a sitting position, already feeling the toll. Maybe I should at least try to get round the corner, see what was there. Affer debating on what to do, I decided to try dragging myself to the exit. There was no way I was going to stand up, I had no strength in me. Using my good leg along with my arms, I tried with all my might to push myself across the damp, marble floor. It helped me to slide but the weight of my injured leg was holding me back. Groans, screams and tears were coming out of me; I probably had the worst strength in the world, this was the hardest thing I had ever had to endure.

My body collapsed flat out, heavy breaths escaping me as I gasped for air. This was pointless, I wasn’t even halfway. My hands were becoming blistered, another part of me that now hurt. Where were they!? I had never felt such pain before, was this what dying felt like?

“HELP! IS SOMEBODY THERE?!” I screamed, it echoed off the walls.

Of course there was no reply. They wouldn’t have forgotten about me but I really wasn’t sure how long I could last out here. I had never been shot before so I couldn’t compare it to anything else.

“Please….someone.” I whispered out.

As if someone had heard my prayers, I could hear footsteps coming my way. Although a part of me figured it could be someone who was not my friend, I didn’t want to live what could be my final moments in negativity (despite this whole situation). My eyes landed on their boots before seeing the rest of them, I immediately knew who it was.

“Steve.” I cried but this time in happiness. He was here.

“(Y/N)! Thank god you’re still alive.” he breathed out as he ran to me, taking me into his arms, having to ignore my cry of pain. He spoke into his coms.“I’ve located (Y/N), I’m on my way back. Get Bruce ready, her leg is still bleeding.”

I quickly kissed him, trying to forget how much it all hurt.“How long was I here for?”

“Too long. Did you try to drag yourself along the floor?” he asked as he saw the blood stains.

“Yeah. I wanted to get out of here.” I explained as he bandaged my leg quickly, pulling on it tightly to stop the blood flow.

Effortlessly lifting me into his arms, he started sprinting towards the door I had tried to crawl to. He was here, Steve, my Steve. We were finally getting out of here.

“Bucky! Let’s go!” Steve called out as the other super soldier waited up ahead.

“I’ve got to do something first.” he shouted back.“Head back to the quinjet, I won’t be long.”

Before we could stop him, he ran out of our sight. Steve seemed split, he knew he had to get me back to the quinjet but his unstable best friend was about to do something reckless. I knew Bucky was important to him but I didn’t know how much longer I could last.

“Steve,” I caught his attention,“I need to get help. Call one of the others to go after him.”

He nodded, continuing to run as he spoke into the coms.“Is anyone there? Bucky had gone rogue. I need someone to go after him.”

We arrived at a pair of double doors which Steve kicked open, revealing the outside world. I instantly shrinked away from the light, covering my eyes as they stung. Steve held me closer as he kept on running. I heard the engines whirring and felt us stepping onto it. Squinting through my eyelids, I could see the other members of the team, all looking worried as they spotted my leg. I was laid down onto the makeshift hospital bed, Bruce instantly rushing to my side.

“Steve!?” I cried out as I saw him move away.

“I’ll be right back, I promise!” He turned to me.

“Don’t leave me again, please don’t go!” whatever Bruce was doing, it was hurting.

“I’m just getting Bucky back! I love you!”

He was gone again.

I heard Clint’s voice.“Rogers! Get back! We need to leave now, there are hostiles surrounding the area!”

Then Tony’s.“Cap if you don’t get back here now, you are putting us all in danger, especially (Y/N). We don’t know if we can hold these guys off.”

No one knew what to do. They couldn’t leave the super soldiers behind but they had out us in a hostile situation. Bruce carried on with his work, injecting me with some sort of anesthetic. Steve had abandoned me again. Why couldn’t someone else go after him? All of the past events started to catch up with me, mixing in with the drugs. All my caring left me. Not wanting to face it anymore, I let sleep consume me, desperately hoping that everything would be better when I woke.


I startled myself awake by coughing, my throat feeling awfully dry. A cup of water was brought to my lips which I gulped down graciously. As my senses came back to me I realised I was laying in a hospital bed and I knew I was back at the tower. The nurse took back the cup, moving around me to check my vitals. As I splattered a little more, I felt how much I was hurting. Lifting the bedsheets, I saw the leg I was shot in now bandaged up.

“How are you feeling?” the nurse asked, clipboard in hand.

My throat was croaky.“It still hurts.”

