Hiring For Entrepreneurs: Why You Are Bad At It And What Tools You Can Use To Get Better

Hiring great people is hard work for businesses of any size but entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to be particularly bad at it. Entrepreneurs are often the worst people in any company to be doing the hiring for three reasons:

1. They frequently misunderstand the whole point of the process.

2. Entrepreneurs have trouble shutting up and listening to candidates.

3. Entrepreneurs don’t have the time.

There are, however, numerous techniques and technologies small business people can use to make the task of finding and analyzing potential hires. Here’s how.

The Data on Women Leaders

Most Americans find women indistinguishable from men on key leadership traits such as intelligence and capacity for innovation, yet women still make up a small share of top leadership jobs. Our full report explores Americans’ views about women leaders, the barriers they face and prospects for the future. Below, we’ve charted the share of women in top U.S. political and business roles over time and set the scale at 50% to show the halfway mark. 

There are currently 18 female world leaders, including 12 female heads of government and 11 elected female heads of state (some leaders are both, and figurehead monarchs are not included), according to United Nations data. These women account for about one-in-ten of today’s leaders of United Nations member states. Half of them are the first women to hold their country’s highest office. 

Number of women leaders around the world has grown, but they’re still a small group

To live in the moment, you must do two things:

1) Accept your past. If you don’t make peace with your past, it will never leave you and it will create your future. Successful people know the only good time to look at the past is to see how far you’ve come.

2) Accept the uncertainty of the future, and don’t place unnecessary expectations upon yourself. Worry has no place in the here and now.

Here’s how successful people continue to live in the moment.


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