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Something to Fight for

Finn/Rey, Fluffy angst, Finn POV, ~1700

Summary: Finn may have left the First Order, but he never actually joined the Resistance. Not really. His only mission was Rey. Now, awake, back at the Resistance base with the war still raging, Finn must make a choice. Can he find something to fight for?

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Jack the Stripper

This took me a little while to write after being a little too inspired after a Magic Mike XXL movie night. Why the hell not? I don’t see any other good crossover about assassins as strippers. Inspired by Magic Mike XXL and [link]. Hope you enjoy!

Some nice visuals since they are heavily referenced. [X] [X] [X]

Gift for @thatonetenant the love loser of my life.

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location: Minrathous
gym specialty: Electric
pokémon used: Ampharos, Raichu, Luxray
badge received: Light Badge
trivia: Dorian comes from a long line of Pokémon breeders and collectors, who consider battling and gym-life beneath them. When he was a teenager, Dorian set out to become the strongest trainer in Tevinter, and traveled all across Thedas. He returned home and established a gym, creating a reputation for training across his homeland. His gym is now considered a vital point in a trainer’s journey.


Microfilm degradation

The greatest preservation risk with acetate film stocks from the late 1940’s to 1970’s is something referred to as “vinegar syndrome”. It is the chemical breakdown of the cellulose triacetate film base that weakens, distorts and fuses the film as it progresses. The tell-tale vinegar smell the film gives off is what gives the process its name. While the existing damage cannot be reversed, placing acetate film in cold storage conditions will slow the progression of damage. 

These pictures show what vinegar syndrome damage looks like on microfilm. The most heavily damaged sections are at the front edges of the reels where the film leader is located. 

For the microfilm reel pictured here, dating from the late 1940s, there is no alternate copy. Any type of mechanical winding of the film will break it apart. The Preservation Lab in St. Louis is investigating ways to recover this content before the further damage occurs. A possibility is scanning a few frames at a time while the film is sandwiched flat between glass plates.. Updates will be provided to keep you posted on our progress.



location: Val Royeux
gym specialty: Ice
pokémon used: Frosslass, Lapras, Weavile
badge received: Frostbite Badge
trivia: Vivienne is the Empress’s resident Pokémon expert, and considered one of the most difficult gym leaders to defeat, though the reward - a powerful TM as well as a hefty amount of gold - is well worth the work that goes into beating her. Though she was not born in Orlais, it is where she rose to fame as a trainer. It is said she was, once and briefly, a member of the Elite Four, but returned to the side of the Empress per her request. That, of course, is mere speculation.

A Big Bounty

Cleo was looking around, wearing short black shorts, with a dark purple crop top. She had her normal makeup on and was hiding a gun in her boots. She went to where the information told her he hung out often, surprised that it was a park. She looked at the information in the folder and smirked. “This should be easy,” she said. 

She continued to walk along the pathway lazily, trying to locate this leader. She loved the amount he had on his head and her gang could use the money to bring in more drugs and guns. 




location: unknown
gym specialty: psychic
pokémon used: Musharna, Gallade, Reuniclus
badge received: Dream Badge
trivia: Much like The Iron Bull’s gym, Solas’s gym is very difficult to locate, and moves all over Thedas. He is typically the last gym leader fought because he is the hardest to find. However, clever and observant gym leaders will find there are clues to his location, and that certain gym leaders will divulge his suspected location if impressed enough with a trainer’s display - leader Cassandra being one of them.