“You were lucky it went straight through. It didn’t hit anything serious, so a nice and easy surgery for us.” she smiled.

“Thank you.”

“I’m going to get you some food and your medicine. I’ll be right back.”

Sighing to myself, I closed my eyes as I felt a cool breeze come through the window. It looked like such a beautiful day outside. I couldn’t tell by the nurse’s body language whether the team was alright or not. I needed to see Steve, even if I was a little upset with him. I heard someone coming back, assuming it was the nurse, which meant I was surprised when Sam entered the room. I smiled at him, glad to see a familiar face.

“Hi.” I mumbled, still trying to regain my voice.

“Hey, how you doing?” he asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Alright considering I was shot in the leg.”

“Good. Doctors said if we didn’t find you sooner the operation might have not been so successful.”

I shivered at that.“What about the others? Is everyone ok?”

His smile disappeared.

“Sam? Sam what’s happened?”

“Mostly everyone is fine. It’s just….I don’t know whether I should be telling you so soon out of surgery-”

“Well you have to tell me now!”

“Steve went after Bucky. Bucky was trying to locate the leader of this whole thing, wanting to kill him. Something must have come over him.”

“He’s still recovering.”

“You’re defending him now? Thought you hated the guy?”

I stayed silent.

“Uh, turns out all of the guards were protecting the leader, Bucky and Steve walked right into it. They tried to fight them off-”

My hand clutched onto his arm, nails unintentionally digging into his skin.“Oh my god, Sam they aren’t dead are they!?”

“No! Not dead, just….very badly injured. Both are in care but Steve hasn’t woken up yet.”

“I need to see him! Take me now!” I started to sit up, not caring about the pain.

“No, you can’t move yet. I’ll see what I can do but just lay back down.”

I did as he said, still panicking.

“We don’t know the extent of the damage yet-”

“If he had just listened to me he wouldn’t be hurt! I told him not to go after Bucky, he even asked you guys to go after him.” I felt the tears building up in my eyes.

“Steve never contacted us when he was rescuing you. Only to let us know he found you.”

I slowly looked up at him.“What?”

Sam wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I was there when he said it.”

“It may have not come through, communications could have been down.”

I wanted to believe him, I really did. But if they hadn’t heard him, if he hadn’t contacted them, that meant he wanted to go after Bucky himself. He got himself into this mess because he always had to play the hero. Bucky definitely wasn’t getting out of this either. Two idiots putting my life in danger because they were too stubborn to just leave when they were instructed to.

“Is Bucky awake?”

“Yeah, but I’m not-”

“Take me to him. I need to speak to him.”


“He just put all of our lives in danger, he needs to be set straight.”

CCG classified by goals:

To exterminate ghouls and Kaneki

Most of the division I : S3 squad except Koori I guess

Leader : Suzuya Juuzou

Current location : Main office? since it seems like he was talking to a soldier that was not sent to underground

Counter attack the clowns and Kanou (terrorist/ resistance fighter)

Most of the division II, Marude, Hide, Ogura, Chigyou (great wheel act), Urie, and his squad. Maybe Amon and Akira.

Leader : Marude Itsuki

Current location : Branch office


Takeomi Kuroiwa (running with his wife)

Koori and Take (currently moving out from 24th ward)

Mutsuki and aura (currently moving out from 24th ward)

xlastdescendentofmu  asked:

(After X got infected and where he wasn't shot in the head...) X was curled up in his bed...Shaking and crying in complete silence...He's been like this for a week and he hasn't eaten, slept, or did anything. In the bed, he had his shirt and bandages off. Bloodstains were all over his entire bed.

The scarred woman had initially sent Grekai to watch after him, her attention focused on keeping her people safe during patrols. Once bloodstains were noticed, she was notified.

An exhausted Hydro Head Leader walked toward X’s location, a bit of concern on her visage as she moved.

A Crueler Kindness, Part I

TITLE: A Crueler Kindness

CHAPTER NUMBER: ½ (Twoshot.)

RATING: M, sexual content.

GENRE(S): Reylo; angst, UST, sexual tension, hurt/eventual comfort.

WORDS: 2,550

PROMPT: Anonymous asked: Hi! Are you still taking prompts? I’d like to read a fic where Rey deals with Kylo’s touch starvation (please, make me cry hard.)

SUMMARY: Rey is not suited for interrogation. 

NOTES/WARNINGS: Written as a prompt fill for an anon. I was going to leave it here, but after some thought, I will be writing a second part hopefully tomorrow/Friday. Maybe resolve some of that UST. Please let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy. (And thanks for the help, @southsidestory​!)

“I won’t do it again.”

General Organa nodded her head solemnly as Rey stalked from the interrogation room. Rey sagged against the far wall of the hallway, letting out a long sigh that carried her body all the way down to flop heavily on the floor.

“I understand. I don’t… I want there to be a better way, too,” the General sighed, looking like she would also like to slide to a heap on the floor.  

Rey’s head fell back against the duracrete wall with a dull thud, and she waggled her bottom jaw, trying to loosen the tension there. It had only been 20 minutes, according to the clock on the opposite wall, but her time in that room with him always felt like hours, days.

“Did you get… Anything?” General Organa’s usually firm voice quavered a little, as if uncertain she wanted to hear the answer.

Rey shook her head. “Nothing.”

Organa nodded again. “I understand if you find the whole thing distasteful. After what he did to you.”

Distasteful. That was a word for it, perhaps. To Rey, it felt wrong. Trying to worm her way into a place that wasn’t meant for her. No matter what he had done to her–she couldn’t do it back. It turned her stomach to try to penetrate the last boundary a desperate human body had left: their own mind. And though they wanted, no, needed, Supreme Leader Snoke’s location, attempting to pluck it from Kylo Ren’s aberrant brain was a task Rey truly wished hadn’t been given her by the Resistance after his capture.

“We could… There are other ways,” General Organa muttered.

Rey looked up with startled eyes to the General. Her mouth was pressed into a thin line, and Rey knew what she was thinking.

“No!” Rey dismissed the idea with a grimace. “We’re better than that. And you shouldn’t have to do something like that to your own son.”

Though I don’t know if he would pay you the same courtesy, Rey added silently. “I’ll try again. Just… talking to him. He might not know how to react to simple conversation.” She knew that she was reaching, but she would say anything to keep that final option of torturing the location from the wretch that used to be Ben Solo from being their only option.

“You are good, Rey,” General Organa said after a moment. “You are good to me.”

Rey stood. “Don’t say that just yet.”

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((a Kallura request for @neptune47

Sorry this took so long!))

Keith held his gaze on the stunning sea of stars that lay beyond the glass of the castle’s windows before allowing his eyes to drift down to the knife that sat in his lap. Running his finger over the hilt, Keith traced the design that scorched itself into his memory after years and years of observation.

He repeated the motion again and again. Just as he had done so many times back on earth. The unknown nature of the blade had always haunted him before. Constantly reminding him of a part of his past he had no knowledge of.

But now a portion of that weight had been lifted. Keith knew things about his past now that helped to glue the fragmented pieces of his identity together.

Mind, he had never even considered that he might be part alien but there it was laid out bare.

There were still questions. Leftover doubts and fears. But they were lighter on his mind then they had ever been before. No longer haunting him. Keith felt lighter and more relaxed than he had been in years.

Or he had.

Until Shiro disappeared.

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Jack the Stripper

This took me a little while to write after being a little too inspired after a Magic Mike XXL movie night. Why the hell not? I don’t see any other good crossover about assassins as strippers. Inspired by Magic Mike XXL and [link]. Hope you enjoy!

Some nice visuals since they are heavily referenced. [X] [X] [X]

Gift for @thatonetenant the love loser of my life.

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Gym leaders and their locations:

Oldshaw City – Normal gym (Run by Nancy ( @dxntmindme ), third gym despite being the first city.)

Royale City -  First gym

Ridewa City – Second gym

Neokal City – Fourth gym

Brownswik City – Fifth gym

Novscot City – Sixth gym, must be psychic.

Ediprince Island – Seventh gym, must be ground.

Sevenland City – Last gym.


Can be any type not taken by a gym


Ice - Noel

anonymous asked:

hi i'm new to being a dm. do you have any advice?

I’ve only run a few small campaigns and I have more experience as a player so idk if I’m the person you want to ask, but I’ll give you some tips I picked up as both a gm and a player:

  1. Before your game, ask your players about their characters–then use that information.  Make the quests and the world personal.  Collecting loot is fun and all, but what if the loot is the character’s dog who has been kidnapped by raiders (I don’t know).  Easiest way to get your players invested.
    1. Or take away their stuff.
  2. Don’t over-plan.  Create your world (major locations, faction leaders, etc), develop some conflicts between different groups/factions, but don’t go crazy developing a linear epic narrative.  Why?  Because your players will find some way to avoid it (whether they mean to or not).  If you do need to lock them into a story, give them some freedom when they’re starting out.  Don’t introduce the oncoming apocalypse until they’re well past level 1.  By then, your players should have a decent grasp of their characters and they would have a reason to continue to work together.
    1. Basically, nudge them into the plot if you have to.  You certainly don’t want to railroad them, but if you play your cards right they don’t have to know you’re railroading them.
    2. Take away their stuff.
  3. Don’t under-plan.  This was my biggest problem as a GM.  I was so afraid I would end up overplanning that I ended up doing the opposite.  Always have stuff for your players to do.  Doesn’t have to be combat.  Invite them to a fancy dinner party.  Send them on a camping trip.  There are a lot of great random plot and encounter generators online that you can use.  I often find that gathering inspiration from sidequests in open world video games can be very helpful.
    1. Or take away their stuff.
  4. This is super important, so I’m going to put it in bold: your players are not your enemy.  You are not playing a video game where your goal is to kill your players.  Sadistic GMs are the worst.  Yes, you want to challenge your players.  Yes, funny/memorable moments can come from failures.  But your players should always have a chance to get out of whatever situation you put them in.  Yes, sometimes you overestimate your players and throw something at them that they are not ready to face.  It happens.  But if your goal is to live out your weird sadistic fantasies on your players, your priorities are screwed.
    1. Taking away their stuff is not sadistic.  It’s a great motivator.
  5. Let your players do stuff.  You are not the director.  The dice are.  If your player wants to do something, let them try–if it fits in with the rules of your universe.  If one of your players wants to do something that is literally impossible in the world you set up, you will have to put your foot down and explain that their request isn’t consistent with your universe.  Don’t say no because you think it’s dumb or because it will go against the story you spent so much time writing (see number 2).  Yes, there will be consequences and it is up to you to write those consequences.  You are not a mother trying to prevent her children from running into traffic.  Let your players fuck up when they fail, but reward them when they succeed.
    1. Take away their stuff, but let them use whatever creative means it takes to get their stuff back.

“Alright, troops- listen up.” The small Commander addressed his army and Boss, telling them of the day’s invasion. “It’s our first time in this sector, so we’ve gotta conquer planets here before the others get to them. The more we can rule, the better- I’ve done some research, and this world has some tech that can aid our cause greatly if we take it over.” The Skull Ship arrives at its destination. “Now, this world has a Tropical jungle that covers a good deal of the planet, so we’ve gotta be careful. Let’s move out!” With that, Peepers and a small team take a smaller ship to scout the planet, to locate its leader.


AkaYona Assassin’s Creed AU

As per request of nemurenaivoron

Consider it a continuation of the European Renaissance AU headcanons~

  • Soo-won is a Templar who betrays Yona’s family by accusing Il of treason against the state & corrupt use of his power over the city.  Yona’s mother was an Assassin, but she died at the hands of Yu-hon not too long after Yona was born.  Before he is taken away to be imprisoned, Il tells Yona the whole truth, & where to find all the weapons & Assassin clothes her mother left behind for her.
  • Hak is also in the Assassin Order, about to finish his training.  When Yona comes to him for help, he sneaks her out of the city and takes her to his family’s villa in the countryside.  He tries to make her stay there so she’ll be safe & protected with the non-Assassin part of his family.  But she refuses.  She wants learn how to fight.  She wants to know why Soo-won betrayed them.  He relents, because gurl 2 hot 4 him.
  • Hak secures safe passage into the city for them via Yun & Zeno, who know every twist & turn & hiding place of the streets.  Whaddya know, though, Shinah spots them while they’re making their way to Mun-deok’s home, so he follows them without anyone knowing.  They meet up with Mun-deok, who, after a lot of convincing, agrees to train Yona.  But then Shinah pops up & says he wants to be trained, as well.  Anything to help Yona.  Mun-deok agrees pretty easily, mostly because he doesn’t want another goddamn heart attack at the hands of Shinah.
  • Years pass.  Yona & Shinah train, while she & Hak remain far out of sight from Soo-won as possible. On the night of Yona’s first kill, she meets Jae-ha, who was going in for the same target. Gigan used to be apart of the Order, so he learned everything he knows from her, but he never officially joined the Order.  Yona recruits him.  He sticks around mostly because Hak’s a hottie hot, but also because he’s interested in seeing the development of the girl who was crying during her first kill. (Also because he desperately wants to see Shinah’s face, because Shinah insists on wearing a mask, even when he has his hood on)
  • Kija eventually becomes an ally to the order.  His family also has ties to Soo-won, but Kija is first and foremost loyal to Yona.  He uses his political connections to assist the Order & their missions.  Sometimes he joins in on the missions, but he only plays the role of backup, since he is not as skilled at fighting (nor is he nearly as stealthy) as the Assassins.  He packs a mean punch, though.
  • Yun & Zeno continue to be informants for the Order, but they never officially join.  Yun does a lot of back-street dealing, trading whatever he can get his hands on for political information.  Zeno knows a surprising amount about the Templar & Assassin Orders, including their histories, their leaders, & the locations of their regular meeting places.  Everyone except Yona regards him with suspicion, because he has the ability to betray them & easily bring them down with his knowledge.  Yona trusts him absolutely, though.  Somehow she just knows that he would never betray her.


The sun hovered deep in mid sky marking noon. I scanned the abandoned cabin grounds looking for movement within the blackened windows when my stomach growled. I shot my uncooperative bodily timing a disapproving look. It stopped its verbal complaints, but felt no less empty. My thoughts lingered on the half eaten pack of Hostess Cupcakes in the car. I would regret  following up the lead of a Vampires’ nest (therefore putting off lunch) if not for the civilians taken less than 9 hours ago now. I couldn’t, in good consciousness, go enjoy that three piece meal of Country-Fried Chicken and gravy, sauteed green beans, and a warm fluffy biscuit that was proudly displayed in the local dinner three miles back. My stomach added another audible complaint as my mouth began to water. A flash of movement caught my eye. In that instant my thoughts became honed in on one goal. Machete at my side, I crept closer to the outermost cabin. A tear in the dark paper, posted to keep out light, allowed me to scout the inside. Luckily, a total of two vampires occupied this cabin (unless there was one in the small bathroom) and both seemed dead asleep.

Despite the cabin’s disavowed appearance, the front door opened silently. My heavy boots clomped lightly against the wood floor. The first vamp lay on his back in the bottom bunk. The other lay closer to the back of cabin less than five feet away in a single, his back turned to us. I lay the blade on her neck. The cool metal didn’t disturb her. I didn’t think it would. A vampire’s flesh was only as warm as the air around them, much like the blade I wielded. Careful to keep an eye on the other occupant, I pulled back her lip revealing holes along the upper gum line. Yahtzee. My time ran out, her eyes flashed open revealing a beautiful shade of green that matched the pines outside. I bent my wrist down slicing through her neck, but not before a shallow hiss left her mouth. I spun around. The other vamp was beginning to turn to his back. I threw my arm out. Blade sang through the air before catching neck. Blood splat against the wall. Done.

There were three other cabins, two to the right of the cleared cabin and a larger one behind the middle cabin. Strategically speaking, civilians taken and the nest leader were probably located in the back middle cabin. I resolved to knock out the lesser cabins, that way if I failed with the Big Bad, then at least they would have to start the nest over from scratch. The middle cabin had two vamps as well. One was asleep, the other had gotten up for a midday run to the bathroom. Unfortunate, and not the way I personally would prefer to go. I was stalking the south side of the cabin when I heard a thump inside. I ducked down by the stairs leading into the cabin. The window paper was in tact allowing me no visual advantage. The door swung open slamming against the porch railing inches from my nose. A body flew through the air landing hard on a pine needle carpet. A woman stepped out, arms away from her body. She flehmened. I could only see her lips peeling back, but I knew from her stance that she was a vamp. The woman dove forward. The man on the ground reaching for his machete. I rushed from my spot. Everything in my body pulling me back. The stupid choice felt minutely better as my machete hit the mark only catching on the spinal cord for a moment, the blade beginning to dull. The man looked bewildered taking in the vamp’s body falling to either side of a complete stranger.

“Thanks.” He finally said as I extended my hand towards him.

My spine was tight. I hadn’t looked behind me the entire time. Each second of not knowing where an enemy may be was a second of pure reckless danger. The man grabbed his machete on the way to his feet. The blade was slick with blood. He pulled his eyes from it to mine, then they widened. His right arm went up, I froze, his left forearm forcibly moved me to the side as his swing came down. I barely turned in time to see a head thump at my feet. The crack of skull barely audible as the body followed. I exhaled a mite shakily. I hated my hunt being interrupted by unexpected forces. It’s why… no. I glanced at the man.

“Thanks.” I mimicked his earlier word. “Hunter?”

“Yeah.” He nodded at me. “You?”

I nodded.

“Where’s your partner?”

My face twisted automatically and he dropped it.

“Dean?” Another man appeared at the cabin door, a head at his boot and blood on his knife.

“Sam, it’s okay.” Dean pressed his hand against his temple. His eyes blinked furiously against the pain. “S’another hunter.”

Sam glanced at the carnage accepting the scene. He walked over and gave me a nod. Anxious with the wasting time I interrupted any future small talk. I pointed toward the line of cabin.

“I’ve already cleared those cabins. I assume this one is cleared now.” I paused and Sam nodded. “The civilians and family leader are in the last cabin in the back. There were three civilians as of 3:00 this morning…. That I know of.”

Dean nodded. “Right. There’s no telling how many are left.”

He had a point. The last cabin was three times the size of this one.

“Yeah, and you’ve already done most of the work for the others.” Sam added.

It was true even if it was mostly dictated by luck.

“We’d like to give you a hand on finishing this up.”

I nearly smiled, but nodded instead. They were willing to follow Hunter protocol- something that was about 50-50 with most hunters. Perhaps, hunting with a group just one more time wouldn’t be so bad.

Something to Fight for

Finn/Rey, Fluffy angst, Finn POV, ~1700

Summary: Finn may have left the First Order, but he never actually joined the Resistance. Not really. His only mission was Rey. Now, awake, back at the Resistance base with the war still raging, Finn must make a choice. Can he find something to fight for?

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@lunar-leader continued from here

Her response to his presence removed all reasonable doubt. This was indeed Lyza.

He did nothing to resist the roughhousing, and simply shook his head when she was done.

“You realise that was supposed to be your Last Dive, right? You really do defy all logic, don’t you?”

“I’ve been well. As you can see I have become a Moon Whistle, and I’m currently teaching at the Orphanage. I’m pretty much in charge of the children’s upbringing and welfare too.”

His eyes narrowed. His face scrunched up weirdly. The way he felt right now was…Complicated.

“What about you? You look like the morning after one of your more rowdy nights out, as opposed to returning from the abyss.”

She laughed and waved off the suggestion.

“Dying from my Last Dive isn’t really my style, Jiruo! Who else would come up her to teach you to delve? I mean a Moon Whistle, really? Why isn’t my apprentice a black whistle yet!”

“Orphanage teacher though? You must have really taken well to babysitting for me! Good kid! I’m proud of you Jiruo!”

Lyza chuckled some more as she brushed back her hair and picked at the now rumpled feathers in her hat.

“As for me…Well, it’s been an, interesting trip back up? Forget about the curse, this was really something else! I’ll tell you all about it later–

She stopped mid sentence as something wonderful occured to her.

“–Jiruo! You must be old enough to drink now! For real, I mean!”

A Big Bounty

Cleo was looking around, wearing short black shorts, with a dark purple crop top. She had her normal makeup on and was hiding a gun in her boots. She went to where the information told her he hung out often, surprised that it was a park. She looked at the information in the folder and smirked. “This should be easy,” she said. 

She continued to walk along the pathway lazily, trying to locate this leader. She loved the amount he had on his head and her gang could use the money to bring in more drugs and guns. 



Microfilm degradation

The greatest preservation risk with acetate film stocks from the late 1940’s to 1970’s is something referred to as “vinegar syndrome”. It is the chemical breakdown of the cellulose triacetate film base that weakens, distorts and fuses the film as it progresses. The tell-tale vinegar smell the film gives off is what gives the process its name. While the existing damage cannot be reversed, placing acetate film in cold storage conditions will slow the progression of damage. 

These pictures show what vinegar syndrome damage looks like on microfilm. The most heavily damaged sections are at the front edges of the reels where the film leader is located. 

For the microfilm reel pictured here, dating from the late 1940s, there is no alternate copy. Any type of mechanical winding of the film will break it apart. The Preservation Lab in St. Louis is investigating ways to recover this content before the further damage occurs. A possibility is scanning a few frames at a time while the film is sandwiched flat between glass plates.. Updates will be provided to keep you posted on our progress.